Age Difference

Posted: 1 months ago

We all keep hearing Anjie saying Dr. Juhi is almost her age.. while Anjie was 8 when Juhi had completed her MBBS and joined as intern and only a couple of years younger to Shanky..

Juhi and Shanky's age difference was almost same to SidhIsha age gap..

now all of a sudden Juhi is Anjie's age? smiley29

Posted: 1 months ago

That is biggest blooper shown by cvs and they are intentionally showing it 

In sanjavni season 1  juhi was around 25 26  and Anjali was 10  so there is at least 15 16 gap of age between Anjali and  juhi 

Posted: 1 months ago

No ground work done by the makers

We all know that Juhi was atleast 15 years older to Anjali when she had joined sanjivani, now I really can't understand why Anjali keeps on repeating that Juhi is almost her age, just a few years older???

Posted: 1 months ago

Yes.. Everyone who had watched season 1 pointed this out.. Juhi would have been 20+ years elder to Anjali and 8-10 years younger to Shashank.. I don't know whether the cvs while twisting the characters storylines from S1 totally forgot about the characters age during S1..

Posted: 1 months ago

Today proove that Anjali is biggest liar  first keep lying that I am  at same age of Dr juhi secondly   she lie about her father that  her father fire  juhi out of sanjavni because he love her? 

Today nurse phillo made it clear that Dr shashank did not fire juhi from sanjavni because he love her there is some other reason and nurse philo asking Dr shashank to tell actual reason to juhi for firing here

Just because  dr shashank  did not made her daughter chief of surgery she keep lying about her father

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Posted: 1 months ago

Not same to sidisha age gap.. There is only 2 year difference between sid and ishani.. They both are residents... But the case of shashank and juhi, shashank was a senior doctor at that time when juhi was intern and shashank had a 8 or 10 old daughter, so shashank must me in the middle of 30's  and juhi was in early 20' age difference between shashank and juhi will be around 10-15 yrs.. Don't compare with sidisha... They are quite young... Sid itself told that he is 26 in an episode... 

Posted: 1 months ago

im sure age gap between juhi and shanky is not 10 years.. it can maximum be 5 years.. 

for those who have watched DMG may relate, it seems like the age gap between Dr. keerti, Dr. shubhankar and new interns Armaan Riddhima people.. which was about 5 years i guess..

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Posted: 1 months ago

      This being the reboot is leading the makers to cut chop & waver between creative liberty & creative laxity, by using, adding & addressing plots, characters from S1, as references,while retaining certain actors, they are exercising & applying around the ambiguity as an exemption & opportunity to build intrigue here not following hard-&-fast fixed. 

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