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Posted: 10 months ago

Ever since I joined this form, I have been hearing how old Karan is, how young Erica is, she will not match up with him and then the news of Aamna comes, then young actor Anurag fans starts calling her old, she will not suits with a young boy like Parth and same was said about Hina. I do not understand if KSG, Aamna & Hina was born in the 80's line, then what is the loss of anyone in this? it is a serial, it requires acting. And Karan and Aamna are the pride of this television industry, their acting is so natural, they have success in acting that will force others to feel the situation. I read a topic about Aamna, I do not understand what that girl did, even today she looks very beautiful from young TV actress and Anurag's fans started needlessly commenting that she is too old opposite parth.Well let me tell you Aamna is such a good actress that maybe even the young actor fails in front of her. If she is Komolika then KZK 2 is lucky to have such awesome actor ksg and actress aamna. 

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Posted: 10 months ago

I am not sure who this Actress is and I wasn’t aware of the talk about KSG before he started on KZK regarding age. But to piggy back on your point, I think that ageism is rampant in our country, not just when it comes to actors who at times portray a role but in every aspect of our lives. The mean girl comments that are directed at women BY other women are absolutely heartbreaking. Auntie, Bhenji type, too old for the role, too young for the role. Woman who marry a younger guy is called his mother. Man who marries a younger woman, the woman is seen as a gold digger. It’s terrible. The utter disrespect women have for one another is cringe worthy. You want men to respect us, maybe we should respect each other first. And I think KSG looks amazing with anyone, regardless of age, he can show chemistry with a plant, literally! 

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Posted: 10 months ago

It is not age atleast for me and iam not Anurag fan either. It is saying she is the most beautiful and best actress suddenly. Beauty is anyways subjective and so is acting. Her eyes look too small.

She anyway is reported to have nose job which is obvious from her nose looking unusual..as her actual nose was rather fat, and looked bad so she isn't perfect. For me Pooja Gor, Sanaya Irani, Drashti Dami, Anita, Divyanaka..such type are divas..she lacks certain aura they omit. She doesn't look homely.

I also think her age is false. She is in Aashiqui. As long as 1990. If she is 7 now, she is 7 then? She doesn't look like that. Anita looked how she looked in Aashiqui in 2001 in Telugu movie. She can't be the same age. She has to be in her 40s like 44 if we assume she is 14 - 15 during Aashiqui (1990)

I also read she is a product of marketing like Disha Pathani.

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Posted: 10 months ago

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Karan Singh Grover Aamna Shariff

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