Final Reminder To Everyone:IMPORTANT

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Posted: 8 months ago

Hello Everyone..

Some serious issues and concern regarding KZK2 forum have come to the notice of IF Dev team..So here are some final rules and guidelines that we hope are followed from now onwards ..Any member who refuses to abide by these rules will face strict action..

TRP Thread : 

TRP threads are usually to discuss the tracks and trps, however it has become breeding ground to mock the actors, their remuneration,  characters there by inciting fan wars .So we have decided there wont b any common sticky Trp topic in forum anymore and current sticky trp topic will be closed right away.

From next week onwards ,any member who gets the Trps early morning can make individual trp topic for that week and trp rise/decline discussions can be done there..At the end of the day forum mods will close the trp topic and again next thurs when trps come out , whoever gets the trps can post it and so on ..In short separate trp threads will be opened every thurs when trp comes out and mods will close it by the end of the day once the trp discussions for the week r all done..There wont b any continuity in last week trp threads ..Also trp thrrads wont b sticked anymore..

Anyone found instigating fanwars in these trp threads will b dealt strictly..Since most members lack sporting spirit and cannot take humour or criticism for their favourite ,so its better trp threads are kept clean from sarcastic blame games on any particular character ..

Appreciation Threads :  

 ATs are not to be used to bash/mock/name call other characters which are not part of the AT, however other characters become part of the discussion as all characters are interlinked, but discussions does not mean dissing and cussing other characters in the AT, if done the AT rules will be kicked in..If needed other characters reference can be used while discussing a scene but no mocking or dissing of other characters will b allowed in AT..Having said that,let the Forum Mods decide whats mocking and whats just general reference of a character in some particular scene.

If an AT has got a note or gets locked down, that doesn't mean it's something to do with other fandom and refrain them from calling stalkers for the same. Your AT gets note or locked down based on the comments in the AT and not by someone reporting or not reporting 

In retort,  please refrain from reporting non legit comments on other ATs with a purpose to get it locked down, DTs do not go by the number of comments reported but by the number of comments which breached the rules in the AT .  AT wars should be held at bay . 

Agree to Disagree:  

We do believe, each of us have different likes and preferences, but the love for one shouldn't be the reason to hate/bash/name call the other. Just because some one has a differing likes and preferences from ours, doesn't mean they are bashing, when we are doing the same thing for other characters. . We need to agree to disagree and be respectful in accepting each others POVs and moving on there by making it an amicable place for discussions related to KZK 2..

In short avoid forcing your views/opinions as facts on others as thats what turns a simple discussion thread into a battlezone..Forum Mods will always encourage healthy debates as long as its kept decent and civilised ..


One thing we would like to reiterate, we do agree criticism is part of the show, You are free to show displeasure, contradict, disagree and criticize the show and its characters. However there is a fine line between these actions and bashing which violates IF-COC. Direct hurls, usage of profanities targeting members/characters/actors with the intention to humiliate and disgrace is what is not allowed and we expect you all not to be too acrid and sarcastic which results in mocking and insulting.

If you all want freedom to strongly criticize other characters as "disgusting/pathetic/loser" etc ... please be open enough to take criticisms on your side, these words are not bashing or name calling they are just strong opinions for any character which cannot be curbed. (Such adjectives can b used for all charaters that includes Anurag, Bajaj ,Prerna as long as this criticism is kept limited to just the fictional charater)

"We understand that not everyone can be a fan of all celebrities but that does not allow anyone to resort to name calling .We do not encourage anyone riling up fans of particular celebrities and hence making the section a war zone.  Don't mock fans as it's not a crime to love a celebrity and do not be sarcastic and pass it off as humor." cited here Participation Guidelines & Rules .

Mocking and Name calling :   

This has been addressed in a separate topic, please refer IMP : Please read regarding NAME CALLING  

Use of profanities, foul language, slangs or down right offensive words come under bashing, while name calling is often usage of a particular name or it's connotations with respect to the name of character, their physical appearances , age etc primarily to  mock  and rile up fandoms , Some terms are outright bashing they do not fall under name calling, those comments will be dealt accordingly .Let forum mods decides which words come under bashing and which under name calling..Moral policing from members in this regard wont b entertained..If you are not satisfied with the decision making of section DT in this regard them PM them for clarification.

Inciting and provoking fandoms :  

Members are often found to be passing sly remarks and subtle digs to incite fandoms and when they are retorted members often play victim, but fail to understand that the reaction is due to their instigating comments. Also , please refrain from categorizing, typecasting, generalizing members for their likes and preferences . 

No Fanbase Groupism Or Instigating/Bullying any Member/Fan base: No single fan group will try to dominate or create a ruckus on the forum. Tolerate and learn to respect other's choices. Please do NOT rile or instigate any fan base group or member. Name calling or code names are NOT allowed towards any member or fan group. If found, strict action will be taken against the offender/s in question.Revised Rules of KZK 2 Forum :


If you see anyone breaching the rules in any of the threads in the main forum, you will not come here and rant it out about it and snowball the issue further! Instead make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly. As soon as the Dev Team comes online they would take the necessary action.

We can assure you guys that we only takes action where it's legit reason. However, here is a little catch for the stalkers who just want to report in order to get the AT or opposite fan group's thread closed down - If you report any post/comments that has no legit reason, you will be reliable for action against you for stalking..Dont expect that mass reporting will always result in Mods taking action in your favour , instead it can actually go against you if the reason of report is not legit and just done out of vengence or tit for tat policy..

Dev Team (Forum Mods: 

The mods in this forum do exercise the right to participate in discussions like other members of the forum and their activity in a particular AT or their likes and preferences for a character or on screen pair shouldn't be the reason to categorize and  label them as  biased or favoring other fandom ..They too have joined IF to discuss their favourite shows and actors like everyone else ..So their personal preferences for a show/couple/actor should be kept separate from their moderation..  

 They are here to step in whenever the need arises, be it an offending comment/post or any other concerns or queries. One point to be noted, we are not here to dictate what members can or can not say. The DT just abides by and works on the pre-formulated guidelines and IF-COC and we just expect the members to abide by the same, there by making a forum into a healthy, positive and amicable place for each one of us. 

If you still have any problems regarding forum moderation ,you can directly approach the global mod (jyoti06) about it but before doing so PM your issues to forum mods first ,wait for their reply and only if u r not satisfied with that reply ,then come to me but carry the forum mods reply PM with you when you are PMing a global mod ,thats me..

Everyone has their own POV, every member is different and holds their own opinion. Therefore everyone's opinion should be respected whether you agree to it or not.Please consider it as a final request/warning, failing to do so will have to face the consequences of violating the above said rules 

Before we end this, please refer :  KZK 2 Forum Rules & Regulations and   IMP : Please read regarding NAME CALLING

If there are any confusions/concerns/queries with regards to the rules, please contact the forum Mods via PM and they will get back to you in 48-72 hours . We hope for your co-operation,

Thanks and Regards 


munnihyderabad & -RD-(Forum DT)

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