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Bright eyes and stunning smile, it is easy to see that she is a beautiful girl but it is her versatile talent as an actor that makes SHRENU PARIKH as one of the most promising television stars.  She comes across as a refreshingly honest, grounded and a pragmatic individual.

Shrenu hails from a very conservative gujju family of vadodara and acting was never an option. Along with being an outstanding actress, Shrenu Parikh is highly educated individual. Prior to her acting career, She established herself as a pharmacist by completing her B.pharm degree.

 Shrenu  won the title of Miss University in 2007 and Miss Vadodara in 2008. She is also good at singing, has won a few dance competitions and hosted shows. She is an Indian idol season 3 contestant, but had to leave it because of her board exams.  She is a brand ambassador for Gandevikar Jewellers  for more than 4 years and has done many commercials. 

The five show old actress has proven herself worthy of the praise she receives. She is witty, vivacious and is known for a personality which can light up a room. Her positive attitude and sincerity will carry her far.  And things are only getting bigger and better for this petite beauty. 

Twitter: @shrenuparikh11  

Instagram: @shrenu11  

India Forums Profile: Shrenu Parikh  

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Though she was offered a parallel lead in Ballika vadu she instead asked for a smaller role, being education her first priority. She started her career with a small role as Roopa in a Starplus show called Gulaal. The actress shares that she has wonderful memories from that show.


Aastha - Havan 


 With Aastha of  Rajan Sai's Havan aired on Colors TV , she made a place for herself  in industry. Aastha is a girl who belongs to poor family and believes in a person called Baapji, who is like God to her.  She was much appreciated for her role in Havan and was flooded with offers post her big break.


 Rajnibala  - Byaah Humari Bahu Ka 

Shrenu Parikh  bagged the lead role as Rajnibala, opposite Gaurav Khanna in Byaah Hamari Bahu ka, telecasted in Sony entertainment tv. BHBK is a unique show with fresh content, characters and great performances.  Shrenu as Rajnibala  is  every bit a doting DIL and an understanding wife. She isn't well educated but is very soft spoken, nubile and shares an amazing relationship with her in-laws.    


Aastha Kilosker - IPKKND  Ek baar phir

Shrenuu Parikh  is best known as Aastha in IPKKND EBP broadcasted in Starplus, with Avinash Sachdev as co-actor. The story revolves around two distinct personalities entwined in a relationship swaying between love and hate every time they cross their paths. Aastha is a free minded girl, often chirpy, lively and optimistic. At times, she is a bit haphazard and clumsy.  She falls in love with Shlok, a chauvinist.  Her awe-inspiring portrayal  as Aastha has captured the arts of so many viewers. 


Neha Dutta - TTSM

Shrenu Parikh  made her bollywood debut with the film,Thodi Thodi Si Manmaaniyan directed by Aditya Sarpotdar. It  is a sweet and  well-intended film starring  Arsh Sehrawat as the male lead.  Shrenu  as Neha Dutta carries of her role with more integrity in her attitude. She is a folk siner and a social activist and struggles against inequality.  


Gauri Kumari Ssarma - DBO and IB

After a deliberate break of  almost 2 years, Shrenu Parikh is back to the grind  with India's first ever spin-off  show, Dil Bole Oberoi  where she is paired opposite Kunal Jai Singh.  She plays a very rustic, rural girl named Gauri , who brooks no nonsense. Gauri is poor with an ailing mother but has high self respect. Though she is just a 5th      pass girl, she makes it up with her incredible smartness.  Many a times, people around her are more important than her self-esteem.  She might be bound to have orthodox ideas, but her ideologies are intense and more effective. And her disguise as Chubul, the chirauta is quite applaudable.

 Jhanvi Mittal/Pooja Sharma  - Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna

Jhanhvi is the respected and accomplished daughter-in-law of the Mittal family. Loved by everyone, her decisions are always respected. But she has a secret vengeance towards the family, having intentions to take revenge. 

It is revealed that Janhvi is actually Pooja Sharma, daughter of Dr. Ashok Sharma. Years ago, PK Mittal had framed Ashok and burned down the Sharma house. Ashok had managed to flee Pooja and Rani but was unable to save himself. Thus, it had become Pooja's aim in life to avenge her family's destruction.Eventually, Pooja is successful in destroying the Mittals. She reveals that she was neither Dhruv's wife nor Mittal family's daughter-in-law as this was all a hoax to take revenge. Pooja takes over the Mittal house leaving them homeless. Thus, starts a cold war between Pooja and Kabir.

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Thanks for the new AT Palakh! smiley4

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Welcome to the new AT.... 

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This don't end trend is bringing a lot of Jahnvi related tweets back on my tl. smiley36


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