PreRish OS : Melting Point In Love

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Hey Guys,

I am back with my second one shot on PreRish. Have a good time reading it.

PreRish OS : Melting Point In Love

"Infuriating, annoying, that man...." Prerna bangs and places the files in her hand down with a thud. 

 Leaning over the conference table, placing her hands on the either side, she continues ranting. "Matlab patah nahi, khud ko kya samajthe hai.. Kehne ko itne bade businessman hai lekin simplest ishaare bhi nahi samajthe. Ganapati Bappa ne bhi mere saath itni nainsaafi kii hai.. Aisa buddhu pati mere gale baand diya hai.. Impossible man.. Ab rahe yaha akele jab main conference ke liye ek hafta chali jaaungi toh meri emiyat jaan jayenge.. Irritating is the word" She stomps her foot again and again expressing her anger.

"Chal Prerna, isse pehle kii woh buddhu aadmi aa jaaye, niklo yahan se" She murmurs to herself and starts collecting her items. 

 When the boardroom's door creaks open with a sound, Prerna turns around and comes face to face with Rishabh Bajaj, her husband, who is staring right back at her with a straight face.

"Can I come in Prerna" He seeks her permission, so that he does not intrude in her personal space.

"Sure Mr. Bajaj, please do enter, aap hii ka office hai, pooch ne kii zehmat bhi kyun utta rahe hai. Anyway I am on my way out. Excuse me, I need to go pack for the Switzerland trip that is due in 2 days". Prerna starts to leave in a huff.

Taking quick strides Prerna starts walking away, when a strong grip of 5 fingers holds her wrist, keeping her unmoved, she turns around with lightning speed crashing her forehead with Rishabh's.

"Dheere Prerna, kya karr rahi ho? Dekho lagg gayi na hum dono ko". Rishabh rubs his forehead with his hand and also keeps rubbing Prerna's forehead alternatively with the same hand. 

"Wow, what an amazing question." She remarks sarcastically.

"And coming to your question what am I doing, if you did not realize Mr. Bajaj lemme enlighten you, isse (she points to the way he has caught her wrist in his) haath pakadna kehte hai aur aapne mera haath pakda hua hai. Aur toh aur yeh aap hii ki ghalti hai kii mera sarr aapse takra gaya" Prerna lifts at eyebrow at him and throws him the don’t counter me look.

"Yaa alright. I surrender. Saari meri ghalti hai. Ok happy? Now tell me what's with you calling me Mr. Bajaj, wasn't I Rishabh for you until today morning and where do you think you are off too" Rishabh looks at her pointedly.

Prerna bites her tongue in a opps gesture as she did not want to face Rishabh's questions, thus she wanted to make a hasty exit. 

"Mujhe lagta hai it is better I call you Mr. Bajaj. Waise bhi aur bohat log hai aapko Rishabhhh bulane ke liye" She silently fumes.

"Ohh, I see Miss. Sharma alright. I am ok with whatever suits you. And I also think you are right, there are many people calling me Rishabh, see there is Masi, there is Tanvi and now my new personal assistant Miss. Rose too calls me Rishabhhh and it sounds sweet when she does." He adds fuel to fire stressing on the term personal.

Prerna's patience which is already hanging on a thin line snaps and freeing away her hand from his, she stomps her foot on his.

Rishabh winches exaggerating the pain, "Serves you right" Throwing these words on his face Prerna reaches the conference room’s door when Rishabh biting back his laughter says, "Aare tum kahan chali"

Prerna who is going to answer him, hears a vague Rishabhhh, Rishabhhh in the corridor, her irritation spikes again. Turning around she says, "Jahannumm mein. Goodbye" And with heavy footsteps she storms off not giving Rishabh even a chance to react.

Rishabh's tingling laughter echoes in the boardroom and he is beyond amused. 

"Alag hai, cute hai, sweet hai, pagal hai aur ab jealous bhi, jaisi bhi hai Prerna Rishabh Bajaj aap toh bas meri hai" He lets out a contented sigh.

The rest of the day passes with Prerna and Rishabh not crossing paths again. In the evening Rishabh heads back home and on not finding his wife in her office he assumes she has already left. 

At the Bajaj Mansion : 

Rishabh finds it weird that he has been home for more than half hour still Prerna has not come to lecture him about his 'flirty' behaviour according to her with Miss. Rose. He walks around to find his evading wife.

He finds her nowhere and while checking the library he finds a note tucked in the book he is reading currently. 

Opening the note he reads Prerna's message addressed to him, 'Mr. Bajaj, first of all let me tell you, I am not at home so there is no point looking. Aur ek aur baat I am off to the Bajaj Industries Home Publications board meeting in Switzerland, I know the meeting is scheduled to happen 3 days later, but I am leaving early. Yeh samaj lijiye mujhe aapse break chahiye tha. I am traveling by your private jet now don't go calling a search party for it. Bye - bye, have a good time with all your Rosy's, Suzy's, Mona's and Meneka's. See you when I return or maybe not. Depends on mood'.

Rishabh can clearly visualize every expression must have held while writing the letter, from her sulk, to smirk. Folding the letter he places it neatly in his pocket and starts making a few calls. 

24 Hours Later - 

Location : Switzerland

Prerna is sitting in the same suite where she once accompanied her husband post her wedding. With her husband nowhere in sight, she continues to punch the pillow on her lap, sulk, look at her phone and sulk more.

"He just does not care. Ab tak call nahi kiya, call toh chodo message bhi nahi kiya. Infuriating should be the certified synonymous for him". 

"Arre chodo Prerna, tum bhi kya expect karr rahi ho, itne dino se tum Rishabh ko hints, pe  hints diye jaa rahi ho lekin woh samjhe nahi na, ulta us Miss. Rose ke saath flirt karr rahe the. Humph". 

Prerna sulks some more and stares at the night sky shining bright with the moon and twinkling stars in the background. 

Her thoughts take her back to the time when she dropped hints to Rishabh while he stayed unaffected.

Two Weeks Back Bajaj Mansion -

Rishabh is the washroom with the door wide open. While he is trying to set his hair with gel, Prerna who is working on a file sitting on the bed is finding it hard to concentrate. Her eyes are drawn her husband.

Rishabh catches her looking at him in the huge mirror and she looks away immediately.

"Kya dekh rahi ho Prerna" He questions coming straight to the point.

Not wanting to brush the conversation away like nothing happened, Prerna walks to the washroom door growing courageous with every step she takes. 

"Actually Rishabh I was thinking, while this salt and pepper look makes you look sexy, don't you think you will look more hot if you dye your hair back to its original colour" Prerna says this innocently batting her eyelids as though she has not used the words sexy and hot in the sentence for him.

Rishabh stares at her open mouthed and remarks, "Sexy, hot? What are you saying Prerna. I think you are not feeling well" Rishabh tries to ignore Prerna's presence and gets back to setting his hair. 

"Ohhh, come on Rishabh. You are 36 but you have been dyeing your hair to this salt pepper look since long, first to hide your real age from the world and then just for style. But now that the world is aware that the salt and peppers in your hair is just dye, don't you think the world and even I your wife should be graced with your actual look. No offense meant I am not denying again this look is indeed sexy (Prerna ruffles his hair) But your actual zulfein will make you look sexy and hot. Believe me." 

Beads of sweat form of Rishabh's forehead listening to Prerna's words. 

Prerna flicks the sweat, taking the drop on her palm, "Rishabh mujhe meri nahi par aapki tabiyat kharaab lag rahi hai. Kya hua feeling hot? I think yahan ka steam mechanism kharaab hogaya hai" Prerna whistle blows air on Rishabh's face.

Rishabh takes a deep breath, fumbling with words, he walks out without a backward glance. Leaving behind an amused Prerna.

Eight Days Earlier - 

 Prerna is standing in the Bajaj Mansion's huge kitchen. With her hands multi-tasking, she is trying to get the perfect dish out of the oven. 

The oven pings and she rushes to the same to get the dish out. Rubbing her hand in glee, Prerna looks at the chocolate cake she has baked.

 Covered in flour, with a messy hair bun, her tee smeared with chocolate is the sight of Prerna Rishabh walks into.

His halts in his steps while Prerna turns around hearing his footsteps. 

"Ahh, just the man I wanted to see. Come in Rishabh. Dekhiye maine kya banaya hai, chocolate cake aapka favourite". She holds the cake in her hand and speaks cutely. 

Rishabh walks to where Prerna is standing, he takes a spoon and grabs a bite of the cake, his gaze transfixed on Prerna. 

"Hmm, mujhe lagta hai aapne ismein kum cheeni daali hai" He remarks casually taking another bite of the cake, "Yes, surely cheeni kum hai".

"Cheeni kum hogayi. Opps. Par koi bat nahi Rishabh iska solution bhi abhi mil jaayega." 

Prerna takes a huge chunk of the cake and takes it to Rishabh's mouth and signals him to eat with her eyes, "Aise kya dekh rahe hai aap? Mooh kholiye aur cake ka luft uttayiye. Aur is barr aapko sweetness kii kami ka bhi patah nahi chalega, after all aap Prerna Rishabh Bajaj ke haath se khaa rahe hai."

Rishabh looks at Prerna wide eyed, while she stuffs the cake in his mouth. 

"So Rishabh wasn't it more sweeter now" She cheekily raises her eyebrow at him simultaneously puts her sticky fingers in her mouth to lick of the remaining chocolate. 

And the sight that follows is something Prerna can never forget, business tycoon Rishabh Bajaj runs out in jet speed in his own home, perturbed by his better halves actions. Leaving Prerna in peals of laughter.

Four Days Earlier - 

The Bajaj Mansion and its people are in their rooms calling it a day. With the man of the house locked in his study, the lady of the house is winding up for the night.

Rishabh walks into the confines of his bedroom and hearing the shower gets the answer for his unvoiced question, as to his wife' whereabouts. 

 Closing the door behind him, he moves to the walk in closet. Just as he reaches there, the washroom door opens and out comes Prerna wearing her husband's robe. 

The husband in question is dumbfounded, unable to react. 

Prerna towelling her wet locks sees Rishabh. "Rishabh, I hope you don't mind. Maine aapka robe use kar liya. Actually I forget to take my clothes in so yehii available tha. Sorry" 

While Prerna explains her side of the story with a stoic expression, Rishabh murmurs a small, not a problem more to himself and takes quicker strides into the washroom, avoiding any sort of crash with Prerna.

24 Hours Earlier - The Day Prerna Left To Switzerland.

Rishabh had left early even before Prerna was awake for a breakfast meeting. 

While Prerna had a leisure day with a conference meeting scheduled only at noon. 

But she is excited as her cell pings with a notification from Rishabh saying, 'A surprise awaits you, see you'. With the incoming message, it has Prerna on the edge running around to get things done and her aim is to reach her husband asap.

Grinning ear to ear Prerna walks into the office premises. She heads straight to her destination, her husband's cabin.

"Good Morn...." Prerna stops in her tracks seeing her husband's new assistant leaning on the side too close and trying to gain his attention and saying, "Rishabhhh, it’s my birthday today and look I have brought you cake. Have it na".

"Rose" Rishabh starts but he is interrupted.

"Come on Rishabhh, you can gift me a rose later, but now you have to try it". 

Rishabh has a small bite and out of courtesy says it’s nice. 

While Rose continues to flirt with him. "You know Rishabhhh it is good that you have dyed your hair back to its original colour, you look good".

"Thank you" Being polite

While a pair of eyes shoots daggers at the duo.. Prerna clears her throat drawing their attention towards her.

"Look Prerna, Rishabhhh is looking so good with black hair. Won't you agree" Rose says oblivious to the anger bubbling inside Prerna.

 "Rose, can you please leave I need to have a word with my husband and close the door on your way out" She speaks gritting her teeth sharply. 

Rishabh walks up to Prerna, runs his hand on his hair consciously and in a sheepish voice asks, "Kaisa laga mera surprise?" 

"Surprise, my bloody left foot, surprise. Aise surprise ka kya karun main achaar daalun.. Bhaad mein jaaye sab ke sab" Muttering curses under her breath, Prerna walks out dramatically shocking her husband. 

And Rishabh follows her after a pause.

(And this was what transpired before Prerna's infuriating, annoying remarks on Rishabh at the start of the OS.) 

Cut To The Present - 

Prerna comes out of her thoughts and grumbles to herself, "Prerna, shayad tune bhi those zyada hi overreact kar diya, lekin ab kya karun main. Rishabh ka toh phone bhi nahi lagg raha hai. Bappa yeah meeting kab khatam hogi when can I head back home" 

Prerna continues to stay irritated over the next two days, putting her best foot forward at the board meeting, missing Rishabh and hoping things were well back home, she manages to pull through the two most toughest days of her life. 

In the evening she is invited to the celebratory party, but she manages to evade the requests. Taking steps back to her suite all she wishes for is Rishabh's presence. 

Chanting like a mantra, "I can't wait to get back home, I can't wait to get back home, I can't wait to get back home". Prerna enters her suite and locks it behind her.

Darkness surrounds her on all sides, while her hand reaches the switch, she hears the voice she was eager to hear and sees the man she was going crazy about standing in flesh in front of her.

"So Prerna, you did not answer my question"

"Huh" Prerna still cannot believe her husband is standing in front of her.

Rishabh closes the distance between them and tugs a loose strand hair behind her ear, "I asked you can't wait to get home or get to me. What were you more eager for" He whispers the later part in her ear like a purr. 

Regaining her composure, Prerna tries to act nonchalant, "Ohh Mr. Bajaj, good to see you here but the board meeting is done and dusted. You need not have come so far".

"I had to sweetheart. After all you were here so I had to come" With every word he speaks he gets closer to her, intruding in her personal space.

"And by the way it is Rishabh for you, you get that, say Rishabh" He flicks her lips delicately with his thumb.

Prerna's breath gets heavier by the second and she murmurs, "Mr. Baja.."

"Ri.. sha... bh" He speaks in her ears like a gentle caress.

Feeling each syllable on her skin, Prerna's hands clutch Rishabh's coat and she repeats, "Rishabh". With goosebumps erupting all over her skin, she buries herself in his arms.

Sinking into the feel of being with each other after 3 whole days, they just stay there holding on to one another. 

After a few minutes Prerna detaches herself from Rishabh's arms and walks to the massive balcony, avoiding any sort of eye contact with him.

Within seconds he follows and locks her in his arms from behind, while she is leaning on the railing. 

"Aap yahan kab aaye" Prerna is the first one to break the thick yet comforting silence.

"I arrived here 48 hours earlier" He sighs waiting for her outburst.

Prerna turns in his arms, takes a look at his face, "And you did not think it was important to meet me or make me aware of your presence" She says with her voice holding a tone of complaint.

"That was never my intention Prerna, I just wanted you to be independent away from my shadow and show the world your worth and you didn't let me down. We have new contracts pouring in the Home Publishing enterprise and this is your win. I wanted you to taste it and so I stayed away. But I am sorry if my being awol troubled you" He speaks with regret, but yet his eyes are shining bright at the feat she has achieved.

"Hmmm, it was a good win, but I missed you by my side" Prerna says softly and delicately traces his eyebrows, chin, jawline.

Rishabh holds her palm and kisses in the centre. 

 With their deep sighs filling the air, Rishabh cuts into it first and says, "So Prerna, how do you like my hair now, sexy and hot enough" The twinkle in his eye is unavailable and she does not miss it too.

 "Ahhh, the hair makes you look more magnetic, charismatic and how can I forget sexy and hot too" Prerna winks at Rishabh, runs her fingers on his lush black hair and giggles. 

"Now that this is settled let us talk about the next matter we have ignored for so long. I will ask you certain things and you will have to answer truthfully and I will let you in on some secrets, secrets of Rishabh Bajaj's mind and heart. Done deal?" He tightens his holds on her waist.

Prerna nods, "Deal".

"So Prerna tell me something in the past few weeks your actions have been weird. So is my brain overthinking or are you trying to give me some kind of hint" He looks at her pointedly

"Darasal I... Main aapko green signal dead rahi this" She manages to murmur in a low voice.

"Green signals for what my darling wife" Rishabh feigns ignorance.

"Don't act obtuse. You know for what" She lowers her head, unable to face his scrutinizing gaze.

"No Prerna, I want you to spell it out to me. Answer me green signal for what exactly" Placing a finger below her chin, he lifts it up making her stare in his eyes.

"I was giving you all sorts of green signals so that you would understand that I was ready to take the plunge and take our relationship a step forward, to the next level but you walked away unaffected every single time" After speaking out the confession, she looks everywhere but him fearing his reaction. 

"Ahh, so the cat is out of the bag Prerna. Since you have been gracious enough and shared your confession with me let me tell some home truths from my end and I want you to listen"

She nods looking at him, while he starts baring his heart out. "You see Prerna, tumne mujhse bohat pehle kaha tha kii main tumhe kabhi touch na karun aur isliye main darrta tha kii agar main tumhari taraf apne kadam badaunga toh phir mere haath rejection aayega. Shayad main woh bardhast na kar patha"

Before he can continue, Prerna interrupts, "Lekin woh pehle kii baat thi Rishabh"

"Jaanta hoon Prerna lekin shayad yeh darr kii tum mujhe aur mere saath ko undekha kar dogi, mere andar ghar kargayi aur harr barr jab mere kadam tumhari taraf bade, toh maine unhe rokh liya" Baring his heart, expressing his fears openly, he feels free and unburdened suddenly.

"Rishabh meri taraf dekhiye, main jaanti hoon we have not started on the best foot in the past but today we have moved ahead of it. Meri zindagi ke aaj mein aur aane waale kal mein sirf aap hai aur aap hii rahenge" Holding his face in her palm she tries to soothe his fears with her words and gestures.

Rishabh holds Prerna's wrist and the words she speaks showers him with relief. Losing the grim expression, he grins, "Jaanta aur samajta toh yeh sab main zaroor tha Prerna, lekin shayad I needed you to say the words darling. Ek bechaini khatakti thi dil mein hamesha se, aur aaj jaake lagta hai jaise woh bechaini sukoon mein badal gayi. Aur tum ho mera sukoon Prerna, meri zindagi, meri biwi, mera pyaar, mera sab kuch bas tum ho. I love you Prerna, I really do. You are the first woman I fell in love with and you will be the last woman I will ever love" 

Rishabh wipes Prerna's tears and signals her in a no.

"I love you too Rishabh. You have taught me to live again. You have taught me to love again. I love you and only you. 

Rishabh opens his arms for Prerna and she buries herself in them while he holds her. Holding on to each other as though their lives depend on it, their hearts beat in sync, while the first drizzle of rain comes down engulfing the two lovers.

 "Waise Prerna just for your information, na main buddhu tha aur na tumhare Bappa ne tumhare saath nainsaafi kii hai.. Now come on itna bhi surprise hone kii zaroorat nahi hai, I heard your rant in the conference room the other day and for the record lemme clear it up for you, I was never unaffected by your green signal games, when you said I would look sexy and hot with my original hair and wiped the sweat, I was imagining your lips on that very spot, I froze at way thoughts were travelling and made an exit. Next when you baked and fed me the cake, your domesticity bowled me over and It felt like you belonged, belonged there, belonged in my home, belonged with me and the extra stunt you pulled licking your fingers, I wanted to be the one who was doing it. Shh (He places his finger on her lips) don't interrupt and don't look away, just look into my eyes and listen. And by the way next day jab tum leftover cake dhoond rahi thi na aur soch rahi thi kii cake aakhir gaya kahan, well let me clear the air, woh cake maine khatam kiya tha poora, after all tumne mere liye banaya tha, toh raat mein I had a midnight snack, bas main, meri tanhayi aur saath dene ke liye tumhara yummy cake.. I could not resist. Aur when I saw you wearing my robe, my breath hitched in my throat and I felt it was I who was wrapped around you. And so I bolted for a cold shower. And finally when I was having the cake Rose got me, all I could think about was when you fed me the chocolate cake and I had gone original with my hair because I wanted to look both sexy and hot just for you, just the way you liked. So Prerna Rishabh Bajaj listen to me don't even for a second think I was unaffected. You affect me more than you know and more than I can express. I just stayed aloof because I wanted you to decide what you wanted and I am glad it is me who you want." 

Rishabh hits his forehead with Prerna's affectionately and she reciprocates looking  at him like he is her world. And he looks at her as though she has completed his universe. 

Tip toeing Prerna places her lips on Rishabh's cheeks and pecks his lips, "It is you and only you I want from this day forward. I promise"

Rishabh acknowledges and accepts her promise placing feather light kisses all over her face. 

With joy brimming in their hearts, they had everything and could want nothing more. 

 "So Prerna Rishabh Bajaj now that we are already wet courtesy the rain, would you want to go for a swim with me in the suite' private pool" He raises his eyebrows with a naughty grin.

"Iss baarish mein, aur is thand mein.. mizaz kuch badle badle nazar aa rahe hai mujhe aapke.. Kya khayal hai" She teases.

"Well Prerna that is why we have an enclosed heated pool. And if you are still cold remember you always have me. So are you ready to swim, leap and melt with me" 

He extends his hand forward, she places her hand in his and says, "Of course Rishabh, Lead The Way"

Amidst the splashing noise of the rain, thundering storm raging, Rishabh and Prerna took laps in the water, leaping ahead and finally the two people as different as the fire and ice found their melting point in love uniting them as one forever and always!

And tada you have reached the end. Hope the OS was a nice read and kept you entertained till the last line. 

When I started writing this piece, I thought it would be maximum 2000 words one shot, but as I kept writing the content kept flowing, thus the OS is around 4300 plus words. Hope it did not bore you.

Don't forget to leave your comments behind and if you are interested to read my earlier work on PreRish, click the link below.

PreRish OS : Haq Mohabbat Ka!

Tata, Bye - Bye..

P.S : I was not sure if I would be able to write and finish this OS today, but phir mujhe Ankie aur apne saare PreRish AT friends ka khayal aaya and it motivated me to write and complete this one as promised..

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Wow it's awesome and hot too smiley36smiley43

I like those typical husband wife moments 

Thanks for the pm smiley1

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Oh my god I need to read once again then comments smiley27smiley43smiley41smiley9

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It was.more than nice and trust me when I say very entertaining.

Prerna"s hints I thought this woman is going to ne the death of him. How difficult must have been for him not to lose control. 

This one was fun and exciting at the end.

Send it ti the makers unse accha toh IF writers likhte hain.

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