Shantanu and Nityami AT1: Exploring love through dance

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A warm welcome to the first AT of Shantanu Maheshwari and Nityami Shirke. 

To enter, just bring all your love, and positivism and let us take a trip into Shantanu's and Nityami's world


For starters, let's dig a little, into Shantanu's previous achievements and then we will talk about Nityami and lastly their journey as #Nishaan


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Actor, Dancer, choreographer, host, Cutie, whatever you call him, he is a ball of energy, filled with talent, selflessness and kindness. He is one of those rare celebrities who doesn't consider themselves as celebrities, always down to earth and he has that willpower to learn, to work hard and to be a better person. 

He was born on 7 March 1991 in Kolkata and attended St. Joseph's College, Kolkata. He moved to Mumbai for higher studies where he went to H.R. College of Commerce and Economics and was a part of the Street Soul Dance Crew [SSDC] from his college. He has the brains, the pure heart and the looks! - life goals :D

He is a self-made actor and made his debut as protagonist Swayam in youth show Dil Dosti dance,D3 and later played Sahir one of the leads in MTV Girls On Top making him one of the most popular actor among the youth. He also appeared in Box Cricket League in 2013 and 2014 on Colors, as part of the team 'Chandigarh Cubs and  in Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Twistwala Love. He won several awards and his chemistry with co-star Vrushika Mehta from D3 earned him the third spot as the Hottest Indian TV Jodi by the UK-based newspaper Eastern Eye. Along with Vrushy, he also won the Indian Television Academy Award for best On Screen Couple. 

He was also nominated for the Indian Telly Jury Award for Best Choreographer (along with Macedon D'Mello, one of his best friend and crew mate) and for Asian Viewers Television Awards (AVTA) ; Male Actor of the Year for this role in Girls on Top, and for his role of Terry in Big F.

 He also featured in a short movie, something like love, and did several commercials  and gave star performances in many awards functions. He was also part of Dubai theme park, and is the first telly actor to launch his merchandise. 

In 2018, he appeared as the host of MTV India’s weekly episodic series ‘Love On The Run’, showcasing the crazy lives of couples who are madly in love and have a wall of society standing between them and also hosted  India's best Dramebaaz which later won the favorite non fiction show award at Zee Rishtey Awards. 

Shantanu judged the 11th season of Living Bombay Times Fresh Face auditions held at Ruia College, Mumbai. He did his 2nd music album, a single by Aditi Singh Sharma named "Aaja Mahi Ve" opposite Vrushika Mehta

Due to his influence on aspiring youth, IIMUN invited Shantanu to be one of the motivational speakers of IIMUN championship conference MUNCLAVE 2019 and he also won the Youth Icon in 2019. 

His third music video composed by Qaran and sung by Ash King on Sony Music India named "Haaye Oye" featuring Elli Avram opposite him, crossed 12 million views on YouTube within 2 weeks and has trended on different music platforms.

 He was last seen as Dr. Abir Basu in Altbalaji web series Medically Yours where he met Nityami who was his co-star.  And he was also the winner of Katron ke Khiladi 8(kkk8) which is the cherry on the cake! 

If you want to fangirl more about him you can read his wiki page here or simply google him.

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  • It is no surprise that Shantanu is a great dancer and the word great does not do justice to Shan's talent. 
  • Along with his dance crew Desi Hoppers, he was also invited to perform an exhibition act at the World of Dance 2017 finals in Los Angeles.
  •  The crew also went on to perform at Asian Battleground, a cross-national dance reality show shot in Malaysia. Among the twelve dance crews that participated in the competition, Desi Hoppers came 3rd in the showcase rankings and were a part of top 4 finalists that advanced for the face-off round.

  • Shantanu and  Desi Hoppers have been conducting dance workshops all over India under the name Street Mation in which they teach a fusion of street dance with animation.

  • Shantanu firmly believes that Dance isn't some competition, and everyone should celebrate dance.  When asked in an interview for JDJ, Shantanu said that he would love to have his own dance academy to teach underprivileged kids and promote dance in India.

Apart from being a world dancing champion that inspired many, he was also the finalist of JDJ9 and was one of the most strongest contenders of the show. You can watch all his JDJ performances here

He performed some epic acts on his debut show Dil Dosti dance also which you can watch below( Note: It's addictive!)

And if you are in mood for more: 

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Nityami is new to the industry and comes from Australia. Nityaami Shirke was born on 18-03-1994 in Vadodara in the state of Gujarat, India. She is an Indian Model, Television Personality & Theatre Actress. She holds a degree in neuroscience and also lived in New Zealand. 

She made her acting debut with Balaji's web series titled PM Selfiewaalie. After that, she was roped in for another Balaji's web series Medically Yours where she met Shantanu.

Shantanu Maheshwari has been a part of many Indian and international reality shows. However, this will be Nityaami's first experience on a reality show and the actress is nervous. "I am definitely nervous, as this is my first ever reality show and I don't know what to expect! But this will be a learning experience for me, so I am looking at it quite positively. And I have always loved dancing, and quite excited to get back to it with Shantanu this time."
The couple is prepping for the show with their choreographers, who are training them to get back into the groove, especially Nityaami who will be dancing after a long time.

When Shantanu was asked what tips he would like to give to Nityaami, he said, "I just keep telling Nityaami to enjoy herself while dancing and not feel any pressure, because at the end of the day we need to do justice to our act for the audiences to also enjoy it! Besides that, I just ensure that we both practice enough to get the steps and choreography right as well."

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Together they are known as ~Nishaan 

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I'm a private person and I like to keep things like that but now that I'm doing #nachbaliye, my relationship is out in open... So confirming that YES I'm dating @nityaami.shirke and we are in this 'like' phase of our relationship. We both never thought we would end up dating each other when we first met as my ek tarfa pyaar was still prevailing in my heart... and we hail from very different backgrounds, but somehow we connected.Nach Baliye was not something that was in picture but we both thought of exploring our relationship via this...good bad ugly - we dont know what will be the course of our journey...Yes, I know it's a big decision, don't know what to expect and how things will go... but hopefully we continue to enjoy and explore our relationship. Let's see where it takes us,"

This is for the first time when Shantanu who is generally tight-lipped about his personal life, has opened up on his love life.

Recently, in a chat with India Today Online, Shantanu Maheshwari and Nityaami Shirke revealed how they are prepping for Nach Baliye 9 and what made them fall for each other. Shantanu revealed that he was offered Nach Baliye before but he couldn't take it up as he wasn't in a relationship at that time. He said, "I have been offered Nach Baliye in the past, but I wasn't in a relationship back then so I never took it up. Though this time it accidentally slipped from my mouth that I am seeing someone, after which things just fell into place and Nityaami and I mutually decided to do the show. We also took this up because of our mutual love for dance, as well as to get to know each other better.

Both Shantanu and Nityaami were initially apprehensive to do the show but they said yes as they saw it as an opportunity to know each other better. "Initially we were both sceptical about doing it as we are very private people, but then we decided to take this opportunity to explore our relationship, as well as dance together which we both love doing," said Nityaami.

 Shantanu feels both he and Nityaami are fun and easy-going, which made them click. "It's honestly hard to describe how we fell for each other, but we are good friends, which is also how our relationship began. We are both fun, easy-going and chilled out individuals who are quite adventurous, and these qualities within made us click together right from the beginning," he added.


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Nishan Dance performances

Week one:

Dressed up as Don and IPS Officer in their stylish and sexy costumes, the couple showcased their oomph factor with the retro feel. Well in sync with each other, they put up a fantastic act with some amazing choreography, which not only got the judges grooving to their beats but the other contestants as well who were dancing along and cheering on them both!Judge Ahmed Khan who is known to be quite the taskmaster when it comes to dancing techniques, was highly impressed with their overall act, calling it a brilliant one! While Raveena Tandon loved how the two complimented each other with their chemistry and told the story of the act through their dance so well! She was even heard telling Shantanu that his energy was so good throughout the performance, that it seemed like he had springs in his legs. Adding in the freshness to the show with their cute budding love story, amazing youth appeal and dance moves which can get anybody moving and grooving, this couple is already a hot favorite out here

Week 2: 

Shanatanu Maheshwari, Nityaami Shirke

Shantanu dedicated this week's performance to Nityaami. The dancer-actor was inspired by her fighting spirit. "Inspite of her injury, Nityaami has put in so much effort into being part of this act. She went the extra mile for us and herself. In spite of the doctor not allowing her to dance, her spirit to keep fighting and not giving up just inspired me.".The couple vented out their emotions on Nach Baliye stage and hopes that they were able to connect with the audience. "The way Nityaami handled the overall pressure is commendable. So, it was very important for us to just vent out all of this on stage, to let out all the sad and depressing emotions we have been experiencing in these last couple of weeks. Though overall Nityaami's courage and determination to not give up on herself and us has just been so amazing, that this act was truly dedicated to her! We do hope that our act was able to connect with the audiences, as we did really vent it all out there, added Shantanu Maheshwari

.This act was quite emotional for me. I didn't hold back at all in regards with how I felt. I am infact not an over emotional person and don't cry easily, so this was definitely an act where all our emotions just came forward. Even the fact that this unfortunate incident happened right in the beginning, not giving me the opportunity to do as much as I wanted to, which did make me feel like I let down Shantanu and the team, who have never made me feel bad about this at all. So yes, I was genuienly very emotional through it all, and whatever came to me at that particular point in time, I just let it flow. And I know that people expected a lot more from of us, but I was physically only capable of doing that much, as I was advied to be on complete bed rest, but since I am not someone who gives up easily, I did whatever I could".

Week 3: 

If last week, Nishan made you cry, this week they made everyone cry with happiness and earned a HIFI. They managed to come up with a funny act and choreographed the act so smartly because Nityami danced on one foot only. This couple never gave up, and always kept going. 

Week 4: 

Image result for shantanu maheshwari and nityaami shirke nach baliye twitter

It was definitely a magical performance that deserved HIFI. Nityami still couldn't stand on her foot, but they creatively integrated Nityami in this act and she looked like an angel and complemented shan beautifully. It was a very cute aerial act and what shan did with silk was flawless, despite the fact that he has fear of heights and vertigo. Both Nityami and shan stepped out of their comfort zone and it was drop dead gorgeous especially that drop!

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