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Posted: 5 years ago

'I've apologized to Kane countless times'

One match-defining moment in the final became the center of controversy when the ball thrown in by a New Zealand fielder ricocheted off Stokes' bat and fetched the team an extra four runs as it trickled towards the boundary fence.

Stokes, who was crowned man of the match for his majestic 84 not out, later apologized for the freakish occurrence to Kane Williamson.

"In the last over when the ball hit the bat and went for four it's not exactly what you ask for," said Stokes.

"I've apologized to Kane countless times about that. It's not exactly how you want to do it.

Stokes then strolled out to bat once again during the Super Over, striking a valuable contribution of 8 runs.

"Moments like that is what you live for as a professional cricketer," he added.

"All the hard work over that four years to get here and we're champions of the world. It's an amazing feeling."

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Posted: 5 years ago

Originally posted by: EtherealRati

i agree kohli was devastated after india loss ....he was sad....shaken while kane williamson still wore a smile on face. Kane williamson is like dhoni in this aspect......he knows if he will be devastated....who willl handle the team....for them....he had a they can feel better. 

kohli was still ok, rohit sharma looked more shattered. actually the 7-3 was quite shocking to them i feel. And dhoni is different. he wouldnt smile like KW but he has a calmness to him but then if u remember he has cried both after the t20 world cup  and  the world cup win. so obviously the pressure gets to him after its over. Kohli is more animated . diff type of captain. 

its just KWscharacter i guess.some people are not that affected by a loss or win. zen type people

there is a saying na-dont get too happy in good times and dont get too sad in bad times

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Posted: 5 years ago

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Posted: 5 years ago

Originally posted by: EtherealRati

Waise i want to confirm something. Many people on twitter said that the ball on which dhoni was out was actually dead ball as more number of people were inside or outside in fielding in the powerplay and the umpire dint noticed. Is this true ? 

It was neither a dead ball nor an umpiring error, its was a broadcasting error which has been confirmed by many news portal (Including Indian) and the match commentary. 

Criticism on Guptill and his team for the loss cost to Indian Team should be stopped now. They played a fair game and won the match, luck didn't favored India as simple as that.