Sleet Of Emotional Quivers On RadhaKrishn Eternal Love-CC # 4

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       Sleet Of Emotional Quivers On RadhaKrishn Eternal Love-Chatting Corner

Sleet Of Emotional Quivers On RadhaKrishn Eternal Love-CC #2

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Posted: 1 years ago

Thank you Suta for this new thread :) 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Another beautiful episode with kans getting more and more agitated.

Its lovely to see the evil not getting sleep and roaming like a mad man ha ha ha. The faith of Devaki that one day her brother will get his due is bearing fruit now!! The waiting may be long but the time definitely comes when one pays for his deeds - good or bad.

And its more mesmerizing to see Narayan look at his soul so serenely. The divinity is spreading day by day. The happiness, peace, oneness is very intoxicating that we all are feeling equally in peace to see RK this happy!! Prakarti is also smiling along with them, she is too enjoying their easy laughter, their togetherness, their thoughtoneness. The way they are now dealing with each other will grow much more stronger that i guess she will start reading him and talking as Balram does.

Even if trouble comes their way (which will soon as all cannot be sweet all the time :) ) now it will be the time to see Radha standing with her Kanha I hope. Till now primarily Kanha has been the giver and now I guess we will see Radhe in that mode .... the mode where she equally starts giving and believing in her kanha with that firmness we saw in the first two episodes.

I am not predicting anything as I want to enjoy this playfulness, this joy, this oneness with RK. We will see what the writer has visioned for the future track. For now lets just enjoy the growth of love of our RadhaKrishna :)

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Posted: 1 years ago

there was a subtle feeling of melancholy or "sadness" for a lack of better word in Krishna's eyes when Radhe said "chupkar milna nahi hoga inhe" i think. I am not too sure .... it gave me a feeling that since Kanha knows the future he already knew what is to become as the fate of RK and hence he was feeling slightly sad plus he was filled with love for his Radhe!!

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Posted: 1 years ago

As I said in my other message, I felt a sadness from Krishna today.

He's happy, but he already knows that the curse will soon separate them, so it's starting to feel.

But that doesn't spoil our pleasure. The part where Radha says word for word what Krishna had said before really pleased me. The CV's are doing a good job for the moment so we have to enjoy them, not everything will remain calm.

We don't see any more Jatila and Ayan, that doesn't mean they've disappeared or died... (I wish I had) I think, after the wedding track, it'll start again. But we needed a break too much negativity from the beginning. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Today's episode was mixed between humour and romance.

Radha who tries to blackmail Krishna who sees her game well, but never refuses anything to her Radha, but ends up trapped in her own game. It was nice to see.

And then Balram, the poor man. He really never thinks before he talks. He still traps himself, but waits for Kanha to save him again and again from

The episode was really for Balram today.

The romance with the garland of flowers was at the end so apart from getting lost in the eyes, it was very short.

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Posted: 1 years ago

My naivety or my foolishness that I thought Radhe will already understand the importance of "hum" and state that to Chandravali and Balram through  this challenge, however I guess Radhe cannot transform completely to being our divine Radhe in nature in a day and that is logical i think to show. People cannot transform in a day's time :)

So we have got a pure Radha, yes, but now she has to learn actually the meaning of that hum factor, she has to learn to believe Kanha no matter what (even though today's non belief maybe because she wanted to stop him from going to Ballu), and she has to learn to give, learn the true meaning of "being in love".

She has started her steps in that direction but still a long way to go and the first good thing is that she took in that golokh scene well today. I hope slowly she will start pondering as am sure Kanha will show her the scene more and more as that last sutra will invoke her memory.

I want the scenes back wherein last instances she would have done it unwillingly but now she does it very willingly with Kanha, such as sitting on a jhula again and giving him bhog - some pooja occasion OR Kanha killing an asur and she witnessing it and believing it this time, coming to know that Kanha is Narayan swaroop??

Kanha definitely knew what she is doing and he helped both the parties in a way today which was his nature. Outcome will be shown tomorrow and I am thinking the actual Raas or rather the full Rass will be shown on Sat.

I am not going to say about Kans as anyways he will get his due no matter what. Its to be seen what he sends next as a challenge to RK and this time how Radha reacts or helps as it has to be different from now on if they want to move forward with her character progression.

If kanha has said that this is the right time to teach love then I will say this is the preparation stage wherein before they actually start to do that, he will ensure Radha is ready. Again hoping the best from the writer as its imp to see whats the way forward for our RK from his perspective!!

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Posted: 1 years ago

In SBD they showed Krishn was going to show Radha his vishwa roop .

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