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Hello Everyone,

This is a short & basic tutorial/guide for us to navigate the site better. Anyone who is having troubles with finding things or other issues please drop your questions. Thanks a lot for your patience.

(NB: Remember this is not for bugs or errors. Hence feel free to question about any feature, option which is currently available..
Signature, My profile editing, Display picture editing these are some issues currently being worked upon...When there's any update, information about these features will be added as well...)

This is the topic list you will find below :

1. Forum homepage labels

2. Finding 'my posts',& Dashboard

3. How to find a forum

4. To add a forum in your favorite list & Quickly find it 

5. To change Subject of your thread/topic

6. Search Options

7. Searching in a fixed forum (Limit Search) 

8. Page Jump

9. Post count & Quick popup for sending PMs & Viewing profile

10. How See other member’s post 

11. How to send friend request

12. How To send Private messages

13. Save drafts & locating them

14. Watchlist / Watched topic

15. Some quick Shortcuts during writing a post 

16. Find Quick Post links under “My Posts”

17. Filter Forums under "My Posts" 

18. Using Multiple tags for new topic

19. Dashboard Features

20. How to Add System/Built-in emojis/emoticons

21. How to Add Pictures

22. How to add/embed hyperlinks into text/names

23. All about commenting on celebrity profiles

24. New Features

Now Scroll down for detailed information!!

Forum homepage labels

Finding 'my posts',& Dashboard  Click on your profile picture and you will find “My Posts” section same as before. If you click on your profile name it will take you to your dashboard.

How to find a forum

>> Click on Forum bar on the top menu >> Set the channel which your favorite show telecast on>> Select the show from the list of shows

Even at the very bottom of every page, you can find this shortcut, same as the previous layout.

(Desktop version for mobile users: You will find that option in your browser itself. Nowadays almost every phone browser has this feature.)

To add a forum in your favorite list & Quickly find it 

Press the heart-shaped button >> Follow and you will see a popup indicating that forum has been added to your favorites. 

You can find any forum you follow very quickly on the top profile menu >> Click My forums and select your favorite forum from the list>> It will redirect you to your favorite forum

To change Subject of your thread/topic 

You can find the subject editing option on the top, right after your thread title there is this setting icon >> Click on it and you can now change the titles like before.

Search Options

You can find the search bar at the very top of the page, just under your profile picture. This one is for universal searching. For searching the categories are divided into Article,Movies, Shows(forums), Videos, galleries, People, Topic(Thread searching under any forum).

Fanfiction lovers need to set this option to "topic" and they can search for their favorite fiction/stories...

Searching in a fixed forum (Limit Search) : Go to your desirable forum. 

Use this white background search option adjoined with your forum's title (Not the top violet one)

And the search results would be now limited to your forum.

Now let's see some common issues, 

Page jump > See this: 

Do you see that red number indicating in which page you are? if you click that you will have the cursor just like the old version and then put your desired page number then press go.

Post count & Quick popup for sending PMs & Viewing profile

Hover your mouse over any profile or click on it and you will be able to see it.

To See other member’s post > Click on their profile picture >> 


Click on the post count number(That red numeric value is now clickable) >> You will be redirected to their posts.

To send friend request> Click or mouse hover on any profile >> View profile>> Add buddy

(This works on desktop currently so if you are on phone change your view to Desktop site you will be able to add friends)

To send Private messages 

Method 1 : Hover your mouse on any profile picture>> Click on Message, type your message and send!

Method 2 : Click on the message icon from the top >> Click on "New message" 

Enter the name of the member/buddy you want to pm >> 

Type your subject and rest of the message then click send!

To Save drafts & locating them>After typing now we can save it as drafts by simply clicking Save drafts. To find the drafts, click on your own profile>> Left middle you will see Dashboard, Newsfeed etc, and there at the bottom, you will find Drafts

For phone users, Click on My post>> Do you see a black arrow on the right side? Just above the eye icon? Click it >> You will find drafts

Watchlist / Watched topic> Similar to bookmarking the threads you frequently visit. To add a topic on your watchlist simply click on "Watch" button which is found on every Topic/Thread above the title. 


? Some quick Shortcuts during writing a post ?

CTRL+ B makes your selected text bold

CTRL+ I makes your selected text italic

CTRL+ U makes your selected text underlined

CTRL + / (forward slash) Will start an ordered list

CTRL + . (period) Will start an unordered list with bullets

'Post Option' features 

Post option has a total of three features. (All 3 visible at your own posts and 2 for other member's post.)

1. Report ? Click this and submit your report when someone is harassing you/Breaking forum rules or using abusive language.

2. Edit? By clicking this you can edit your comment. (This option is only available to your own posts.)

3. Link ? This is for copying/Sharing specific links. Very useful feature. Check the hyperlink section for more information.

To find Quick Post links under “My Posts”

Click the arrow to expand the list from “My posts”

To Filter Forums under "My Posts" 

Forum filtering is back along with chronological order!! (7th May update)

If you have commented on multiple forums, there's an easy way to filter the posts and only see posts from any specific forum.

Go to My post> You can see the different forum tags embedded in blue with a forward arrow key>> Press the forum Name>> Now you can see all your posts on that particular selected forum.

By pressing the Blue arrow you will be redirected to Forum instead.

Using Multiple tags for new topic :

Please notice that on the "Tags" section now you can add multiple tags as well

If you tag any other celebrity or forum then your topic will be visible under those forums as well...This is a new feature that IndiaForums has introduced & it's very handy while saves a lot of time. Now we won't be needing to post the same thing into multiple times. Simply tag and you are done. 

Dashboard Features

1. Newsfeed : You will find news/articles about the celebrities, movies that you have kept in your favorite list. *NEW*

2. Profile : Member profile containing basic data

3. Scrapbook : Quick msgs forum members post on one’s wall/dashboard

4. Slambook : Slambook.

5.Testimonials : Testimonials from members.

6. My Posts : Threads where one have commented/created posts.

7. Watched Topics : Topics which you have marked in your watchlist.

8. Messages : Private message menu with expanding options. Contains > Inbox, Outbox, Unread, To create new message

9. Favorites : Forum, People(Celebs), Movies you have put in your favorites by pressing the heart button. *NEW*

10. Friends : Friendlist. (Work is under progress)

11. Drafts : When you type any post you can now create drafts of those typing data & find them here under your dashboard. It’s only visible to you. *New*

How to Add System/Built-in emojis/emoticons > See this Post https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/topic/5087524

How to Add Pictures > See this Post


How to add/embed hyperlinks into text/names> See this Embedding Hyperlinks inside Text

All about commenting on celebrity profiles > Click > How to Comment On the Favorite Celebrity's profile

Redefined & New features :

Save Drafts , Notifications, Favorites, Rating for the Movies, 

Multi-Lingual Support: Now Indiaforums supporting multi-languages. Same as built-in emojis if your keyboard layout supports any secondary language input such as Bangali/hindi/Punjabi then those can be written on the forum as well. However, it is suggested to write in English as it's international & better for communication with a vast range of international audience.

So this is it for now...Will add more with time and new features as bugs are getting rectified...


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Posted: 1 years ago

great initiative Iptida! smiley20

much appreciative!  this was much needed! smiley1

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Posted: 1 years ago

Wow! This is much needed. Get one of the mods to sticky it so it doesn’t get lost amongst other threads. 👍🏽

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Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by Preeti.xo

Wow! This is much needed. Get one of the mods to sticky it so it doesn’t get lost amongst other threads. 👍🏽

It is in the sticky, isn't it??
Thanks, and please share with anyone who might be facing these issues.

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Posted: 1 years ago

Thank you for making this tutorial. Very useful & handy. Appreciate your efforts. 👍. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by khwaishfan

great initiative Iptida! smiley20

much appreciative!  this was much needed! smiley1

Thank you so much sweetie..Please remind me more topics if I have missed any..

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Posted: 1 years ago

this really helps! thanks 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Nice tutorial dear

Most features you mention work fine for me but newsfeed has random celebrities not celebrities I like

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