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Let me tell you a story of two Girls... two Sisters ...

Drishti- Born eldest by one minute she is Divi's First friend & Second Mom. If you had to personally describe her you could say she was Responsible, Sassy, Brave etc etc & her younger sibling Divya- Mischievous, Spunky, Smart D! Her Drishti di's Best Friend in the whole wide world... the only one who could make her laugh & catch her tears.. Both lived for the other. D&D two halves of a whole & between them a secret, two special gifts. Mahadev's boon which became their curse... Drishti could see the future while Divya could change said future. 

Their once peaceful lives were shattered by Pisaachini !!!

A fiendish bloodthirsty She-Devil ! Her reputation precedes her... The Empress of Dark of Arts she had in her possession Tatva (power over Earth's 5 Elements) & Mayavi ( Mind control & Ilusion) Ratna making her the most powerful being in this Universe. The only thing standing in her way to achieving "True Immortality" is Kaal Vijay Ratna ! The most powerful of the 3 Ratna's should it fall into her hands our world would be destroyed. The clue to stopping this catastrophe lies in Guruji's Prophecy...

Good or bad, no matter what happens will take place at midnight on full moon's night. That night will be scary & dangerous. Lost ones will be found on that night...But this whole universe can only be protected when they meet the one who is my blood or my heir. When all three powers unite only then this mystery will be revealed.

Separated as kids, unaware of each other's existence as adults. This is a heartwrenching tale of two lost sisters about to be reunited with danger close at their heels !! Together with Guruji's blood/heir they stand as the last defence against the destruction of our Earth !!

But that's not all this show has to offer !! To entertain us the makers mixed in a lot of chattpata tadka to this deeply dramatic tale making DD truly a Fan Favourite Clap Be it P's hilarious antics; Drikshit/Shivya's Passionate Chemistry; Soul stirring Tracks; Sweet Sisterly Bond; Meme Worthy Pics; Glam Wardrobes including the funky Druzy Stone Ratna Necklace; Lavish sets, Shikhar's Wisecracks; # Catchy Nicknames; Bichoo's  inner Kjo'ness; not to forget our adorable Mithai Girls & so much more...

To celebrate DD I've made the Media Gallery Thread. Simply put you can store all your Past/Current FF's Vm's etc right here on pg 1. Let your imagination run wild ! Here you can post Stories even Meme ones, Poems, Rap, Songs, articles/reviews or even post Creative Vids. Whatever gets your creative juices flowing!

Simply post the links of your FF/SS/OS/PY/VID in the comments section & i shall update it in the thread.


Rules For Posting 

1) When you post don't forget to state whether your work is an FF, SS, OS or PY. This makes it easy for me to categorise your work.

2) Please provide a clickable link if possible so that it's convenient for me to post. 

3) For FF/SS clearly mention if it is an ongoing one or a completed one.

4) Make sure to update me if your work is put On-Hold.

5) VM's & other Creative Mixes will be posted here too. Again you need to give me a working link. 


permission for this thread taken from jyoti06 
credit for creations Alena known to all as Aly
Aly's creation FB link  
on insta: lovlyy.aly 
Twitter: alycraziness 


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For One-Shots/Two-Shots
Link of the work:

For Poems
Link of the work:

For Short-Stories
Link to the work: 
Short summary (In 5-10 lines):

For Fan-Fictions
Link to the work:
Short summary (In 5 - 10 lines):

For Video-Mixes & Others 
Name of the Song/ Title:
Maker/ Source:
Link of the video:

For Contest
Link of the work:

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One-Shots/Two-Shots(OS)= Post 4

Poetry Corner(PY)= Post 5

Short-Stories(SS)= Post 6

Fan-Fictions(FF)= Post 7

DD Music Store = Post 8

DD OS Contest(DOS)= Post 9

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One - Shots/Two-Shots : : OS
(Also other creative forms will be accepted here - Meme stories, Journals, Satire etc)

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Poetry Corner : : PY
(Tercet, Haiku, Limericks, Rap, Songs etc. whichever form you feel comfortable with)

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Short-Stories : : SS
(Flash Fiction, 3-Shots, Drabbles etc also accepted here)

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Fan-Fictions : : FF
(Fusion/Crossover, Fix-Fic, Hurt/comfort , Shipping, Self-insert, Song-fic etc choose your style)

Title : Prey and Predator

Type : FanFiction  

Author : EmotionsinInk

Summary :  Shikar's always though of himself as a Predator , for now Divya's the Prey in his sights. After that dance though , he's no longer sure of anything. 

Link:    Prey and Predator

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Listen,Download,Watch Videos anytime anywhere

Video- Mixes : : VM 

(Credit: Makers & Uploaders not of IF ) 


Dil Ka Dariya - I by BlueJasmine2.0

Dil ka Dariya - II by BlueJasmine2.0

 Mere Naam Tu  by Serena Rana

Oh Mama Oh La  by Nad Z

Other Creative Videos : : CV

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