Well-done Naksh-Kirti, Kartik DESERVED More than just a SLAP

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Posted: 2019-02-09T02:33:10Z
I still do not trust Rajan shahi and creatives because they are blind in their love for Naira and Kartik but yesterday's episode, which I watched after months was a GOOD one.
- Well Done Naksh-Kirti for the FINAL Confrontation to Selfish Kartik.

- Well-done Naksh for SLAPPING Kartik. He DESERVES so much more!!!! 

- Welldone Kirti to BREAK RISHTA(relationship) with Kartik. He deserves that totally. 


- NOT EVEN that silly excuse that Kartik has not done anything with criminal mind. It does NOT change the fact that Kartik is a Criminal. Sabse bada dhoka toh usne apne behen, aur biwi k saath Kiya hai!! 

- Not sure about rumors of Naira losing memory but I don't think that track is realistic. But creatives have anyway destroyed YRKKH with this stupid Baby Swap track. So now anything can be seen in this show. RIP original YRKKH. Well done Rajan shahi for killing original YRKKH. Welcome a criminal hero Kartik to the show. Nothing can erase this from YRKKH history now. Creatives went ahead and stooped so low just for the sake of TRP!! Shame shame.

I feel bad for Mohsin who has to go through bashing but Kartik's character deserves it and so much more!!!!

This is coming from the viewer who has seen this show from it's inception, from day one. Loved characters of Naitik Akshara and started accepting Naksh, Naira, Kartik and Kirti  with affection after Naitik Akshara left. 

But LOST all love and respect for Kartik. It will NEVER comeback. Creatives has trashed Kartik in a great way. Clap He has not only done a CRIME but a sin!! He can't be hero now. Even though howmuchever creatives and people try to white wash his character, the fact will remain strong that Kartik did baby swap for his selfish reasons!!!!

That's all. For now. Never watched this show for actors but always for the story mostly. No offense to anyone but with open eyes, truth can be seen clearly. 

I feel bad for Naira, Kirti and Naksh. The trauma they have to go through. And anyway one day truth would have been out, so Kartik's act was WORTHLESS. 

Now let's hope that Naira gives Baby back to Kirti, where it belongs. Good that Kirti will not have any telattelatrelatiowith Kartik now. No words can justify his action, not now, not ever.

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Posted: 2019-02-09T07:38:21Z
I understand your pov.. the cvs have completely lost the legacy they created..the show is against everything they say they stand for.. there's no positivity, optimism or pure relations..
And now I see them going gul khan's way, create a spin off and leave the original that bought you so much fame and money to fate...Now they are cashing the show for what it's worth and taking the storyline and character growth to its lowest..

I would love to watch it's spin off coz no one can do arrange marriages and happiness like RS but they need to keep a check over what the cvs are writing, if it's going along with the character sketch or not???
Posted: 2019-02-09T09:32:35Z
From now on I'm not even going to waste my time talking about him. I will just fastforward his scenes. (that is if there is anything left to watch)

I too have watched this show from day one and have watched the quality of the tracks disintegrate.

My only reason to continue watching is the new Naksh. I like the new pairing though they don't get much importance in the show. Edited by rose2015 - 2019-02-09T09:37:39Z
Posted: 2019-02-09T18:11:24Z
Word to your post, Dev! Approve
Posted: 2019-02-11T09:11:12Z
What death? Don't worry naira is going to get memory loss where she won't identify him as her husband, perhaps for a long time. What's worse than that? oh wait he already lost his baby too. 
I also watched a flashback where the nurse was pushing him to do all that when he was in shock. Did she take away their baby? He doesn't not know what he's doing when he's in trauma. I didn't watch earlier episodes.

I don't think blind hatred is good just bcos ur favt couple is no longer leading the show. The show is success the way it is always bcos of the direction more than anything. Just bcos Hina Khan believes otherwise doesn't make it true. 

I also watched a flashback where the nurse was pushing him to do all that when he was in shock. Did she take away their baby? He doesn't not know what he's doing when he's in trauma. I didn't watch earlier episodes. Karthik is immature, stupid, both r too young to become parents.

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Posted: 2019-02-12T00:03:45Z
I don't also get the fact why was Kartik so surprised to see the baby with naksh and Kirti?? He was like naira ne baccha de Diya? He was expecting the baby would stay with naira!
Posted: 2019-02-12T15:39:33Z
I watched the episode and I must say that Kartik really had no remorse on what he did to Keesh or family, but felt sad only for Naira. To me, he felt sorry he got caught!
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