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Posted: 2 years ago

Welcome to


The Member of the Week #1


The Member of the Week, or the MOTW in short is on the hot seat for the week, and you get to ask them various questions that they'll answer!


This week we have in spotlight our very own- the Naaz of IF,


aka Lianaa!

She's been around for a whopping 9 years and has left her mark in almost every genre of graphic that there is on IF! ShockedShockedShocked

Right from siggies and banners right up to PSDs and VMs, the girl's done it all! Approve

Here's a glimpse to her work here on IF:

Graphic Gallery: LianaDesign#10
Tutorial Gallery: LianaTutorials

So without an ado, we'll hop over to the interview section right in the next post! Big smile
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Posted: 2 years ago
So, what made you choose graphic designing as a mode of expression of your creativity? Big smile

I like to show what's on my mind with a little creativity.
LOL I love to design/create what I want/like to in a way I want/like to. There are so many ways to create something that is incredibly surprising. There are soo many ways I know but still I feel like I lack of knowledge.

That's a pretty unique approach to it! Here as you mentioned you have forayed into a variety of styles in graphic designing and would lile to learn more. Is there a specific style you have your eyes on?Big smile

Yes! I am interested in 2 things the most! Mostly I am interested in Typography. I love testing many fonts, changing the sizes and colours.. I sometimes even kinda drown with Typography. For example I wrote down my favourite singers and placed/designed them so it looks like a headphone. (I can show you the picture if you like to).

And my second favourite style is taking pictures of something I like to. My life is about taking pictures LOL. I love to take pictures and edit them with many different colors and styles. I love creating PSDs and using them whenever I need it. I already created more than 50 PSDs and posted them. Nowadays I dont post them but still I love editing picutures in Photoshop and design typography in Illustrator.:)

That's really impressive. We would sure like to see your works on typography! So, what made you choose India-Forums as your platform, and how's your journey been so far?

Thanks. My hobby is actually creating (mostly) animated and non animated siggies. They are actually irrelevant for my future job. I only learned how to work with programs. When I am now in a marketing office I realized that I know too many things and can work with those programs almost like a person who studied this. I also realized that my hobby isn't just a hobby but also my passion! I thought once I start working in this job I will forget my hobby and will get tired of this but no! I was wrong. Once I am back home after working 8 hours with Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design I create animated siggies at home for like 2 hours LOL I love this site! It is really nice and useful for posting your creations as it allows us to post animated creations as well. This is really important to me as I mostly post animated creations. People here can express their feelings and reactions on my creations easier than on any other website. I am very lucky that I found this site and could meet lovely people. Heart I found this site when I was younger. I guess I was 12-14 years old. So, I was only a beginner and didn't have much experience. I learned so many things on this site. Their are helpful tutorials and lovely people who answer your every question and are ready to help you with your problems.

Wow! You've been in the business so long! Not many people get to have their hobby as their job. I'm really jealous of you now! LOL So do you have any hobbies, apart from graphic designing of course, that you'd like to share with us?

Hhaha. I am not working officially as a graphic designer yet but I want to study that soon. Wish me luck. Big smile

What if I say I don't have any other hobbies than designing?LOL Well, I am too busy creating stuffs and don't get time to do something else.LOL

Oh that's fine as well. I'm sure you'll do great as a designer. Speaking of which, while designing what do you usually draw inspiration from?

My inspiration is actually everything I see. Before I do something I sometimes check on the internet what others did on this theme and so I decide what I want to do but mostly I keep changing my mind while creating. LOL So I can't really tell who and what is my inspiration.

Wow. That's good attitude- drawing inspiration from entirety of the world. Now, as we've reached the end of our interview, what message would you like to leave for our members and other aspiring graphicers on the go? 

I would like to say: Never stop dreaming and never give up your dream! Yes! Becoming a graphic designer is my dream and I'll do everything to fulfill my dream. It's been already 5 years I wanted to be a graphic designer and got rejected already in 2 universities (but applied only for 2). But I never gave up my motivation. Instead of giving up I got more motivated to do more and more - to get better and better.

Thank you for the interview EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Woah that's some grit hun. Well, it was amazing talking to you and I wish you infinite luck for all your future endeavours. Stay happy always! Big smile
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Posted: 2 years ago
Congratulations Naz Clap
Posted: 2 years ago
Congrats Naz! Let me come back and grill you ):
Posted: 2 years ago
Congo Songo DearParty
Pro sahi edit chuna hai ;)

Posted: 2 years ago
Oh woww!! I am flattered Embarrassed This is really beautiful. Very sweet of you and lovely thread by the way. All pink omg!! Day Dreaming Have you designed it because you know I love pink or just randomly used it?LOL I love it!! Day Dreaming Loved the animated pink siggy Blushing I am soo shocked. I would never assume that I will be the very first Member of the month. This is so out of the world. Blushing
Btw is it Member of the WEEK or MONTH? I thought it is for whole month. Geek

And thank you everyone else here for the sweet wishes. Hug

I am not ready for the questions but Stern Smile Just kidding.. just ask! ROFL
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Posted: 2 years ago
Congrats NazParty
May your future always shine Thumbs Up

Posted: 2 years ago
unresed hihi Dancing
Thanks once again guys! Heart

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