Anup Jalota does not have the courage to accept his relationship

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Posted: 5 years ago
Anup Jalota does not have the courage to accept his relationship and face society's judgments which is why he is denying this relationship. But, Jasleen is BRAVE enough to say that, Anup is important to her.

Jasleen has always shown affection for him not buy words, but through actions, she has always claimed this relationship to be mature and she has already said on the first day that, I am ready to face all the questions by the society.

On the other hand, Anup has a habit of putting Jaslene under the bus and making her look bad while saving himself form any questions of people. He wants Jasleen to look like the bad one and him the innocent one.

Anup just wants to save himself form any questions form Jasleen's family especially her father which is why he putted the entire blame on Jasleen.Anup is claiming that, Jaslene used him for being part of the show which is not true, but why did he agree to fool people.

If Jasleen is wrong if he claims her to be, then he also participated in this lie, he is also equally responsible for making a fake lovestory and presenting wrong information to the viewers.

Two wrongs don't make a right, he could have refused to be a part of this show if they were not dating eachother, but Anup does not have the SPINE to own up to his relationship.

Jaslene had the perfect opportunity to be in a relationship with other people, but she chose to maintain her dignity and loyalty.

Anup seriously needs to stop insulting Jasleen and pointing out on her character all of the time, it speaks more about his coward behavior than her to be honest.
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Posted: 5 years ago
I believe Anup and not Jasleen 
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Posted: 5 years ago
Both know that they r using each other .both r fake .now anupji I out of the game so trying to wash his image ..