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Noce part maan took geet out so she will be relax finally they r gpong back to home
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Mine Only Mine
Part. 41. 

Few day went like this Geet was enjoying her time with Maan also with that she talk with her parents also with his who were happy seeing her glow face not only that Vicky tease her in front of her laws which her more shy but with Maan glare he stop doing that, with that she talk with with her sister also Anurag but she avoid talking to Rahul so just she send him message that she is busy. Today they both were shopping now Geet was look at Maan who come back and seeing him she gave him baby glare and turn her face as she did he shake his head because of her mood swings then he ask her.

M. What happen Geet why are you making faces (listening to this tears come in her eyes and she said.

G. You left me I got scared (Maan look at her and he understand her trauma as tonight they are going back also she had to back to Malik mansion, he cupped her face and said her.

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M. So what if I went away but in end always remember that we will be together always (saying this he kiss on her forehead then said her) so tell me I should give these  gifts to everyone or after few days we will give together (Geet look at him and said him.

G. We will give together (Maan smile nodded his head also smile at her cute face also control to laugh at her as she will immediately start crying due to her pregnancy hormones. Maan look at her then he said her.

M. Ok fine so now come and we will leave to airport but before that we back to cottage where you have to take rest and I will do packing (before she say Maan said her) no more argument (Geet nodded her head while making baby face then they went to their cottage where Maan saw her playing with with her finger and said him.

G. Maan Jii (Maan look at her as he did she lower her eyes and said him) I don't want to go please (he come and sit with her and said her.

M. Geet we have discussed about this (then cupping her face he said her) just few days I promise you that before dad birthday you will be back to your own house (Geet hug him and ask him.

G. Sachii (Maan give her small smile then said her.

M. Muchii but now you take rest (she slept hugging him. 

It was late night when their plan landed and Geet open her eyes then she turn her face to other side where she clear her eyes also controlled herself then holding Maan hand they both come out, they both turn to another side where Geet saw Rahul was standing with Saumya where they come near her also Saumya hug her then said her.

S. Thank god Geet you are back as your husband was missing you (Geet didn't like this nor she smile but then saumya saw someone and said) o my god (saying this she away also Rahul and Geet went behind but what she saw said that Geet didn't like as she Saumya was trying to touch Maan and when Maan saw Rahul with Geet he fisted his finger but their trance was broken by Saumya who said) Rahul do you know I am his fan as he is big businessman MSK (Rahul shake his hand with Maan and ask him.

R. Hello Mr. Khurana (Maan nodded his head and then Saumya ask him.

S. Rahul so you know him (Rahul give her small smile then said her.

R. Yes his sister Annie is my brother Arjun wife (but then looking at Maan he ask her) Mr. Khurana you are back after completing your professional work (after listening to to him Maan smirk then looking at Geet he said.

M. No it was personal work (then he said looking at Rahul) sorry I need to leave as it's late (Rahul nodded his head and then last time looking at Geet, Maan left and Geet also look at him then left with Rahul but she didn't know Maan kept looking at her from another side until she was out of his side. Geet enter in house she met everyone but then left to her room where like always she slept on sofa and Rahul also saw this, he want to talk with her but seeing her tired face he kept his thought aside. 

Ridhima look at her sister who was looking happy and little fresh also she was happy seeing her like this and pray to god that she always remain happy but something was confusing her that was Geet behaviour as one time she need something but another time she didn't want, thinking of this she was going mad and thinking of this she kept hand on her stomach where she felt some movement she there something stick her mind she pick up the phone and call someone, after few minutes Annie, Heer and Kaskish were in her room but then Kaskish ask her.

K. Ridhima will you tell me why you call me here you know I got scared if something happen to you and I also drive little fast while having Arush with me (Kaskish and Sujal had baby boy Arush who is 3 months old) also you know if Sujal will know about this then he will kill me (listening to her Ridhimaa giggle and said her.

R. Sorry bhabhi but I need to tell you all something I am 99% sure but still 1% I need to confirm (Heer look at her then ask her.

H. Ridhima don't talk in riddles just tell what happen I mean what are you going to say (Ridhimaa give her big smile and all were confused seeing her like this.

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Related image

Saumya is Raul friend and doctor 
She and her family save him 
She is sweet and nice girl but some where she like Rahul and whens she know he is married so for him she is happy and now think of him as friend. 
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Thank you friends who like & commented on previous part 
Enjoy the update 
Thank youSmileSmile
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Loved the update.
Maan n Geet spent good time together.
Maaneet back from their holiday. Thanks for clarifying the character of Saumya.
Girls get to know of Geet's pregnancy.
Waiting for next.
Update soon.
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Day by day story is going very interesting
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thanks for pm dear
amazing update
Geet's mood swings giving Maan a hard time but he knows how to handle her wifey Geet doesn't want to go back but Maan promised her to get her soon .
waiting for next
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Nice update

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