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I'm sorry I couldn't update my ss Mon amour. So I wrote this to compensate, hope you'll like it. Also here, anupre are a litttle bit closer than they are on the show. 
"Look at her bhai, she looks like she doesn't want to be here. What happened? Is she sad that her family is angry with her choice?", Tapur quizzed Anurag. 
Anurag just looked at Prerna unable to say anything back. 
" Tapur, it happens, she chose a rich guy who happens to be older. Her family is upset. But I'm sure they'll get over it when they'll get those lavish gifts in fact... ", anupam faltered when Anurag gave him a death glare. 
"anupam I'm telling you for the last time, if say anything remotely similar to this about her... ", Anurag stopped when he realized he was threatening his own brother in law. Something so out of character for him. It's Prerna. It's just her. She does something to him,  he's willing to do things he's never done...just for her. Anupam and Tapur give each other quizzical glances as if asking what happened to him. Both look bewildered. 
Anurag tries to get the reigns of the situation back before it gets out of hand and nivedita gets upset. 
"look anupam all I'm saying is Prerna is not a gold digger. Not even close. I know her. You've got it all wrong about her. " anupam stands embarrassed. 
"Bhai I'm sorry from Jiju's side. I know Prerna di is your friend. You know her better. I'm sorry too, " Tapur says concerned for yet brother. 
"No need to be sorry Tapur but we need not to talk about anyone's personal choices. They have a right to choose for themselves.", Anurag says safely, seeing the glint in Tapur's doe shaped eyes. 
Anupam leaves and a laughter fills the room and Anurag visibly stiffens. 
"Babbyy...i missed you. You look so beautiful. Badi Didi, Dekha meri choice. Ab har Koi mujhse jealous hoga.", Naveen says when he sits beside Prerna and clutches her shoulders tightly. 
Prerna shifts uncomfortably and Anurag holds himself back while forming his hands into tight fists. He's disgusted by the vile look in Naveen's eyes. He proceeds to get him off Prerna when he is stopped by Mohini. "Anu, what are you doing? ", she questiones him. 
" Woh mom, I had to talk to Naveen babu over an important issue", Anurag lies. 
" Now is not the time Anu, we have the ceremony starting. Later. ", Mohini says in a final tone. 
Anurag defeatedly stands there when his eyes meet Prerna.  She avoids his gaze as if almost afraid he would see through her lies. But stares right back with vulnerability when Naveen's touch becomes too much to handle. Tapur, having noticed all the scenario, gleams wickedly and says, " Naveen babu, for a 48 year old, you are quite hormonal. We have a holy ritual going on,  let her go for a moment ". Naveen looks embarrassed for a moment and tries to laugh it off but retreats when he sees everyone eyeing him. Mohini chides Tapur but she pays no heed. She instead looks at Anurag, him giving her a grateful look. Tapur and Prerna smile at each other in a mutual understanding. 

The Aashirwaad ceremony proceeds, now was the time for photographs. Anurag's blood boils when he looks at Naveen holding Prerna again. Now even Tapur can't help him. frustrated he decides to leave and head to his room. When he reaches the stairs behind the stage,  he hears people mumbling. 
"listen Prerna you're mine, now smile. I won you. I paid your family's loan and didn't even tell them. Isn't it why your marrying me?  For compromise. But don't be under any impression that I won't make you mine in every way. ", Naveen's hands tightens on Prerna's waist, away from everyone's eyes and he has trouble containing his anger. He sees Prerna shudder when some high-class housewives talk to her in a condescending tone laced with brutal words. Things get worse when his mother joins in accompanied by some low-toned remarks by her own family. 
Suddenly Anurag wanted to punch something. 
The truth hit him like a truck. He was right all along and much to his dismay, they all were practically harassing her. Suddenly without any notice, Naveen roughly pulls Prerna to the dance floor with a bottle of whiskey in his other hand, constantly drinking. 
He spins Prerna and she loses her footing. Anurag jerks in motion, to help her up when Tapur stops her. 
"Bhai..." She didn't need to say anything more. 
Tapur marches upto the dance floor . She moves swiftly on the dance floor, and steps in between Naveen and Prerna. She places Prerna's sari where Naveen rumpled it. Naveen is too busy dancing to notice now when he's too intoxicated. Tapur breaks into a sudden move and purposely pushes Naveen and he falls straight to the floor. 
Everyone rushes to him when Prerna stops Mohini and makes an excuse to be in her room. 
Prerna, runs to the guest room, trying to unsuccessfully hold her tears. She can't handle  it anymore. Everyone was blaming her. Accusing her of being a gold digger. A part of her wanted to scream out the truth, the other part knew she had to stay quiet for her parents sake and on top of that Anurag. That infuriating man. She couldn't help but be exhausted and enamored by him at the same time. She's exhausted by giving him excuses and holding onto the truth. At times,  she wanted to tell him because he was so genuinely worried, it touched her greatly. 
He was enamouring no doubt, never has she seen a man so respectful and honorable. He treats everyone right, the woman who would have him would be lucky. But her life is bound to be miserable. Because she chose it to be. The way Naveen touched her, she felt disgusted. He had no shame. He made her feel like an object, the worse thing a man can to do a woman. Suddenly all of it rushed back to her and she ran with all her might to the guest room sobbing, when suddenly she was pulled into a room with a hand on mouth. The fear in her eyes evaporated when she saw Anurag. 
"Anurag? What are you doing here?  You scared the shit outta me!", Prerna nervously exclaimed in a single breath. 
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Part 2
Prerna looked at Anurag expecting an answer but he just seemed to stare at her. Slowly he reached out and wiped her tears. After what felt like an eternity, he spoke, 
" Prerna now I know. I was right all along. 
You're marrying him just for compromise. You
Don't love him. Prerna please I beg you, let
Me take care of his for you. Please. I swear I'll 
Do you right. Nobody would blame you and I'll 
Shut everyone's mouth. No one will hurt you. 
I promise. Just please let me do this", Anurag 
Spoke as he held her face in his palms. 
Prerna was too stunned to say anything. She felt something
Crash and burn inside her. Just how different people can be? 
One look at Anurag and she feels safe. This should happen 
With the person she's marrying but it doesn't. Naveen  just disgusts Her. He deserves no woman, that creep!
As if on cue, everything rushes back to her mind and she 
Involuntary clutches Anurag's sides for comfort and she suddenly couldn't hold back her sobs.
Anurag realizes now is not the time to talk to Prerna about what should they do next 
But to comfort her. She's been in it alone
And she doesn't have anyone who understands her situation other than him. 
He knew in his heart that it was just an excuse and he wanted to be there for Prerna for some unexplainable reason. 
Anurag's heart warms when Prerna reaches out to him for comfort. He protectively binds his hands around her and she buries her face in the crook of his neck. Something about the moment was so comforting for Prerna. She felt home. 
Even a thought of Anurag warmed her heart. How can a person be so good? 
Why was he so good to her? Prerna wanted him to have all the love and success in world from the bottom of her heart. He was such a pure soul. Prerna somehow seemed to cry more when she thought of him. He instantly pulled her closer to him and she did the same as if it was possible to. They were plastered to each other and Prerna never felt so calm. 
Anurag wanted to punch naveen for doing this to Prerna but holding her made his anger dissipate. 
"Anurag I'm so sorry, I hated myself when I talked to you like that. I swear I didn't want to. You're the only one who saw through my lies. Was there for me even when I pushed you away. You are the single most beautiful human I've ever met and I treated you like shit. Please forgive me. ", Prerna says in shaky voice moving closer to him. He lips just a breath away from the skin beneath his ear. Anurag tried to ignore the shudders he got when her warm breath danced on his sensitive skin and tried to just be there for her. 
He ran his hands on her arms in a comforting tone and Prerna seemed to have stopped crying but was still hiccuping. He pulled her face in his hands and peered her face. He pulled back the hair coming on her face and tentatively moved closer. He sensed no resistance hence he moved ahead and kissed her hair in a such a delicate manner that it made Prerna cry. 
" Prerna , I'm telling you this once. You will never be sorry for what happened. It's not your fault, never will be. Although, you could've told me but I understand your position. You didn't hurt me and this is not generosity. You're someone I deeply care about. I'll always be there for you whenever you need me even if we meet twenty years later. I'm willing to do all of it for you a million times but please don't cry. It makes my insides hurt. Let's sit on the bed. " Anurag holds her hand and lead her to the bedroom. 
Prerna just follows him mutely, staring at the man with so much intensity. She has never done anything worthwhile for him and here he is offering to do practically everything for him. if he did anything more, she swore her heart would explode. It touched her so so deeply that he asked her permission to lay a harmless comforting kiss on her hair. The kiss which was to calm her. This man is too good to be true. He's the epitome of goodness. 
Prerna's heart swelled when she realized she has a friend like him. Anurag was happy Prerna had calmed down but she was staring at him blankly for as long as she was here. He was terrified thinking if he might have hurt her someway. 
"Prerna was it alright that I kissed you?  I'm really sorry if you're upset because of it. Dammit I should've asked you before. ", Anurag says defeatedly. 
Anurag was kneeling down to put the ointment on Prerna's calf where she was hurt. Prerna smiled a little and clutched his shoulder with a hand and his face with the other, " it's fine Anurag. It doesn't bother me when you touch me because respect me and ask for my consent. That kiss was comforting. Thank you. ", Prerna says. 
Anurag is relieved and he squeezes Prerna's hand in mutual understanding. They were both so comfortable with each other. And the key to it was simple - communication and respect. These two things can make or break any relationship. 
Anurag sits beside Prerna struggling to say something when Prerna speaks. 

" He touched me Anurag. He touched me. "
Prerna looks sideways at Anurag teary eyed. 
Anurag looked pained. He wounds his hand on her shoulder and rubs her head intimately urging her to get it
All out. 
" how can a person be so disgusting?  
What did I even do to him? I know I hate the victim mentality but I can't help it Anurag. He looks at me and I'm repulsed. Is this what happens to every couple?  I'm disgusted. The things he does makes me want to kill him..."
Anurag is about to say something when Prerna says,  " no Anurag it's not what you think I'm not broken or wounded and I definitely don't blame myself. He has done shit and he will pay for it. I'm so done with this. I won't have any of this anymore. ", Prerna fumes. 
Anurag smiles at the fact that she's so strong. She has been through hell and she came back stronger. Nothing in this world could falter his admiration for this woman. 
"but.. .but. ..for now I want to forget it. His touch makes my skin crawl. Makes me want to rub my skin until I've forgotten that he touched me. ", Prerna gets up and rushes to the bathroom. 
Anurag thinks for a moment and when he hears her scream, he rushes in.

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Can't wait for part 2
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Originally posted by AdyaXoxo

Can't wait for part 2

Coming up right away! LOL
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The first part was great!!!
Waiting for part 2!!!
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Amazing first part! Very well written. I want it this same way now!!!
Can't wait for Part 2 Embarrassed
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Originally posted by Mishti_Dahi

Amazing first part! Very well written. I want it this same way now!!!
Can't wait for Part 2  Embarrassed

Aww!  thank you. I'll update after today's episode. 
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Dying to read the second part!!!!

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