RadhaKrishn Live Updates 15 Dec 2020 ...Pg #39 [NC]

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Posted: 4 years ago

Welcome one and all to the live updates of RadhaKrishn .

The show airs at 9 PM daily on star Bharat .

Live updates will be posted in this thread daily .
please find LUs as per index in the next post .

Please refrain from commenting in this thread as the continuity is lost . 
In case of any doubts lease feel free to contact me Sutapa 
lastly please do follow IF COC .

Permission to open this thread given by GM Shruti  


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01, 02, 03, 04 ,05, 06 Oct 2018 .         .. Pg #1

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01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07Dec                      ..Pg #7

08, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18 Dec        ... Pg #8

19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27 Dec         ... Pg #9

28, 29, 31 Dec 2018                                     ... Pg #10

01, 02, 03 ,07, 08 Jan 2019                         ... Pg #10

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06, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18 Feb         ... Pg #13

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20,21,22,23,25,27,28,29,30 Mar      ... Pg #17


01,03, 04 05,06,08,09,10 Apr     ... Pg #18

12,13,14,15,17,18,19,20,22,23 Apr     ... Pg #19

25,29,30 Apr,01,02,03,04,06 May     ... Pg #20

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May 01,02,03 Jun    ... Pg #23

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08, 09, 11,13,14,16,26 Nov   .. Pg #26

10,11,12,14 Dec 2019  .. Pg #27


25,26,27 Feb 2020  .. Pg #27

28,29 Feb,02,03,04,05,06,07Mar   .. Pg #28

09,10,11,16,17,18,19,29  Mar   .. Pg #29

No episodes were telecast between 30 Mar and 12 July 

 because of Lockdown due to COVID-19

13,14,15,16, 17, 20 July ..... Pg # 30

21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 July.... Pg #31

03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 10, 11, 12, 13 Aug .... pg ..#32

14, 17, 18,19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, Aug ... pg ..#33 


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10, 11, 14, 15, 16 Sept ...Pg #35 

24, 25, 28, 29, 30Sep, 01, 02, 05-08, 09,12 Oct .....Pg #36

13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20-23, 26, 27 Oct .....Pg # 37

28, 29, 30 Oct, 02, 03, 04-06 Nov ..... Pg # 38



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RadhaKrishn First day First show 01 Oct 2018 

The show opens with invocation of the almighty . Narrator describes how Radha Krishna were revered for their eternal love .
Sridama has brought message from lord Brahma for Lord Krishna .
Narad Muni is seen escorting him to Golok where Radha Krishna reside in heavens 
they gain entry by chanting the name Radha Krishn...

The show shifts to Golok where Goddess Radhika is romancing with Lord Krishna she is doing his sringaar  ... The settings are divine and look supernatural n heavenly 

Radha Krishna raas leela in Golok is shown with supernaturally beautiful surroundings n  colours , and divinity 

Sridama comes to meet Lord Krahna during the raas  leela .
Radha notices this so does Krshna "
Sridama witness divine Raas leela ... He feels all this was Maya .. 
Narad muni arrives and describes how this was divinity how RK were one soul in two bodies . There were inseparable .

Sridama gets annoyed hat he was not given more importance than Radha .
Soon Narad muni asks him to meet Lork Krishna as the lord had invited him 
Sridama goes in happily ..wi due reverence to the lord .   He meets Lord Krishna and shares his annoyance that radha's name was taken before his lord !!. Radha was just his premika , and this prem was just maya not bhakti .. So why this preference to Radha ?.
Krishna then explain how radha was divinity , how radha was inseparable from krishna .. She was there in every molecule with krishna in this universe.

Sridamanis unable to accept this , he feels this Mradha's love was maya and lord wes giving it more importance than his bhakt . .
Krishna asks who would show him if he was hoing on the incorrect path ??
Sridamanoffwrs to show the lord the correct path if given the chance 
Krshna asks him to prove his point during the bhog Aarti time     at Golok 

All golok Gods. Goddesses. Nymphs  are seen performing aarti of radha krishna who are sitting on a swing .
They are offered  makhan in a matki as bhog .
Krishna and radha nod and radha tastes the makhan first, she smiles and tastes it first . She then offers it to krishna . . He is about to eat it then Sridama gets enraged . He stops her.  He shouts at Radha for giving Karishna her 'jhoothann" 
Radha says she was tasting the makhan to check if the makhan was sour .
This was prem .
Sridama shouts at radha for fooling Krhshna and forcing him to eat her "jhoothan" 
He shouts at her for starting the practice of  taking radha's name before his swami Krishna .
Radha e plins tk him about the divine nature of lord krishna how they were like the sun and his rays 
They were not separate they were a single entity .
Sridama declares she was fooling every one at golok 
He declares from now onwards only Krishna's name would be taken from now . Not Radha's 
He asks every ine to call out "jai Sri Krishna "
All shout after him lhe then proves "Jai Sri Krishna " chanting was superior to chanting " Radhe radhe " 

. Radha smiles feeling sad ..so does Lord Krishna . 
Sridama declares from now on wards only jai Sei krishna would be chanted ...
He asks Krishna to prove Bhakti was superior to prem . ..

Krishna decide to rest a while before deciding .

He goes to Radha .. He feels sad as he walks past her . Krishna has tears in his eyes ..Radha nods at him consoling him and she too has tears in her eyes .

As Sridama comes to meet krishna he says he did not wish to take decisions in a hurry . He wanted solitude , he asks Sridama to guard the entrance . Sridama agrees n gives him the word to stop any entry to the lord's palace .

Krishna goes in n shuts the palace doors ..radha waits outside ... Radha hears Krishna calling out to Radha . Radha tries to enter the palace but sridama is guarding the entrance .He stops her . They have confrontation. Radha argues and tries to explain with love n politeness , she enters the palace not withstanding his threats n warnings and curses . Radha says nothing can stop her from meeting krishna . He then curses radha that she will forget Krishna for 100 births and will stay away from Golok and will live in mrityu lok .
Radha is teary eyed on hearing that curse .  So Is Lord Krishna . Sridama is then made to face the power of chanting "radhe radhe " .
Sridama is touched n moved . He regrets his actions he weeps and kneels down . Radha consoles him and assures him that his curse too was the will of Lord Krishna .. Sridama seeks forgiveness from Radha 

Sridama then gives the message from Lord Brahma .. That it was not time for Sri Krishna to be born o n the earth in new avtaar .  Krishna says this was his  Leela.  . He Makes Sridama realize the meaning of bhakti and prem . The true meaning of bhakti lies in prem . He realizes that sridama had not understood what he was saying ..so he was going ti go to Mrityu lok and show by  their showing the world n universe the way prem was the true means to do bhakti of the Lord Krishna .

Sridama chants "radhe radhe " and recognizes the powers of the divine radha ...

All chant after him .

Later in their palace .. Krishna in teary eyed as he arranges flowers on Radha's hair ... He pulls out a strand of hair as mark of recognition when she is born on the earth .
Radha krishna have moments of nok jhok and romance before they suffer pangs of  separation to be born on the earth ... 
Radha leaves early .. ..krishna bids her fomd farewell, ..making it clear they were in one another   They were not separate entities ..  
Radha departs ...she just dissolves into the surrounding universe 

Precap for tomorrow  
Radha is born on the earth in wealthy family on auspicious day  . Krishna is born , he reaches Vrindavan.  His naam karan is done and he unites with radha as teenager  ...  

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LIVE UPDATES for 02 Oct 2018
The episode begins with krishna watching with teary eyes as radha disintegrates into the elements and blends into universe .

On the earth there is celebration at Vrishbhan's house at Barsana as his wife is about to give birth .

they hear wailing of a new born . Vrishbhan is informed by dai maa that a girl was born to his wife .

vrishbhan is hapy with the arrival of laxmi at his house .
he thanks Kirtida for giving his this beautful gift , he will keep her lovingly and pamper her .
dai maa and his wife are worried that the baby's eyes were not opening . 
vrishbhan refuses to believe this .
Kritida weeps that after waiting for ages she was blessed with a child but she was blind .

the pandit ji is performing havan and asks what name to be given to the baby .

some villagers says a girl goes away to sasuraal she flows away .. she should be named dhara .. 
vrishbhaan refutes this and claims that his daughter was not going ot go away but will fill up the place with love .. she would be named Radha .

radha will show a new path to this world . 
vrish tries all treatments and all saints to try n make radha open her eyes n see the world . he cares for his daughter himself and is very hopeful . Kir laments why she was cursed this way .

at golok krishna remembers how radha had bid him goodbye . she was closing her eyes at this last view of his .. she will now open her eyes ne se the world only when Kanha appeared before her . 
krishna gives her the word he will appear before her .

as Vrish and Kirti are travelling the weather takes a turn for the worse . hurricane sets in and soon it begins to pour cats  dogs  .

at Mathura prison Devaki has given birth to a son .. who was very radiant .. devaki wonders if this child would be killed like his brothers by Kans Vasudev laments how could he save his son from those killers ??suddenlt the baby smiles and their chains fall off, the gates of prison open , the guards fall asleep . devaki asks vasudev to leave the child to safety . 

in the bullock cart radha smiles as she feels nearness to Krishna .
suddenly their bullock cart meets with accident n upturns . all lie scattered around in the jungle .Blind radha weeps in the rain .

Vasudev runs out of Mathura palace with his new born , at the Yamuna banks the baby smiles as a basket come floating towards them , vasudev places baby into the basket and caries it over head as he crosses yamuna .

the waters give way as the baby touches the water with his tiny foot ..and Shesh naag shields the baby from the rain .
vasudev reaches the other bank and shesh naag leaves . 

baby then loks down from basket and looks at radha .


krishna is adopted by yashoda and nand 
he is named krishna 
putana arrives .. plot to kill Krishna 
teen aged Krishna thinks that radha forgetting a about Krishna was a test of RK love .

radha wonders why was she so drawn by the tunes of this krishna's flute ??
radha krishna romance begins .. he flirts with her while she tries to escape .

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LIVE UPDATES for 03 Oct 2018 

pic credit Madhuri 

Episode begins with Baby krishna being carried by Vasudev he reaches Gokul village 
He remembers his good friend Nand .

At gokul nand is waiting for his wife Yashoda was birthing his child . 
Vasudav decides to hand over Baby to nand . Soon nand is blessed with child .. The tima stands still as there is dev vaani from heavens that nand should leave his son with yashoda and take her girl baby back to mathura prison with him .
Vasudav does as ordered by akashvaani from heavens .

Baby son in his arms smiles as the doors open to let him into the yashoda's chamber . He exchanges his son with the new born girl . Basudav realizes his son was no ordinary mortal and was born for divine purpose . 

As soon as Vasudava is out of Nand's house time starts again . All are thrilled to see yashodhara's son . Yashoda smiles at him te der,y . Nand is thrilled . Yashoda is lost in the charming smile of her new born .

Vasudav  returns 

At Radha's house in Barsana she is seen sleeping peacefully   Her parents were rescued by a passing villager , they decide to take Radha to the baidh at Mathura soon .

At Gokul its time for naamkaran ceremony . Yashida n nand are surprised to see their baby visited by innumerable birds n animals as he lay smiling in his cradle ..radiant and charming 
Yashida names him "manamohna" ... He won over minds of all creatures .

Their Acharya comes n touches his head to the the baby's feet . He declares that this baby will lead every one to freedom from moh maya , he is going to be names KRISHN !!1
Peacocks start dancing on hearing this . The universe starts rejoicing . 

At radha's house in Barsana her father Vrishbhan is surprised as Radha   utters the name Krishna . Her mother gets an invite to Gokul for celebrations on the birth of Nand's child .
vrishbhan  plan journey to gokul . 

Visitors are waitingnto catch a glimpse of Nanad lala , Yashoda is busy tying him suraksha ...al over his tiny body ...Balram their elder son is all smiles as he is asked to look after his younger bro .
He speaks to krishna and jokes about his impatience to see Radha . 

Precap for tomorrow .
Visitors start coming to nand's house .
Gokul is dancing, singing, celebrating the birth of Nandlala 
Krishna is lying in a cradle 
Putana eyes the baby , 
Krishna smiles at her . 

At mathura Kans kills vasudeb's  daughter.  Their 8th child who was supposed to the reason for kans's death . 
Radha krishna teen age romance ...

My updates on 4, 5th will be delayed .. too much troubled by CAPTCHA . 
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Updates for 04 Oct2018
                                pic credit Madhuri

Episode begins with Little lad Balram asking baby krishna how was he going to meet his radha ?? , he was here at Gokul while she was at Barsana ??
Right then Krishna starts wailing, this brings his aunts n parents running inside .
Aunt scolds Balram for making the baby cry lyadhoda asks her. It to scold the baby .
They takes the baby out for the rejoicing .
Baby krishna is lured by Putana to offer breast feeeding .He bites the life outnof her ..he carries her up into the sky n drops them both at Barsana..in the courtyard of Vrishbhan.
Putana dies baby krishnanis picked up by Vrishbhan and his wife , they console the baby. They place the baby in radha's cradle while they look for the baby's parents   His hand accidentally gets smeared by some butter hat radha's mother was preparing .

Krishna smiles at radha who is still waiting for him with eyes closed .
The scene from Golok is shown where Radha had promised to open her eyes to see sansaar only after she sees Krishna

Baby krishna touches Baby radha and she smiles.  He smears butter on her lips and on his own too , they both relish the butter ..
Radha then opens her eyes and stares at Krishna ..with this Radha's memories are wiped out and she forgets Krishna and Golok ..she remains just another earthly girl . 

Yashoda and Nand arrive to take their son back 
Times flies by and teen aged Krishna is seen playing bansuri in gokul   Balram  Comes and snatches his flute away and asks how would he meet Radha whom he loved the most ?? 
Its not easy like breaking a matka by throwing a pebble at it !!
Krishna then says it was that easy . He picks up pebble and throws it .
It flies straight n shatters an earthen pot that kans was about to offer i to his havan in his palace at mathura
 The havan fire gets extinguished by the gush of liquid from that pot making kans fume with fury .

Teen aged krishna meets Radha at her home and tells her that he was in love with a girl,from barsana 
Radha asks if that girl,was called Radha ??
She chases him and he tries to escape .

He says he will make her realize their love , he showers a basket ful,of rose petale on her annoying her . 

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GIF credit RisingPhoenix

At Mathura Kans is furious that his havan was disrupted . He was performing havan to find the location of the boy who was born to destroy Kans but now that had failed . He warns the powers that he will find that boy by other means .

He  calls the potter from Barsana who had created that pot. He blames him for creating  fragile earthen pot that broke during havan.. he punishes the entire potter comunity from Barsana by ordering their banishment from kingdom . They were prevented from creating or selling pots .Kans wanted to.see their entire khandaan starve to death . 

At Gokul Krishna smiles and thanks mama kans for.giving him a reason to meet his Radha .

At Barsana all potters lament beforee the village chief narating what happend at Mathura . Their banishment , their impending starvation deaths 
Vrishbhan is the chief of the vilage and he is unable to go against the orders of king . 

Radha comes to the rescue of potters saying she would prepare pots and sell them .. she was not the chief of village to be bound by rules of the king . 
Others and vrishban warn radha against the soldiers of Kans 
Radha says they will not come to know those pots were from Barsana.
Birshbhan permits her with reluctance on the condition there would be 2-3 guys with her as her guards .

Radha prepares some pots ..loads them.on bullock cart n proceds to haat .

At gokul krishna offers to go.to haat to buy pots for storing butter .
Balram teases him saying the real reason was to see his radha whom he had not seen for 15 -16 yrs 
Krishna smiles saying those 16 yrs felt like 16 milleniums .

Krishna uses his powers to make the bullocks run faster n reach the haat where Radha was selling pots .Balram has tough time keeping the bullocks in control and the cart going the correct direction .
He tries to slow dow the bullocks. Krishn asks him not to delay the reunion of lovers . Not to come between Radha krishn .

Radha krishna dreamy romance with flowers .. He teases her   She tries to escape n taken aback by his advances n naughtiness n gets annoyed 
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Updates for 06 Oct 2018 
the episode begins with Radha arriving at Haat for selling earthen pots prepared by her and the potters .

she finds many sellers selling earthen pots ... she finds a suitable vacant place to display them 

at Mathura Kans is approached by the village head of Barsana .. Vrishbhan and the head potter .. kans says he could forgive the potters only on  the condition they could get him the boy living at Gokul who was destined to kill Kans . He wants Vrishbhan to get that  boy to him with the help of his friend Nand who was from Gokul .

At haat , radha notices other sellers shouting to attract the attention of buyers. radha and her friends do the same . Passers by n other sellers try to prevent the girls , they confront the girls and  oppose them  for occupying a spot in their  market and also for screaming n selling at market .radha retorts them back and sends them away .
soon a buyer arrives and shows interest in the pots , but radha's friend Lalita accidentally reveals that those pots were made at Barsana .

the buyer is shocked to hear that . he says Barsana potters were banned by Kans maharaj . no one could buy or sell their wares . they would be killed for breaking his orders .
soon the other people gather and shout against the girl sellers from Barsana . they angrily threaten to break all the matkis of radha and her friends .Radha prays to the lord to show them the way .. Krishna senses her prayers and reaches the haat .

 then Balram Krishna arrive and joke about the rudra Rass of Balram was going to begin Krshn's  Prem Rass !!  . he is yearning to see what his radha looks like . how did she walk ?? how did she speak .. what was her voice like ?? 
rifght then radha shouts at the prople about to smash her matki . Krishna smiles ..

with the click of his finger he brings the entire place into a standstill .. every thing comes to  standstill, living and non living ... he slowly comes close to radha and recognizes her , he smiles and touches a lock of hair on her cheek . 
the romantic song plays in BG ..."tum prem ho tum preet ho radhe ..." 

he then says this was not the time to push her hair away . he blows it back into place.
Now that krishn had seen her ,he then wants to enter her story ...
he then clicks his fingers to set everything back into action as before .

krishna saves radha's matki from getting shattered by using his bansuri .
balram then fights the goons way and saves radha's matkis .

radha asks who was he . krishna smiles and asks what was her name .. she replies .."radha " krishna smiles to her her name  .he then replies that he was not what he seemed to be and one did not have to see him to know what he really was ..
radha smiles with confusion .
she asks why was he not fighting the goons ?? krishna says he did not need to fight as uptil now his elder bro Balram had been doing all the fighting for him .

krishna then speaks to the viewers that in this world all stories were not completed , all struggles did not lead to success, all fights could not be won , all desires were not fulfilled , some journeys remained incomplete ,, Why ?? is it because one did not try enough??or fight enough ??. not enough determination ?? some would blame it on bad fortune . krishna says this was all  because of the lack of love .
love was not explained in the scriptures , not in any heaven or hell . 
where was this love found ?? 
 he was here to teach the world about pure love . he asks all viewers to watch him show what love was about . all you had to do was utter 'Radhe Radhe" from your heart .


precap for Monday

krishna delares that he knew  where the slayer of Kans was living , he was Nand's son, Yashoda's loving kid , living at Gokul dhaam ... and that was HIM Krishn .

Kans threatens to kill Krishna the 8th child of Vasudev .
Radha krishn raas leela begins 


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Radha Sumedh Mudgalkar Basant Bhatt Mallika Singh RadhaKrishn 

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