[[[ Happy Birthday Simmo (-Misek-) aka Bogrewaali ]]]

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Simmy's wait finally ends as Namaste England hits the screens , her excitement for the movie is getting higher and higher, god knows for what ...she wanted some bakra ermm friend to watch THE movie with her ... in the process tries to lure us, convince us and even bribe us ...finally being the very good and kind hearted friends we agree to become the bakras ... probably the first time.. bakras watch baby elephants/saand on screen Heart

At the movies, we three are making faces, while Simmy is in another planet ... hyper, excited .. can't wait to see her Arjun ... the movie begins ... 

Bogra in Dhaka jail ... in dark pink shirt and a florescent green pants... with the khaidi number written on the pink shirt, he got this bizzare color uniform as special permission ...so that he doesn't miss out his Swag even after landing up in jail... 

Sim's heart goes out to Bogra...for his choice of bizzare colors...yet  they share an eye lock  

Poo : thank god no Arjun... Bogra atleast is entertaining 

Hina : haan na he can act atleast 

Munni ... haan and looks like he doesn't even eat much biryani ... like ... ermm 

Poo and Hina nod ... Sim is glued to the screen...

a young, strict female jailer comes to Bogra... we all turn our heads in Simmy's direction  to see how identically similar is that jailer to  Simmy in looks . talks and walk  Day Dreaming and even more shocking is the fact that the jailer's name is also Simmy as well ShockedShockedShockedSim is herself shocked ... but shrugs it on looking at Bogra's Swag even after landing up in Jail Day Dreaming

 lukss onn at her "tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam" ... the guitar strings in the background ... 

 looks on at him, but being the strict officer she is.. ignores this dil pheku ... 

The jailer 
Sim, gets a lawyer who can get Bogra out ... but Bogra refuses and orders Sim to fight for him...

 : how can I fight your case, I am a jailer not a lawyer 
to which 
Bogra replies with his supraman lingo " I am a lover not a killer ..."

 goes into flashback mode ...

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Baby... errm Arjun keeps staring  at Sim with blank face and zero expression .. in a mall and phekos his dil over her ...

Bogra puts his hand on Arjun's shoulder  : why luks my grill like that... she is in heart mines 

Arjun : excuse me ...can you speaking in English or Hindi please ... 

Bogra : I spiik Ingleess bootiful .. u know understand ...u no no Inglish ... 

Arjun shrugs ... and stares at Sim ... 

Bogra : u scare her ??... 

Arjun ,...what the helll... why would i scare her..  I love her mann .. and who the hell are you ,. snaps at him

Bogra : but where the pheels where the espressons ... turns Arjun's face towards himself... no esspresson ... where lav i no see only phat in ur face i cee... blank dead eyez , ur body phat like saand and baby elifant ,...

Arjun : shoves him aside and walks closer to Sim, 

Bogra who is lean like a feather about to fall but with Swag bounces back ... "you no parpose this grill...u no luk my pritty grill... she I parpose.. my eyes...haart ...for her ... you out I in andhar stand ??? "

Arjun is now convinced .that this one escaped from an asylum...

Arjun's bodyguard comes forward and holds Bogra by his neck...

Bogra  flies towards Arjun breaks his stomach and soots to kill him ... but arjun being a baby ele...erm  little chubby, the bullet doesn't harm him much ... but Bogra is arrested ... by the police and by then Jailer Sim is out of the mall and missed this huge fight between dho deewane of hers ...

After few formalities ...Bogra lands in the famous Dhaka jail for attempt of murder of Arjun Kapoor the famous movie star ... in this very jail he finds his pretty lady Simmy , the luv of his lyfe

Bogra has a court hearing the next day, Simmy takes him to the court ... the doors of the court room open ... surprizeee...PartyPartyParty

 the court room is filled with people... it's not a court room but a party hall where Arjun and Bogratogether plan a grand giant size, flashy birthday party for Simmy ... Arjun takes care of the food and drinks and being the incharge he consumes more than 50% even before the party started and Bogradecked up the entire place in florescent green, dark pink, dark blue and bright orange ...

 The guests are all there with shades Cool ... just to protect their eyes from the Swag of BograStar 

Bogra and Arjun make her cut the florescent green and pink cake and sing Happy birthday and try to dance with Sim, poor Sim unable to match steps with either the high energetic Bogra or two left feet wala Arjun ... slips from there and allows them to dance and runs out of the place...  
"Approaching Cardiff in another 90 seconds ..."
We try to wake up Sim, she wakes up startled... "grills let'z cancil the movie.. i no watch it... Bogra ,... Arjun ,... facepalm "
while we look on with confusion .. Sim shrugs at her Inglish... ben log let's just go back to home... no more Arjun ka movies please... no bogra... ... ab ki baar... sirf hum chaar yaar ...  *group hug* in cardiff station and catch a return train ...In the train we all celebrate as Arjun is finally out of Sim's life and so is Bogra Cool

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Happy wala budday Sim HugHug  and we all luvsss you 100% despite your choices like A n B Ouch

See if you are ready for  this ... LOL


we being your ben log is your gift, but formality sake ... yeh lo LOLLOL

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Posted: 2018-09-11T15:22:23Z
Happy Birthday Simmo Hug
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Posted: 2018-09-12T05:35:05Z
Happy Birthday SimmyParty
"Har Aadmi ka har khwaab poora nahi hota, Kyunki Har Aadmi Bajaj nahin hota"
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Posted: 2018-09-12T22:16:38Z
Happy birthday Di! <3
...i am the dance and i still go on...
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Posted: 2018-09-14T05:57:47Z
Thank you so much Ben for this hilarious thread especially the end LOL and I am not surprised you got Bogra onboard, Should have left him in the Jail to rot LOL

Also convincing someone to Tag along with me for Namaste England will surely be a challenge this tume especially after watching the trailer, I'll have to prepare a hefty bribe this time Wink lol I am glad I got into senese before landing to Cardiff, Also whats with florescent green cake

And watever that song is in the MV you have just ruined it, I might not listen to that again and with rose I m on verge of giving up that too :(

Thank you so much for this thread. Love you load ben log Heart
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Posted: 2018-09-14T06:08:21Z
Happy birthday SimmoHeart
May God bless you!
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