TVCs and tV serials are poles apart - Yogita Bihani.

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Posted: 5 years ago
Yogita Bihani, who has moved from
TVCs to TV serials with Sony show, Dil
Hi To Hai, regards both the mediums as
different as chalk and cheese. This Miss
India 2018 finalist bagged the above
show on the back of her being part of the
Dus Ka Dum promo as a simple girl with
Salman Khan.
"While in the above format, we need to tell
our story in 30 seconds flat, tube requires
that we live and emote our characters
with all their respective layering, for
months on end. Also, casting for TVCs is
not based on acting. You need to fit the
character. Last, but not the least, a daily
soap is a 24*7 job, hardly leaving me time
for anything else, says Yogita, who has
done several ads.
"Having said that, ads also appeal to me
due to their interesting concepts and
screenplays, so will keep doing them as
well, adds Yogita.
She is quite happy with her modern
woman character in her debut Balaji
Telefilms serial, who stands up for herself
and what is right. "It is very good, for
today, society is coming around to
accepting that it not wrong for women to
think about themselves as well.
When we ask about low ratings of Dil Hi
To Hai, she says, "I look at it from a
different prism. Rather than feeling that
something is wrong with our story, I think
we just need to get more people to
sample our wares, as whoever has tuned
in has become hooked.
Looking ahead, she would be game for
standalone web formats as well. When we
ask about doing bold roles, she says, "I
will be more cautious about the kind of
scripts I choose. There are a host of
factors we need to consider before
signing on the dotted line.
Returning back to TVCs, she does not have
major issues with known filmy names
dominating the big ad market. "This does
not automatically mean that TVC actors
don't get work, for so many ads are being
made daily. We also need to appreciate the
fact that a popular name does bring a
larger value to the brand, e.g. had we
taken another actor as opposed to
Amitabh Bachchan/Nagarjuna in my
Kalyan jeweller piece, it would not have
resonated so much. And let's face it,
brands need bang for their money.
In closing, this Delhi gal credits her show,
Dil Hi To Hai's unit for being very patient
with her. "For it does take time to adapt to
a new format, as discussed above. I have
also given my 100% effort and can see the
change for myself.
Posted: 5 years ago
I had read this earlier ... quite a sorted girl

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