Ishra ss-tu ki jaane pyaar mera#2,last part on pg 109 updt on 24/1(Page 20)

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interesting teaser
lets see what ramans answer will be
update soon
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Nice teaser dear

Waiting for raman answer

Update soon dear
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amazing update
ishu wants Raman to speak to his parents about them
he told her he will do it after his project gets completed
ishu has agreed to it
oh no toshiji is planning to get Raman married to their partners daughter
continue soon
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nice updts di
raman came to his home and got to know his marriage is going to get fixed to girl
updt soon di
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Raman got shocked hearing his mother's words and said -kya, meri shaadi??abhi, Itni jaldi. R u mad maa, I am not going to marry anytime soon. He said in a go making his mother smile. 

Raman -what, mujhe tension de kar has rahi hai. 

Toshiji nodded in no and said -aisi koi baat nahi, I am smiling coz I got to know ki tera kisi se chakker nahi hai. 

Raman-yeh aapko kaise pata chala?? 

Toshiji -kyunki agar tera kisi se chakker hota toh tu kehta thag I will not marry that girl but u said that u don't wanna get marry any time soon. This means u don't have feelings for anyone, bas shaadi nahi karna chahta abhi. Aur karega bhi kyun, abhi teri umar hi kya hai. Koi shaadi fix nahi ho rahi teri, I was just kidding, she said and went to bring food for raman while he stood there thinking .

Raman-kya kaha maa ne, kyun Maine aise react kiya ,she was right I should have reacted like I don't wanna marry that particular girl but no I reacted saying I don't wanna get married now. I should have denied straightly thinking about ishita but mujhe uska khayal aaya hi nahi, all I thought that I don't wanna give up my bachelorhood. Aisa nahi sochna chahiye tha ,I must have thought about ishita and my love for her. He was lost in his thoughts when his mother brough food and he got busy in enjoying the food and talking with his mother. 

On the other hand, ishita tried his phone many times but it was switched off, so she got up to have food. But didn't feel like having it, so she slept again without having anything. 

In raman's house, Raman and his mother had their food and went out to do shopping. At first they went to men's section and picked a suit for abhi, then toshiji picked some clothes for raman.after that they went to ladies section and picked clothes for Abhi's fiancee and Toshiji. Raman was looking around and saw a blue evening gown.he liked it and pick it instantly for ishita. 

After picking clothes ,they went home as Mr bhalla was calling them again and again. 

Soon they reached home and Mr bhalla hugged Raman tightly. 

Mr bhalla -so how's ur work going on?? Maine bahut tareef suni hai tumhari, everyone was praising u so much, I felt very proud. 

Raman smiled and said -glad u r happy with my work, papa. I am giving my 100% to it. 

Mr bhalla -i know, bas ab yeh sab ho jaaye, then I will get u married. Bahut achchi ladki dhoondhni hai tere liye. He said smiling making Raman and toshiji smile. 

Mr bhalla -achcha chalo ready ho jao, bahut baar phone aa chuka hai abhi ke papa ka. Hume mehmaan ku tarah nahi pahunchana hai, we should be there like host. He said and they went to get ready. 

After an hour, all were on the venue welcoming guest along with abhi and his parent. Abhi was too happy having raman next to him. 

Soon the function started, Abhi's fiancee came with her parent and they exchanged the rings. 

Soon all were on dance floor dancing madly enjoying the party ,all were drunk and was dancing like maniacs. 

Soon it was eleven,party start to end and all start going home but abhi requested raman to stay back along with his other friends. At first raman denied but on his constant request, Raman too stayed back. 

Soon the party hall was all empty, only Raman and his friends were there. All friends were sitting together enjoying drinks and talking when abhi said-raman, aur bata kya haal chaal hai?? 

Raman -sab mast, tu bata. 

Abhi -mera toh tu dekh hi raha hai. Mummy papa ne settle karwa hi diya. Main toh shaadi nahi karna chahta tha, but itni sundar ladki and sexy too, how can I deny. Tu bata koi ladki mili yaa abhi tak bharmachari hi hai. He asked casually to which Raman smiled. 

Abhi -yeh muskurahat, that means u got someone. 

Raman nodded in yes. 

Abhi smiled fully in surprise and went out holding his hand. 

Abhi -teri setting ho gayi, aur tune bataya bhi nahi. Bol kaun hai??he asked and Raman showed him ishita's pic saying -she is the one, ishita naam hai. 

Abhi look at her pic for long when Raman said -dekhta hi rahega kya, yaa kuch bolega bhi, bol sundar hai naa. Kya soch raha hai?? 

Abhi -just thinking ki tujhe iss aunty ji mein kya dikha. He said making Raman look at abhi. 

Raman -yeh kya bakwaas kar raha hai, Itni sundar ladki tujhe aunty lag rahi hai. 

Abhi -come on raman, aaj kal aunties hi saree pehenti hai. Aur kya hai yeh, kya dekh kar tune iss pasand kiya. 

Raman took the pic in his hand and said -burai kya hai, she is a pretty girl. 

Abhi laughed and said -sorry toh burst ur bubble, but yeh ladki nahi aunty lag rahi hai. Yaar she is looking elder then u. He said making Raman look at him. 

Abhi -what, don't tell me that she is elder then u. 

Raman -four years. 

Abhi -tabhi toh, tabhi toh main bolun ki yeh aunty jaisi kyun lag rahi hai. R u mad, khud se badi ladki se pyaar. 

Raman -isme mad hone ki kya baat hai. 

Abhi -aur nahi toh kya,look at my girl. Mujhe six years choti hai. Cute chote kapde pehenti hai, look like my baby. But she is, just so aunty. Yaar tu 28 ka hai, jab tu 30 cross karega, she will be around 40,tujhe woh bachpana, woh cuteness, woh sab kabhi nahi milega. She will be always mature then u. Biwi nahi mummy wali feeling aayegi. 

Raman look at him thinking about his words. 

Raman -dont say like this man, I love her, I am just so addicted to her. 

Abhi -ok, I got it. U must be attracted to her personality. I mean she may be pretty or may be good in bed. 

Raman -abhi behave. 

Abhi -ok sorry, tell me what's ur relationship status. Did u guys did it??

Raman thought for a while. 

Abhi -bol naa, mujhse kya sharam. 

Raman nodded in yes. 

Abhi -i think raman u r just attracted to her, yeh pyaar waar nahi hai. But agar hai toh bhi just stop right here.kyunki tere parent manne wale nahi. And forget about ur parent, tu khud adjust nahi kar payega. When u will see ur friends getting more young and beautiful girls, u will start hating ur life. Yaar yeh pyaar wyaar bekar baat hai ,apni aage ki zindagi ke baare mein soch, will u be able to live with someone who is elder then u. 

Raman -we have gone much ahead in our relationship. 

Abhi -yeh sab aaj kal badi baat nahi hai. The main thing is, r u ready to marry someone who is not of ur age, elder then u, when all ur friends will get a younger sexy girl. Sabko kaise introduce karega ishita se, won't u feel shame. See Raman, I am telling u all this coz I am ur friend aur main nahi chahta ki tujhe kal ko koi problem ho. I think u should break up with her, coz u can never introduce her to ur parent or ur friends proudly, coz she will never be compatible to u. Woh tujhse hamesha badi rahegi.he said making Raman look at him thinking.

That's all for now, enjoy and do comment and hit like. Will wait for it. 

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Updated next part, enjoy. 
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Awesome chappy Di
I think something goes bad for ishitha
Hope she'll be able to control herself
Maybe not after what ever happened in her life
Update soon Di
If something bad happens then do it in one chapter
Can't bear that pain or suspense
Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by -Kavya_P-

Awesome chappy Di
I think something goes bad for ishitha
Hope she'll be able to control herself
Maybe not after what ever happened in her life
Update soon Di
If something bad happens then do it in one chapter
Can't bear that pain or suspense

Thanks for pm Di

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