Angels and demons

Posted: 2 years ago
High drama and gripping scenes.
The inhuman Tettar and Ritu who left a dying man to his fate. Anaro is a screeching screaming vampish character. Diamond is such a low life. Useless kathputli Babbu. Hopless mama's boy.

Sweeti silently feeling for Abhimanyu.

Nimki, like Paro, ran with her pallu sweeping the ground gracefully. She does not care for haveli or haveli people when it comes to Abhi.

And watching little Elena praying can break anyone's heart. The selflessness of Tunne who was harassed by the police for doing something good is why people do not want to help.

The hospital scene was so cosy with masi, Elena, tunne and Nimki waiting for Abhi to come back.

Now the real drama begins. If police arrest Nahar and his accomplice, then Tettar's dream will also shatter. I am just waiting for it.

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Posted: 2 years ago
First, no police officer harasses like this at least when the case is about a top Govt officer being shot. The Police is not so stupid to do one such thing which will get reported in the next day newspaper. Besides, harassing a low caste man for following a citizen's duty will make this poor chap lose his job.
Second, I so wanted Tunne to know the car was from thr Haveli because Nimki should know abput her in laws. Without this nothing is going to change.

There will be no new drama. Nahar wont get arrested nor will Tettar's plan fail. This part of drama was added so that they can show hoe Nimki has emotions for her dear ones. So, Abhi will be back and the case will be closed.
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Posted: 2 years ago
Powerful people have much more power than bureaucrats and the police. So it is not difficult to make them bend or kill them. Media will shout for some days and courts will take their own time to dispose cases. Even media is divided. Everything is stacked against the common man whether he is Bdo or tunne.
We are seeing these things happening on daily basis.
IPS and IAS  officers are killed by henchmen.What is a mere Bdo in front of them?
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Posted: 2 years ago
Very much so but police won't publicly harass a witness for a high profile murder attempt case when Mukhiya is also present and PA of BDO is also present. They have various other ways to deal with it. The muscle power has its limitations. Besides, with elections round the corner and police being a puppet to the running govt, harassing a Ghattola boy will lead to a riot. Remember Ghatola right now is the epicentre of Kushwahapur MLA seat.

The case infact will be forwarded to CBI. The problem with this show is that it wants to highlight real life instances with an unrealistic approach. If Tettar and Nahar was so powerful that they rule Kushwahapur, why are they struggling to get a MLA ticket? They can win as independent candidate also. Tettar and co are supere rich but Babboo's marriage was arranged to a businessman's daughter who would finance Tettar's political dreams.So, I guess he is only Andho me kana Raja. 

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu isnt the most righteous man on Earth. As a BDO, he too should have contacts with high profile people. In today's digital world he was driving to the city to meet the DM with an audio clip. He couldn't send anyone. He couldn't transfer it to DM through mail. Sounds illogical.

I agree there have been instances of honest officers getting killed and justice was never delivered but trust me the policeofficer wont behave like this because the Thanedar would know he was going to handover the case to another senior officer sooner or later.He has a job to save. Yes, they will question the same thing over and over again.

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Posted: 2 years ago
I think there is some software to recover data from deleted videos and chats.
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Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by leavesandwaves

I think there is some software to recover data from deleted videos and chats.
There is. Besides, BDO's phone is a piece of evidence now. Everything tht was deleted will be retrieve now.  Singh.Which fool would keep the phone there after shooting him?
Another important thing, audio clip is not an admissible evidence. It can only be used as a breakthrough for the investigation.If BDO survives he will record his statement with the magistrate which is a very important evidence against Nahar.
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Posted: 2 years ago
Great episode. The fight between tettar and annaro was good.
Sweety seemed very very upset. I wo der what will come out of it. Good to see nimki so worried. Very dramatic. Tunne was very good as well. 

I think police wala will be nahar and kundans man so he wont say anything.
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Posted: 2 years ago
I thought at least seeing BDO lying on the road will wake up some humanity inside Tettar and his Jamai.
Nimki ran like Paro did. The way she ranI thought she would say that she won't be able to live if something happens to BDOTongue but she kept telling herself that she won't forgive herself if something happens to BDO. Wonder why she holds herself responsible for BDO's plight. She didn't do anything to put him in the line of harm.She found out who the culprit/s is/are and tried to contain him/them.

I liked the innovative punishment she came up with. That is the only form of punishment which will damage their interests. There is no point going to police or file complaints and cases against them. They will get out on bail if arrested or drag the court cases endlessly.

Why was BDO reacting this way?What will he get out of going to police or complaining to his superior about this?It was very thoughtless of him to react in this aggressive manner. He never paused to think what would happen to his daughter if some harm came in his way.

I think that scene where Police where troubling Tunne is overdone.These writers frequently over do things while writing their scenes.It feels like they squeeze the lemon too hard at times.

The scene from the previous episode which had Babbo Nimki conversation -I don't really care about Babbo and Nimki love story at this point because both are equally immature.She knows the reality and she is being patient to get what she wants because at this point in life she wants Babbo's love and Anaro's acceptance and that she will not get by fighting for them and thankfully she knows that she cannot forcefully make them accept her.She want them to do it voluntarily.Glad that CVs finally gave the answer to that frequently posed question about why Nimki is not standing up for herself and her rights in Haweli.

I'm also glad that the makers are making it clear that it is the change in the attitudes of Tettar and family towards Nimki and life that they want to focus on more than showing them getting punished for the same. 

Anaro and her youngest son are so full of delusions of grandeur that they don't realise that their power in the society is diminishing. It is very satisfying to see them fall flat on their face in episode after episode. 
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