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On the other hand, Geet turned away from him and walks towards the exit and he stood there like a statue but within himself, he is gritting his teeth and staring at her with his wide eyes..till she vanishes out of the KM Exit...

Over there after exiting main entrance of the KM Geet happens to just pass by some one who is wearing a heavy power spectacles and making his speedy way to KM and its quite obvious from his body language that he is nervous or worried about some thing. Geet happens to just give a glance at this person as he passes by her with such a speed as if she was going to get banged again but this time she managed to move aside on time.

But for that person, He didn't even notice Geet or the surroundings due to his state of mind. He is already soo late but he just couldn't help it. He prays god that today should not be his last day of his Job.

Geet is in serious thought: Ab yeh koun hain? Why is he looking so tensed? Huh...sab namoone hain yahan (Huh..all sample pieces here)... CHADDO...

She takes a long sigh  and makes her way to the car and the moment she takes her back seat she calls Ram instead of Priya

R: Oye Geet..where are you? From the time Priya has reached home she has been eagerly waiting for your call only.

G: (Sigh!) Yeh Di bhi na! She is the one who arranged this meeting with the client and she is getting tensed and moreover, I am seated in her car..but still she cant stop worrying about me.

R: You know your Di na?  now where are you?

G: I'm on my way home but please don't tell anything to Priyadi...I have a  biiig...very biigg...nahin Huuuge Good news to share and I want to keep it as a surprise.

R: Oh Geet..finally you found a boyfriend for yourself?

Ram asking teasingly...

She suddenly recalls her encounter with Daadima's PA (Maan) and now her happy mood is getting irritative.

G: Ramji...Don't ever think that I will leave you people that easily and go..So its better to change the topic...

and she gives a angry sigh...

R: Acha meri ma...ab bata bhi do...Eisa bhi kya good news hain?

G:  We have won that Contract which Priya di was talking about...I have the advance cheque with me.

Now Geet sounds all excited and Ram really loves to purposely bully her and at the same time glad to see her happy with each and every tiny miny things that comes her way.

R: Wah...that's a great news Geet. I remember this the wedding happening in Khurana family?

G: Haan!

R: But why are you not calling your Priya Di and informing her?

G: You see...2 things, firstly, I want to give her a surprise and secondly, I know she will either go breathless or faint seeing the advance amount signed on the cheque

Geet sighs thinking about Priya's sensitiveness.

G: Now, you need to keep her medical kit ready so that we can handle the situation if at all she gets into such a condition.

R: Kya Geet? Eisa kuch nahin hoga...

Ram takes it so casually.

G: I know Di better than you...So, better be prepared.


Back to Maan:

He is still gaping at the exit and he looses his attention when someone pats on his shoulder, instantly snapping him out of his thoughts and he turns to look at that person with a jerk and its none other than Daadi and it takes few seconds for him to compose himself..

Daadi is controlling her laugh with a great difficulty.

Daadi: Arre Arre Maan.. What happened? is all fine with you?

Maan: Woh.. woh ladki ... (That ...Girl)

D: Who?

He points out at the way she passed thro...and he closes his eyes with frustration wondering what is he trying to do?

M: You tell me who was that Girl Daadima? What was she doing here in this mansion?

D: Arre...this is what I want to ask you but you are just saying "That Girl "That Girl

Maan is really loosing it..he is not finding right words to describe her. He was so lost in her looks, antiques and above all her scolding..and in between all this, he forgot to ask her introduction.

M: That girl who wore a kind of orange nahin mustard colour dress..and she just passed thro me..

D: I remember...She is Geet..she came to see me...and..

Maan is already furious on this girl and the fact that she came to see Daadi is adding more fuel to the fire. On one hand, his mind is hit by a very strange feeling since the time this girl has bumped on him and now, the cherry to top it is to know her name, but the other side of him is offended hearing her shouting at him and he just couldn't do anything apart from listening to her and couldn't even succeed in stopping her. This has never ever happened in his life.

M: Now, who is this girl Daadi? You know how she was shouting at me? How dare she?

D: Oh..did she really? I have heard that no one even dares to talk in front of MSK...and she shouted at you? Hmm...I am surprised..

she takes a pitiful sigh and Maan very well aware of Daadi's antiques. He knows that she is not surprised but impressed as someone dared to shout at her grandson

Aura ap chup chaap sunthe rahe? Kuch kaha kyon nahin? (And you listented to her quietly. You didn't tell anything?

Maan clears his throat and stammers a bit...

Noo.. No...who told you? I gave her back..I mean..

Daadi is really shocked to see his state of mind...His all hidden talents are coming out one by one...he is behaving like a 10 year old kid who has lost his fight with his pear but doesn't want to admit it and on top of that he is is lying and also stammering...

D: By the way, why she shouted at you? Daadi asks this as if she doesn't know anything.

M: She said I am late and what not...and ...

D: Oh is it? By the way, aren't you late?

M: Daadi..I will explain this later... before I loose my temper tell me who is she?

Actually his curiousness is having an upper hand over his temperament.

D: I told you na? She is Geet..she is..

Now, he is getting impatient and cutting off Daadi in half way

M: Now, don't tell me you are recommending her for a job in Khurana Group.

Now, Daadi is loosing it. Wondering what's up with her grandson

D: Stop it fact she will need lot of people to join her team now..

Maan looks at her questioningly.

D: Yes, she is the event manager of ELEGANCE

Maan simply couldn't believe what he heard from Daadi... but still he has to maintain his MSK attitude and its even more challenging to maintain his MSK image in front of his own Daadi.

M: Kya? Woh ladki? Aur Event Manager? ...

Maan Gives one glare to Daadi and Daadi doesn't even care and continues..

D: YES..And She is the one whom I have assigned the responsibility of Annie's complete wedding arrangements.

He grits his teeth. What? That girl and ... he controls his fist..

M: No way, I reject her.

D: HELLO...She didn't come here to attend any interview for secretary position and then you hire and fire and then again conduct interviews again...huh.. I am straight forward and when I am confident, I make my decision and you know me very well, I never fail in what ever I decide. The deal is done and advance cheque is already handed over to her.

M: You should have waited for me before finalising it.

D: I had called you here so that you can be present in the meeting ...but as usual, you didn't show up..

M: What could I do? I had some very crucial meetings lined up in the evening. and after you called me, I had to hand over the meeting responsibilities to the project managers and concerned personnel's before coming over here.

D: challo...atleast, you should have sent Aadi na?

M: I sent him to KM immediately after your call..

D: But he didn't reach here yet.

M: WHAT? He takes an anger filled sigh before know, it was very important for me that Aadi has to be present in the meetings? But you forced me to send him. And now you are complaining he hasn't reached here yet.

D: I tried calling him so many times. Its Either it was switched off or no answer. He never does this..he is so punctual and sharp. Now, what would have happened to him? Wish for his safety now.

Daadi is concerned for Aadi now but Maan is fuming even more thinking how geet addressing him (Maan) as Daadi's PA still wondering what made Geet think about him like that.

M: Is Aadi kit ho main...

Maan takes out his mobile and calls him...on the other side aadi has just stepped into KM and few feet away from the place where Daadi was waiting for him and right at that time...Aadi's mobile vibrates on his pant pocket and he takes the call with out seeing the caller ID and simultaneously enters the hall where Daadi was waiting for him...And the moment he takes the call and said HELLO, the entire Khurana Mansion could feel the tremor.


Aadi slipped and his mobile feel down and he hit on the gold plated flower vase...

The moment, Maan turned to look at Aadi with an intense glare..Aadi didn't know wht to do..instead of walking straight, he tried to take a shortcut and climbed upon the sofa and then jumped down.. he is shocked to see Maan is also present in the hall which he didn't expect atall or say, not prepared for it

Maan's anger doubled seeing Aadi.. 

M: YOU!!!

Aadi managed to reach  Daadi and then hid behind her and slowly peeps his eyes out to look at Maan. And murmering to Daadi..

A: Ma'm Please help me..

D: what happened Aadi? Why are you so late?

A: M...Maam..Pa..Pa...Please help me from Maan sir now. I...I will tell you every thing..

D: Good thing..first put your hand in lion's mouth and then run for your life...

Another Roar from Maan and Aadi and Daadi instantly stop their murmuring session

M: Aadi...before I lose my temper, you better come and stand in front of me...

D: Rukkiye Maan...Please let him relax and talk..

M: Relax? Haan, Itna kuch hone ke baad relax?

D: Eisa kya hogaya hain Maan?

Maan has absolutely no answer and turns his face away. He has lost all senses from the time he got to see Geet.

D: By the way, I had reminded you this afternoon about who is reporting to who...So, be patient and listen to Aadi for once.

Daadi gets a glass of water for Aadi which he consumes in one go spilling few drops on himself as he is still in a nervous state but seems to be a bit relaxed now.

D: Now tell me Aadi...what happened. Why you are so late? You know, how many times I had called you?

A: couldn't take your call..because...

Aadi looks at Maan ...he knows very well that Maan doesn't like excuses..

A: I was in Hospital this long.

D: Kya? Kya hua ? Sab tik hain na?

A: M..Mam..Woh Deepa Di

Aadi became sad for a moment. Daadi knows Aadi's family very well. Aadi's family consists of his mom and his elder sister Deepa whom he considers as his lifeline. Deepa is 7 months pregnant and her delivery is supposed to happen in maternal home. Also, Deepa's husband is on travel and was likely to come back one or two weeks before her due date.

Now, Daadi gets worried listening Aadi taking Deepa's name. She knows how much Aadi loves and respects Deepa and moreover, he was so excited about the new member coming into the family and he was also arranging for the baby shower..

Daadi continues giving a strong hold on Aadi's shoulder.

D: Kya hua Deepa ko?

A: Woh..when I left from office around 2 PM today, Ma had called me and told me that Di  slipped when she walked down the stairs..and..and the moment I heard that, I didn't know what to do, Luckyly my home is close to KC and I immediately rushed to my home and took Di and Maa to the hospital near by.

Daadi is really feeling sad for Aadi now.. But MSK is MSK...he is still not convinced..

M: But Aadi..

D: For god sake, please react after listening to him completely.

Maan is still furious about what Aadi did and he still wants to bounce at him...but he is forced to be tight lipped in front of Daadi and he simply turns away.

D: Ab Deepa kaisi hain?

A: with God's blessings, All fine...  but this incident has given way to some complications and hence Doctor has suggested to keep Di under observation for few days and had to admit her in hospital.

Even though Maan is convinced that Aadi had a valid reason for not coming here on time, but he could have informed him or Daadi somehow.

M: Aadi, you should have atleast called Daadi...

A: I could call her only when I was out of hospital and I did call her for about 3 times while on my way to Mansion But no answer.

Just then Daadi realised that her mobile was kept on silent mode and its still kept in the side table near by and she immediately checks it now to find 3 missed calls from Aadi.

D: Oh..sorry Aadi. I was here in a meeting  and had to put it in silent mode...but I was holding it with me all the time so that I could reach you and prepared to take your call and then, I had to keep the mobile aside for some time so that I could bid good bye to the girl who came to meet me.

A: S..Sorry Ma'm Please tell me what meeting it was...

D: Its ok...we will talk later. Now, Deepa would need you by her side. Please carry on.

A: M.. Mam, Mom is with Deepa Di for the time being. Hence not to worry.

D: Hmm.. Woh..Aani ki shadi fix huvi hain na...So, I had a meeting with the wedding organizers and happen to meet Priya in the morning and Geet in the evening...

Daadi narrates him everything about her meeting with Geet about her experience as a Events manager and arranging for weddings.. and she is the one who is going to handle Annie's wedding ...

Maan and Aadi were listening to her carefully and calmly but Maan is still not convinced that Geet can handle such a huge responsibility by herself and no way he can make Daadi understand. ...

Daadi goes on and on and she also concluded mentioning about Geet's anger on her ( Daadi's) PA as he couldn't make it here on time. Now Aadi gets further tensed..

A: Oh no Maa'm, I am going to get scolding from Geet Mam when I happen to meet her next?

Daadi glares at Maan who is all lost in some other world now...making Daadi smile inwardly

D: Don't worry...she is already done with this task by blasting Mr. Right Hand.

Now, Maan glares back at Daadima. So, she has overheard the convo that happened between him and Geet...He stares back at Daadi and Daadi simply smiles back at him. And inbetween them, Aadi is blinking with confusion

Aadi: J...Ji?

Daadi: Now, Leave all this...Your family needs you at this point of time. So, think about them first. Your sister is admitted in hospital and your mom will not be able to manage everything all alone. I am granting an emergency leave for you right away.

Maan is again lost of words. Now what's the need to grant this leave when Aadi says his family can manage themselves?

A: Par Mam...I can see, its Annie Mam's  wedding and Lots of work to do in this regard.

D: Don't worry about Annie's wedding, now, I have handed over the responsibility to a trust worthy source.  Now, You take few days off and its my order...Also, do send me the hospital bills and medical expenses, I will transfer the money to your account.

Aadi is really moved with Savithriji's kind gesture.

A: Mam...Is ki kya zaroorat thi?

Daadi rests her hands on Aadi's shoulder. Its not only for you, but for the sake of your dad who had loyally served Khurana business empire and after his death, you are holding on to that position. I am so proud of your family..Now, you got your answers?

A: Par Mam..

D: Now, you leave to the hospital and take care. Do call me or Maan if you need any help.

A: S..Sure Mam.

Maan: Ruko Aadi...

Maan again calls out his name with a tough tone and Aadi is startled once again.

A: Y...Yes... SIR

Maan: As Daadi said, you take care of your family, but in case of some important meetings or emergency, I shall call you for help.

A: S...ure S..sir..Anytime.

He takes a phew and wishes good bye before leaving.

Maan to Daadi: Kya Daadi, Aap bhi na? I didn't mind helping Aadi finiancially. But what about work? You know how much tasks are pending in office? How am I suppose to do it all alone?

Daadi is really astonished with Maan's behaviour now.

D: Arre too have a family. So, understand from that point of view. I know Aadi. He loves his mom and sister so much..And he can go to any extreme to maintain the happiness of his family unlike you...

Daadi stops with a frustrated grin.

M: What did you just say? Now where have I gone wrong? All what I have been doing is for the bright future of my family.

D: For bright future, you also need to spend valuable time with your family Maan..

Maan doesn't have an answer for this and turns away..

Daadi comes around and holds his hand.

D: I understand, you are too much involved into this business mainly to retain Good will of Khurana Business and in order to secure your family future. But remember that your personal contribution is what is most needed here. You see...Annie is your only sister and her wedding round the corner. She needs your love, pampering and all special attention at this point of time.  And then coming to me, I want to see you settle down in your family life

M: Daadima, please don't start all over again.

D:Yeah..this is the trademark dialogue which instantly comes out of your mouth whenever, I try to make you understand what is expected out of you.

Now he leaves from there without further answering.

D ST: Maan..let me see for how long you will run away from yourself like this.

@ Kapoors Villa

Geet walks in trying to hide all her excitements to the maximum possible.

Pihu: GEET DI AAGAYI... and she runs and hugs Geet...

Geet hugs her back and kisses on her forehead. And Priya marches towards them with all anger filled face and Pihu and Geet stand like a statue now.

Priya: Ho gaya tum dono ka? (Are you done?)

Priya rests her hands on her hip and takes a long sigh before continuing...

P: Geet..what happened? I have been waiting for so long. Should have called me atleast once na?

One hug from Geet and Priya's anger calms down instantly..

G: Sorry Di...You know how the evening traffic goes...

P: Tik, how was the meeting with Savithriji? What did she say?

Geet: Haan..tik tak gaya... We just happen to exchange few words and...

Priya is really confused... She expected  Geet to be all excited after this meeting... but Geet talks too casually as she wants to see Priya's reaction while seeing the cheque..she doesn't want anything else to overpower it.

Priya: AND?

Geet takes a sigh...and hands over the cheque to Priya..

Geet: And she gave me this

Priya takes the cheque and Geet winks at Ram gesturing him to be prepared to attend to any creative reactions from Priya once she happens to see the cheque.

Priya too makes the same reading mistake..

Priya: Oh...good that we got advance of 10 lakhs...

Geet: Di...what happened to your maths...please count the zeros correctly...

Priya counts the zeros first and she counts it again and again...and Geet is controlling her laugh to the maximum...and Ram and Pihu  are really confused what's happening? Why Priya is counting the zeros again and again...

Ram: Priya, you are really getting old, you can as well see the amount that's filled in words.

Pihu takes the cheque and reads it out loud... "One Crore Rupees ONLY..

Forget about Priya, now, Ram is going to faint...

Priya: Geet..Are you sure that Savithriji has issued this cheque?

Geet now has all smiles on her face and she holds Priya, Ram and Pihu and swings and shouts loudly...YES...WE HAVE GOT ADVANCE AMOUNT OF ONE CRORE..

Now Priya gets breathless and she is panting as she is unable to control and express her excitement. Ram and Geet help her to relax and help her with Asthma Pumps and a glass of water.

Geet to Ram: Dhekha...I told you what would be Di's reaction.

Ram: Oye Geet..forget about Priya, I guess, I am going breathless with the advance amount that you are going to get..

Geet and Pihu are in full giggles.

Priya is not able to hold on to her raising heartbeat...she is really excited hearing about the advance amount. She slowly calms down and then she waks Geet...

Priya: Geet ki bachi...You should have told me first itself..Nautanki kahiki..

Geet: either ways, I knew you will surely go breathless so, what's the point. I thought lets make this moment more eventfull...hain na?

Pihu: Ma..Di...Bohuth bhook lagi hain..

Priya: Lets finish with Dinner and then talk hmm?

After finishing with Dinner in the dining area, ... all sit down in the hall and chit chat for some time and just then, Nathu kaka surprises everyone with special kheer that he has made..

Priya: Kya baat hain Nathu Kaka?

Nathu Kaka: Woh Geet bitiya had called me when she was on her way back home and asked me to make this...and again asked me to keep it as a surprise.

Ram, Priya and Pihu were really amused...and moreover, its Pihu's favorite kheer and she is relishing tasting it.

After a while, Pihu bids good night to everyone and heads to her bedroom while The rest all members continue their talk with each other whilst holding the kheer bowl in their hand.

Now, Geet is showing all her excitement from the time she visited KM, and her meeting with Daadima and all what followed...

Geet: Di..they live in such a huge place...But why do they need such a huge space in first place? I am sure their entire life will be lost in hide and seek and looking out for each other.

Ram and Priya gaze at each other and smile at Geet's innocent talks with all excited expressions.

While Geet continues talking and enjoying the kheer simultaneously. Ram takes another scoop of Kheer and Priya instantly stops him keeping in mind about his diabetes level.

Priya: Yeh aap kya kar rahe hain? (What are you doing?). One scoop itself is too much and now you are taking one more..

Ram: have won a big contract and you are not permitting me to have one more scoop of kheer? Not fair haan!! "KANJOOS

Priya: What do you mean "KANJOOS? I am concerned about your sugar levels and you are calling me "KANJOOS?

Ram: Yeah...I know, you always take a lead in shouting at me by pinpointing my sugar levels...arre...ek scoop main kya ho jaayega?

Priya really gets angry on him and she pulls the sweet bowl from his hand...and Ram pulls it back and again Priya succeeds. Geet has been silently observing their fight which is a common sight for her to watch every day.

Geet: Oh fo...fir se shuru ho gaye aap dono? (You both have started again?) Di, I know Ramji has high level of sugar...Don't worry...this kheer is made of "Sugar Free. He can even have 3rd round...nothing will happen.

Now Ram gives a teasing look to Priya and pulls back the sweet bowl and Geet continues with her talks filled with Excitement.

Geet: You know...I got lost onthe way while entering as well as exiting KM..Thanks god I bumped on the senior servant who took me to Savithriji and while exiting I bumped on..that...that..

Ram and Priya again look at each other and then at Geet and voice it out at Geet..


Geet is really wondering why is she thinking about that kaam chor PA again and again..She clinches her fist and closes her eyes..and...says Loudly.

Geet: Woh Woh...CHADDO.. (That  That ..Leave it)

And she suddenly got into silent mode and she is fuming to remember Savithriji's PA. Looking at sudden change of expressions in Geet, Ram and Priya look at each other questioningly. She is the one who started and she says.. "Leave it!!! Geet could read their confusions and she composes herself and continues.

Sach main Di...Savithriji is such a gem of a person...she made me feel so very comfortable. Hee hee..Priya di...who bhi bilkul aap ki tarah hain...she almost fainted the moment she came to know that I am the event manager for Elegance and I am going to take a lead in Annie's marriage responsibilities. And she was scanning me from top to bottom again and again and she was not at all ready to believe me...I handed over my business card and then slowly took her into my confidence...and we both started feeling so comfortable with each other. She also strictly told me to address her as "Daadima...

Priya: Acha? So, once again you managed to do wonders...Great!

Geet continues with all her experience of her meeting with Savithriji...Priya and Ram are quietly listening to her chit chat.. and at one mode she started describing Savithriji's personal life...

Geet: Par Di, coming to her personal life, She is really lonely. I could feel she is really been taken for Granted...

Priya: Acha, eisa kyon laga tumhen? (Oh really? Why  you felt so?)

Geet: See...its her grand daughter's wedding. I expected her grand daughter to be present during this meeting...but that madam had a day out with her friends...Coming to Daadi's second grand son and daughter in law, it seems...their marriage happened just almost a year ago and they are settled in Canada. Even though they seemed to be attached to the family...but still, it seems they plan to come over here just 2 days before the wedding...and last but not the least...

Geet takes a long and disappointing pause before continuing...

I'm coming to comment about her elder grandson... HAH..THE SO CALLED ELIGIBLE BACHELOR IN THE TOWN...NO NO..IN THE COUNTRY...

Priya: What? What do you mean? All the younger ones are settled in their family life and he is still a bachelor? But why?

Geet: Ya Di..even I was wondering with this question. It seems he is fully involved in handling business and Poor Daadi..she is so much worried about him. And this is not atall fair on his part to trouble Daadi so much. It seems he has never been showing any interest in the alliances which Daadi sourced for him. Wonder what he really wants out of life.

Now Ram interferes

Ram: Arre yaar...Why you want him to get married...let him be at peace na.

Priya and Geet glare at him

I mean..try to think from his point of view..he is the eldest in this generation and he must be having too many responsibilities on his shoulder... He would need some time.

Priya: Yeh kya baath huvi? He too has his personal life. You see..all the younger members of the family have got married and He too needs to settle down with a suitable life partner ...after all he deserves happiness in his life..

Ram: But marriage and happiness are two poles apart and not at all related to each other... you see after marriage you don't even get to have one scoop of kheer peacefully.

Ram Self Talk: Eeye... yeh main ne kya keh daala? (What did I just say?)

He turns to look at Priya with a weak smile.

Ram: Ahem ..woh mera matlab hain... and he gulps when Priya comes near him and murmers in his ears.

Priya: MR RAM KAPOOR...Its time for revenge.

Ram: K...Kya karlogi?

Priya: Our Night assembly sleep in sofa and I sleep in bed..

Ram: NOOO!!!

Seeing them murmering, Geet is genuinely getting angry now..

Geet: You both please keep your fighting and romancing in your bedroom. Now, listen to me...

Ram and Priya give an embarrassed look to each other and listen to Geet now..

Geet: And Daadi got sad describing all this. And I assured her that everything will be fine and not to worry about her elder grandson. He will get married soon.. and my words boosted her with positiveness and she took a promise from me that I will help her in sourcing perfect match for her elder grand son..

Priya is going speechless. Wondering what to comment on this.

Ram: Arre...Priya-Geet...I didn't know that you both have started into marriage broking and match fixing as well.

Priya wacks him on his left hand...Its marriage and for us its not only a business deal...we have to consider lot of emotional aspects in mind.

Geet: Haan Ramji...we are in events management and especially when it comes to marriage we need to ensure everyone are happy...and positive emotions are intact. Especially with the elderly ones.

Priya pats on Geet's cheeks proudly... I am so happy to find you in my life my are so understanding and caring and that's what has been a success point for us.

Geet: Haan...bas ab jyada emotional mat hoyiye...I still have more to talk about today's meeting...

Priya: Acha? You missed to mention about someone?

Geet: Haan...Haan..di..he is the centre of all attractions... and he is Savithriji's PA.

Priya: Oh...interesting...

Geet: Really Interesting di...such a hardworking person you see... Savithriji wanted him to be present in the meeting ..AND HE DIDN'T EVEN SHOW UP!

Geet cutely looks up...Hey babaji...I am forced to talk about him and you are all smiling at my helplessness.

Priya and Ram look at each other for a brief sec...She is the one who started and murmerring all this...But Both Priya and Ram smile at Geet's sarcasm about Savithriji's PA and want to know more

Ram: Oh My!  Why is he like that?

Geet: Me too wonder what is he made of.. You see..Savithriji gives him equal importance as if he is part of the family and moreover, she considers him as "Right Hand... aur us ki himmat tho dekho..he walks in just after the meeting is over...and that too with full attitude as if he is the major share holder of Khurana business and he is specially invited here..

Geet takes a real anger filled sigh before continuing...Ram and Priya listening to her with their eyes, ears and mouth wide open.

Geet: And...Eeeh...I bumped on him accidently...she again looks up cutely...hey babaji..why did I bump on someone and that too on that PA..

Priya is really getting curious now...

Priya:  Oh..seriously, Babaji is so mean with you Geet...

Geet: Haan Di...but I didn't leave him... And you know what? He wasn't feeling sorry for all what he did and was trying to widen his big big eyes on me... and I gave him a good piece of mind...

Ram and Priya really worried for her now..

Priya: Ey Lo.. why you want to get into all this? You just take care your work there... Let Savithriji handle her PA.

Geet: I said, everyone there are taking advantage of Savithriji's humbleness.. including her own grandchildren and this so called Right Hand...

Geet pause for few seconds lost in the days event..

Geet: Di.. you don't worry...its my responsibility for the successful execution of this wedding event...and above all Savithriji's happiness. I can even go to an extent when I have to bring all her grand children on track..especially her elder grandson...and and THIS kit ho main..

Geet is all red in anger and  Ram and Priya couldn't help...they were just staring back at her with their mouth open as both have never witnessed Geet to be this hyper and that too at a Client's PA. Also, Priya assumes that this PA must be some middle aged guy keeping Savithriji's age into consideration.

Priya clears her throat before talking further.

P: Well Geet, at middle age, he might tend to get leave it na..

G: What? Middle age? Who that PA? He is very young di.. seems to be between 25-28 years of age..

Priya is getting even more curious now...Now, you also tell me how does he look?

Geet without thinking twice she answers ... "Very handsome

Geet bites her tongue instantly with what she just said.. It came straight from her heart. She is really going pink and red with some strangeness and she doesn't know what it is.. she really don't want to discuss about him further now and excuses herself.

G: Di..Ab choddo...I don't want to discuss further on that Kaam chor...have to take your leave now..getting late and lot of work for tomorrow...I have a meeting with Savithriji and may be this time with Annie..

Geet hugs Priya.. Good Night both of you... and she leaves from there.

Pihu and Geet share the same room and she leaves to her room right away..where as Priya is wondering what's really happening with Geet and that PA... She murmurs to Ram...

P: Ram...I could feel some invisible spark between Geet and PA...And somewhere she is going overboard with her opinion and take on this PA and many a times it ignites some positiveness in their relationship.

R: Oh really? How sure are you?

P: You see...amidst all the negatives, she said he is a handsome guy.

R: us se kya prove hotha hain?

P: Woh..They say na... "2 negetives makes a positive or say, "opposites attract and remember our first meeting?  I was fuming with so much anger and wanted to kill you with my bare hands.

R: You never told me this...and I was thinking that it was love at first sight for both of us...

P: Haan...remember that meeting where I was representing another events company. I had visited your office and you outrightly rejected our proposal.. huh.. I was going Mad thinking about you and your behaviour for the whole day and was complaining to my mom..

R: Haan...even today, I stand by my from events and me from Interiors...donon ka kya connection ho saktha hain?

Priya was making an angry baby face and turned her face away... Ram holds Priya's hand gently...

R: but all that matters now is our life got connected with each other

Priya blushes and rests her head on his shoulder...

P: And Really wonder how we got this far in life...

R: And you feel a similar connection between Geet and that PA?

P: hmm.. May be .. I mean, Kind of...this is what my sixth sense claims...Lets see..

R: And my sixth sense is telling something else right now..

Ram now lifts Priya and makes a slow move towards their room..He cannot wait anymore..

P: Huh...what are you doing? What if someone sees us?

R: Geet and Pihu are off to sleep...and Then, Nathu kaka...what do you expect him to think? He is a married man as well..

P: Priya waks him...kuch tho sharam karo Ram..

R: I am romancing my wife...if anyone has any problem.. let them blind fold themselves...

Ram gives a naughty look to Priya  and she blushes thinking all that's going to happen when they make to their bedroom.

Back to KM..

At Maan's room.

Maan reaches his room and until yesterday, the silence of this room would engulf him but today, strangely he is having a very strange feeling as he is still living with the thoughts of all what happened in the he bumped on Geet and...

Maan ST:, she thought I am  PA of Daadi? Wohi tho! If she would have known I'm THE MSK , she wouldn't have dared to even stand in front of me...

of course his "GREAT Grand Mother would have not left any chance and would have poured out all her emotions in front of this girl and...he recalls the exchange of words between him and Geet...Sorry..not exchange of words it was only HER and her talking .

I will make sure that  next time when we meet, only I will talk and she has to listen to me...that's it...So, Ms. Geet...BE PREPARED and he smirks

Precap: They meet again!! Now, who needs to be prepared? LOL

Edited by Vaidhumom - 2018-11-30T06:20:39Z
Posted: 2018-11-29T01:54:11Z
Posted: 2018-11-29T05:12:14Z
Posted: 2018-11-29T10:13:45Z
wonderful news! waiting!!! Day Dreaming
Posted: 2018-11-30T11:20:45Z
an update after so long! it was worth the wait!!! 

Part 4

phenomenal update! superbly written! 

Geet will be shocked when she meets the MSK and Adi aka dadi's right hand! 

Ram and Geet share a nice bond! happy for Geet and Priya! 

Poor Maan cannot fathom what happened! 

dadima is such a nautanki! loved how she teases Maan! wow MSK and stammering!!! can understand Dadi's surprise! 

Maan can never win before his dadi!!! 

Maan realised why Geet assumes he is Dadi's PA! 

Love MSK and how he makes Aadi tremble! 

oh no Aadi in deep trouble! thank God dadi saved Aadi from Maan's anger! 

at least Aadi had a genuine excuse! Dadi is so understanding! 

liked that dadi helped Aadi! 

great that dadi advised Maan! hope he listens to her! 

wow Geet accurately predicted Priya and Ram's reactions! 

nice that Geet is thinking about Maan! 

Geet tells Priya about SD!at least Geet thinks Maan is handsome! 

Priya curious about Geet and SD's PA. what will Priya do?

Ram is so romantic!!

Hmm Maan is thinking about Geet!! seems like their interaction has impacted on Maan! 

awesome precap! 

update tomorrow please!?

Edited by khwaishfan - 2018-11-30T11:21:14Z
Posted: 2018-11-30T12:25:25Z
Nice update dear Geet left the km with the advance cheque leaving mann angry as she scholded him thinking he is Savitriji PA for his negligence daddimaa is enjoying every thing seeing how Geet is scholded him mann is not able to answer also
Adi told why he is Kate daddimaa is very concern and told him to take leave and also send bills to her mann is anger that she give him leave but finally accept what daddimaa told
Geet narratowhat all happened in km to Priya and ram
Posted: 2018-11-30T15:01:49Z
Fantastic update. Love the bond Geet shares with Ram and Priya.They understand her well and so is the case with Geet. The whole part of Geet telling them what happened at KM was interesting. DM and Maan share a different relation.  They care for each other but that closeness is missing. Loved how Maan was stupefied by Geet's outburst and would have blasted Adi but poor Adi was saved by DM. looking forward to next.

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