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Posted: 6 years ago
I just wanted to ramble.. sooo... which is the best place other IF to do it... pehle tho..i felt that elimination of muskan was unfair.. she deserved to stay.. i seriously thought akash will be eliminated and to my shock it was muskan and ritik who got lowest votes!!! Kya dekh vote karte hai janta??? Seriously.. akash m is doubt about that... but it is stressful for him too .. to practice for something every week and bachcha hai bhai!!! Just for his cuteness, why are u insisting on him to stay!! Now... second thing... i am confused between 3 people.. i mean about which one is the best... akash t , ritik and bishal!!! They bring about something new and beautiful everytime they come to the stage..if someone ask me who should win.the show... i would long as it is someone among this 3..i will be very very happy!!! And another thing... why there is no activity in this forum??? Phewww... rambling mode i will be off


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Posted: 6 years ago
I too am wondering as to why the forum is so silent.
Coming to Muskan 's elimination, I was not surprised since I found her too repetitive in each episode. I agree she is amazing at robotics but I kind of got bored after watching the same kind of dance week after week. Only Arushi 's elimination surprised me. I thought she deserved to stay.

My favourite is Akash T and Bishal. Anyone of these win, I will be glad. I always vote for these two kids.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Muskan's elimination was not as shocking as Arushi's tbh. Arushi deserved to be in top 4. Muskan was one my favorites following Ritik and Akash Thapa but after few weeks she lost her charm and I got bored of watching her same stunts over and over again. Paul should've given her sth other than robotics that Pratik did in aadla-badli episode. But ya Muskan definitely deserved to be in top 5.
and Akash M needs to go 😡

I'm happy as long as one from Ritik and Akash T wins. These two are amazing dancers and they have such good choreographers 😳. 
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Posted: 6 years ago
Muskan was boring..i.agree.. but she deserved to be in top 6. Akash M is cute.. he is a bachcha!! And i love him. But keeping him there just to increase trp is not fair!!!