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1) For those who have already read ORP on the wedding anniversary thread, the fresh updates will be up from PART 7 onwards...will update PART 6 by tomorrow and PART 7 is almost done...Meantime, I am reposting here with edits, pictures and new dialogues here and there. I want to make this SS more exciting for the new readers and hence. please bare with me. Embarrassed
2) Maaneet not meeting in this chapter. Before that I wanted to give Geet's POV and this chapter and majority of the next chapter focus on Geet. Hope you all are with me. Embarrassed

Some more introduction about Geet's family and friends to avoid confusion:
Daarji: Geet's Grandfather. Father of Rajinder, Mohinder.
Rajinder-Manjeet: Elder son and daughter in law of the Handa Family. (Geet's Taya and Tayiji)
Tejinder: Elder son of Rajinder and Manjeet (Geet's cousin 27 years old)
Simran: Wife of Tejinder
Nandini: Daughter of Rajinder-Manjeet. Over 1 year younger to Geet.
Mohinder-Rano: Geet's parents
Rajini Urf Rajji: Geet's younger sister.
Tito: 8 year old son of Rano's younger sister who lives nearby. i.e, he is maternal cousin of Geet. and all the time he is in Handa Haveli as he is close to Mohinder-Rano-Geet and Rajji.

Ridhima (Ridzi): Geet's best friend
Armaan: Fiance of Ridzi. Doctor by profession. More about him later


Meri Geet ko jald se jald le aayiye maan..bohuth soona soona sa lag raha hain us ke bina.. (Please bring back Geet...Her absence is giving such a deserted feeling) Its very strange that Maan too agrees to Daadi and he gives in to her hug assuring her that he will bring back Geet...his wife.

At the Same time in Hoshiyarpur...
Geet cuts the call with Shantima. And she is all lost in her thoughts that had happened 2 days ago...she was so despirate to ask Shantima about Maan...how is he? Has he even for once enquired Shantima about me? why would he ever? He would have not even known that I am not present in KM at the moment. Tears rolls down her cheeks...she doesnt even have any right to enquire about Maan and he too never cared if she is living or dead.. .."That's the fate of my married life"  She sighs and wipes her tears and walks out of her room in the first floor of the Handa Haveli...Her maternal home.. 

All the time she has been praising about Maan being a loving and caring husband, Daadi has been showering all her motherly love  and Prem & Anvesha have been in constant touch with her. Everyone in the Handa family are having high expectations for Maan and Daadi to attend Nandni's wedding and Geet has given a strong assurance. But she knows the actual truth and hence decides to apologize on behalf of her in laws at the later stage...To live peacefully here and in order to successfully give her exams, she has to take each and every day as it comes... She walks down and some of the neighboring women and Manjit have gathered for their morning get together and Rano and simran are serving Tea and some snaks for them. They see Geet and they call out to her as they get to see her after almost one year.

Lady 1: Arre Geet...when did you come?

Geet: Ji...I came here yesterday morning

Lady 2: Your wedding happened all of a sudden...and we couldnt make it...But we have heard that you have got married into richie rich family of Delhi.

Geet just smiles at them weakly where as Manjit turns away her face with an angry pout.

Lady 3: so, how are things? How is your husband and his family? 
before she could answer...the other lady comes up with a question and they also start talking among themselves.

Lady 4: Acha...you have come too early for Nandni's wedding na? 

Lady 1: Haan...I guess another 3 weeks to go..and your inlaws gave you permission to come here so early?

Geet: Ji..I have also got my BA final year exams which will get over Just before Nandini's wedding. 

All woman give such shocking look to each other...and then a disapproving look to Geet...
Lady 2: Arre kya geet beta...you are married now...you need to concentrate in your family and having children..woh sab chodke tum apne sasural main padayi kar rahi thi? 

Lady 3: Our daughters have passed high schooling and that itself is a higher education as per our standards...and you are here to give your BA exams without even caring for your family? Yeh kya baath huvi beta?

Manjit sighs as if she is so sad with Geet's behaviour...Ab Dhekiye na because of this she couldnt even concentrate on family...Ek saal hone ko aaya hain is ki shaadi ko. Khush kabri tho door...Lagtha hain is ne abhi tak us family ko teek se samhala bhi nahin hain ...Aur rahe Bacche? how is it possible when she is so busy with her studies and not giving enough time to her husband?

Lady 2: Arre beta... shadi ke ek saal hone ko aaye...Tumhare aur tumhare pathi ke beech main sab tik hain na? Doctor se mile kya?

Geet is feeling like banging her head somewhere...

Manjit: Arre Doctor se milke kya fayda..Is ladki ko pehle samaj aajaye tho sab tik ho jaayega.

 Manjit continues by taunting Rano..."Aur padao apni beti ko...Haan!!"
Just then Simran, (Tejinder's wife / Manjit's daughter in law) comes and serves something to these ladies...

Now, the best example for a good daughter in law is Simran..ab dekho..kitne ache se samhal rahi hain is ghar ko. She got married into this family and within one year I am blessd with a grand son.. and now we are expecting the second one soon..

Geet runs and hugs Simran...Arre Bhabhi...you didnt tell me...how many months now?

Simran gives a weak smile and maintains a tight lip when manjit is around..

Manjit: Main batathi hoon...she is now 2 months pregnant. And coming to my daughter Nandni, I stopped her education with her 12th std and I trained her in and out about home management...

Manjit tells so very proudly at the same time, another pointer she gets on Geet..

Manjit: Main tho kahoon, Geet ke sasural walon ko na, mujh se training lena chahiye ki kaise apni bahu ko samhale. 

Geet is really loosing i but she cannot voice it out. Its understandable that Hoshiyarpur is a small town and here its natural for people to talk like this. But at least she was expecting some understanding from her maternal family...her Darji and Tayaji go more by Manjit's words as she has ruled this family taking full benefits of an elder daughter in law. Geet's daarji and Tayaji have been indirectly questioning her relationship with Maan...all she could tell them is everything is fine..and she is busy with her studies and he is busy with business and travel and geet has assured them they will hear good news soon just in order to avoid any further embaresment and put a stop on this discussion. But Manjit has been really hitting her nerves. Manjit doesnt leave any chances to taunt Geet and she talks even more when her friends Gather. The only people who understand her is Mohinder-Rano-Rajji and also Nandni. 

Geet pulls Rano aside and talks to her...

Geet: Maa..what's up with this Tayiji? (Manjit?) Why is she behaving like this wtih me and no body including you, papa, Daarji is voicing it out? What have I ever done Ma? I have been doing all what my elders have asked me to do.  I am coming here almost after a year and I  am getting welcomed this way...

Rano: Geet...you know Manjit...she is one hell of a jealous woman. First of all she is jealous of you as Nandini is not as beautiful as you...and to add more fuel to the fire, you have got married into a richie rich family and the Aliance for Nandini is from a middle class family. Tumhare tayaji bohuth ache hain...he is really caring and understanding...but he too is helpless in front of Manjit... Being the elder daughter in law, Manjit takes more liberty in talking and we cannot object to her talks and if you do, our personal culture and discipline is questioned...especially yours as you are a daughter in law of another famiy now. 

Geet: Par Ma, isint she degrading her own daughter? And Nandini is also upset with her mom's (Manjit's) behaviour...Whenever that guy comes to meet Nandini, Manjit keeps taunting him about his class and background...and that guy has been baring all this because he has began to love Nandini. And by the way, what's between me and my husband and my family is something personal to me...why is she interfearing in that matter?  Also, she giving me all lectures about being good or bad...par unko is tarah baath karna kya shoba detha hain?

Geet takes a frustating sigh and continues...

Geet: And she praises Simran so much in front of others..but you know about the truth..that poor girl is really suffering here because of Manjit. Her son is just 15 months old aur akeli apne bete ko samhalthi hain aur ghar ke kitne kaam karthi hain...she looks so weak and worn out...and topping all her problems, she is pregnant again.

Rano: Geet beta, that's what they expect an ideal daughter in law to be...Anyways, dont break your head with all these things...me, papa and Rajji are supporting you strongly with regard to your studies or any personal support., ignore all this...you had some work right? Just go ahead and finish it.

Geet: Haan ma...I have a lot to do in these 3 weeks because of my exams. And its a must for me to clear these exams.
Rano: Main ne kaha na beta...we three are always there to support you. 
Geet pecks on Rano's cheeks..Thank you ma..

There is a huge horn sound from outside home...Manjit closes her ears...
Manjit: Aagayi...wo amir baap ki bigdi huvi ladki...RIDHIMA...
Manji'ts talks are still on and her friends are her good listeners...
Manjit: Geet's friends have also greatly contributed in spoiling her...you see...

back to Geet - Rano...
Geet: Eello...ab inko Ridzi se bhi problem hain? Why is Tayiji dragging everyone whom I am associated with...CHADDO...Maa..ab mujhe chalna chahiye.

before Geet leaves from there...Rano holds her hand.. Rano also has her own share of lectures from Manjit with regard to Geet-Maan relationship. She keeps taunting Rano that rich guys from Delhi get married to girls from smaller towns and they use them and throw them out of their home and life one day.

Rano: Geet beta...there's no one around...sach sach batao..you are happy in your inlaws place na? Maan is taking good care of you na beta?
Geet: Haan...Haan ma..I bet you..he is the best person you would ever get to meet.
Rano: I didnt get to interact with Maan during that wedding...I am so eager to meet him during Nandini's wedding. 
Geet: He will be here at that time for sure. Fir jitna chahiye...khoob baathen karlena apne damad ji se...hmm? And she kisses Rano's cheeks and rushes from there adding more burden to her heart with each and every lies she has been telling her family.
Both friends hug and greet each other and Ridzy gives her a warm welcome...
Ridzy: Your Driver at your service Ma'm
Geet giggles at her and takes her seat and wears her seat belt.. While Ridzy drives the car.
Geet: Ridzy...tum bhi na...bil kul nahi badli
Ridzy: Par tum tho bohot badal gayi ho Geet...Ridzy scans Geet for a brief second...Maang main Sindoor...gale main Mangal sootra...Wah Wah...ek dam traditional bhartiya naari bangayi ho tum
Geet gives a weak smile while Ridzy was expecting her to blush...
Ridzy: Kya baat hain Geet? seriously yaar...you have changed a lot...what happened to you? 
Geet: Arre baba nothing like that...I am all fine and I am same same..again giving a weak smile.
Ridzy: Oh C'mon..its been more than 30 mins since we left your home and if you were YOU one year back, you would talk talk and talk without a fulstop...aur ab dekho...tera pura ka pura FULL - STOP hi hogaya hain
Geet: Ridzy...I have just come back yesterday na...give me some time to get back to normal.
Ridzy: Oh..is ka matlab, you didnt have a normal life in Delhi hain na?
Geet: Ridzy...please...dont talk rubbish...Geet takes a sigh...Dekho, your life changes after marriage you see...
Ridzy: But such a big change yaar?
Geet sighs as she knows that Ridzy would never understand all this...
Geet: Oh Ridzy..you have been asking only about me...what about you? Howz Arman? I am so very glad that your dad has shown green flag to your relationship.
Ridzy: Ha...Kaise nahin dikhathe green flag? Papa is so happy you know...un ki beti doctor nahin bani...par hone wale Damad Doctor hain...and she winks.
Geet: I am so happy for you dear...so, what next?
Ridzy: Hmm...me and Arman will get engaged
Geet: That's so nice to hear..
Ridzy: Haan...haan...it definetly sounds nice na? then dont miss to make it for the engagement and wedding along with your hubby.
Geet again gives a weak smile. Ridzy has been silently observing her
Geet: Acha, yeh batao...we are collecting our hall ticket tomorrow na?
Ridzy: Haan...tomorrow...and a good news...I mean...its a good news for you not for me.. our eco and statistics faculties have agreed to sit down with both of us for special classes and hence we are busy for the entire day tomorrow...further they will arrange for more classes based on the requirement.
Geet: Oh...Acha...tho tum bhi mere saath class attend kar rahi ho? that's great...
Ridzy: Gya great haan? Without you being around I didnt feel like even coming to college and used to bunk classes...Woh Economics faculty hain na...wohi...wo MOTI...She is also our head of the department from this year...she called my papa and complained him ... Aur mere papa...us se bhi aage.. He started emotionally blackmailing that MOTI...in typical olden days hero Guru dutt style holding his back of his palm on his forehead..."Main apni beti ko doctor tho nahi bana paaya...atleast BA degree holder tho banne dijiye Mam" . 

Ridzy cutely mimics her papa and glad to see finally  Geet bursting out to laugh...and Ridzy still continues...

Ridzy: And she agreed on one condition that I have to attend these special classes. Thank god you are here otherwise, Baap Re...mujse mujse na, yeh padai vadai nahin hotha...Just imagine if I had to become a doctor I have to study for 5 years and that too Medical...Eeeh...Meri PAPA ki tho...

Geet: hold on ... hold on ...take a breath before you continue... Geet pulls her cheeks cutely...baap re...kitni bolthi hain yeh ladki. 

Ridzi: And you...you are talking as if you have given only few words and out of which you are framing sentances with difficulty...

Geet again nods her head for a no...

Geet: rehne do na ridzi...acha chal..please drop me in that corner..
Ridzy: Tik hain mam...and just call me once you are done with all your work for today. Will pick you and drop home..
Geet: I will let you know dear...thank you.
Ridzy: Arre... bohuth THANK YOU bolne lagi ho tum. From when you became so formal with me haan? Tumhari to achi class leni padegi...
Geet: Lelena...I am all yours for 3 weeks...Geet giggles...
The car stops and Geet was about to leave...just then Ridzy holds her hand...
Ridzy: Geet...Is all fine with you?
Geet: Yeah Kya ho raha hain tumhen? ...You see by yourself na...main bil kul tik hoon.
Geet fakes a smile and Ridzy is not atall convinced.
Geet: challo...bye..
Ridzy: Bye dear
Ridzy is really tensed for Geet now. She could very well guess the artificialness in Geet's smile. She is no where near the Geet whom she knew one year ago. 
Geet is really disturbed with the atmosphere here in Hoshiyarpur as well...She came here with some hope of peace in her life and again...its getting even more challenging as every single second passes. She is fighting with so many things in her life at a time...

Now, Geet makes her way to the same Gurudwara where she got married almost a year ago...She goes to a lonely place within this Gurudwara and cries her heart out yet with a silent talk with her babaji...

Hey babaji...Do you remember me? I am your Geet...Your adorable devotee who has never missed to chant your name during the good and the bad phases of life..Everything happening in my life is all with your wish only na babaji? Now, tell me...why all this is happening in my life? What's my fault? Tell me one area where I failed to keep up my responsibility as a daughter, as a daughter in law, as a wife? WIFE? Was I really? This one year, forget the rights of a wife, but I have never got the right of a human being from him...Ours was a forced marriage..YES..more than me, he was forced into it... and he hates ME for that. What shall I do? tell me?

I wanted to tell him about my helpless situation but he never allowed me to even come near him and would cut me off whenever I want to talk to him...Eise main mein kya karthi? I know very well that he loves someone else...and he hates me so much as because of me, he had to sacrifice his love...Haan...woh kisi aur se pyar karthe hain...PARI Se...

Tears shed down her eyes remembering that day when he had taken her name in his drunken unconciousness just a day before leaving for his long business trip to london and that was a month ago.
(A mini flashback... showing both Geet and Maan's point of views)

There was a lavish party arranged by all business partners before Maan was leaving on his long business trip to london and by the time he reached home, it was nearly 1 AM. This was the rarest of the events where he got drunk to the level he got unconcious.

Seeing his condition, his driver and the security guy decides to call Geet on her intercom extention and they inform her about Maan's condition...

security: Ma'm...myself and saab's driver can support him to walk but we are worried that we cant help in taking him to his room which is in the first floor of the manscion.  What to do?

Geet: Aap...Aap unhe outhouse main le aayiye..I will bring the outhouse key..

Geet is going restless...she knows Maan is a social drinker. but what happened today? Outhouse will be the right option as she doesnt want Daadi to know about all this.. She rushes to the Outhouse where she stands still for a moment seeing maan's condition and the security and the driver are holding and supporting him on either side or else he will colapse down.

At outhouse, Geet switches on the lights and table lamps and sets the bed quickly and Maan is allowed to rest on the bed and she requests both driver and the security guys to leave from the place.

Geet helps in removing Maan's shoes and socks, and covers him with a duvet and she happen to accidently brush her hand on Maan's broad chest and he holds Geet's hand with a tight grip...and Geet is terrified with this act...and she tries to come out of his hard grip but fails. He slowly blink opens his eyes whilst in his unconcious state but he could see his pari's (Geet's) face clearly as she is standing close to the table lamp that's near the cot. 

At the same time, Geet gets nervous to see him looking at her like that...as she is strictly following his rules to not to cross his parth but today, she is forced to do so.

(Author Note: Before going further, would like to clarify that Maan is talking to GEET who is actually his PARI...did you all get it? WinkTongue

Maan:  Tum Aagayi? Where were you? What took so long to come to me?
Maan talks slowly but clearly...and Geet is really not able to understand...is he really referring to her?

Geet: Sunye...please leave my hand...you need to take rest...
he doesnt care.. and he continues his talk whilst holding on with his grip

Maan: Purple colour suits you too ...but I love you more in Pink colour..

Geet is really amused to hear him talk like this. She looks at herself and YES...she is wearing a purple colour dress now...an innocent blush touches her lips with what he says...but still she has to maintain her cautiousness. 

He strengthens his hold on her hand and he is all staring at Geet (His PARI) ...And Geet is really getting tensed now as she knows he hates her mere presense and can never accept her to be arround him...then what happened to him now...

Geet: Please..leave me...
Maan: No...I will not...Tum ne mujhe bohuth tadpaya hain...Is baar main tumhen jaane nahin doonga...
For a second, Geet melts and feels for him assuming all what he is talking is for her.. This is the first time she gets to see deep into his eyes and that too its all glittering with emotions and without her knowledge , a tear drops from her eyes..  Now, She innocently try to answer his questions.. 

Geet: Main ne? Main tho bas...she gulps...Main aap ke paas hi hoon...

He is still having his strong hold on her hand and Geet caress his  forehead gently with her other hand in order to calm him down and he closes his eyes to feel her touch. But what she hears further litterally shooks her up.

Maan: I am not prepared to loose you again...PARI..

Geet misses a heartbeat hearing some other girl's name from his lips...

Geet: PARI??
Maan: Haan...tum meri PARI ho...sirf meri...meri PARI... and I will never allow you to go now..

Geet self talk: Hey Babaji...yeh Pari koun hain? Daadima ya Shanthima ne ya kisi ne bhi aaj tak is ke bare main koi zikar nahin ki..

Maan is still holding her hand with a strong grip...and murmurring..."TUM...SIRF AUR SIRF MERI HO..SIRF MERI..." Geet waits patiently for sometime till he calms down and drifts into a sleep and she manages to slowly escape from his grip.

And from this moment, a new confusion adds to her mind..."Is ka matlab..Maan is in love with someone else and ..."

She turns to look at Maan for one time with her teary eyes ...He had so much love reflecting in his eyes but it was for someone else...She sighs and leaves from the room

Next morning, maan opens his eyes with a heavy head and he scans the place. It took him a while to realise he is actually not in his room but in his outhouse...

Maan self talk: I really got drunk yesterday...maybe the driver helped in shifting me here..he gets some flashes of all what had happened in the night...he remembers seeing his PARI...MERI PARI?? WAS SHE HERE IN THIS ROOM and that too at that time? He remembers she was wearing some purplish colour dress and her face was glowing under the table lamp...And above all, his hold on her hand..and she brushes her hand over his forehead and doesnt recall what happened after that.

He again searches everywhere in the outhouse and then his head is really heavy that makes him  realize that it must be a dream for sure...but it was all so very real. Maan holds his head to calm the heavyness...I am really going crazy...how the hell I will see her and that too in this outhouse at an odd time? MAAN...you are really loosing it. No...No way, I will not loose it..I will find her at any cost.

Maan just helps himself with a glass of warm lemon water to reduce his heavyness on his head and he doesnt give any serious thought about the questions that his mind is raising for the previous day's events as he has to arrange lot of things before going on a long business tour today.

Maan leaves on his business trip. Geet is all lost in the previous day's event. He looked straight into her eyes hold her hand for the very first time thinking she is some PARI. Now who is this PARI? In contrary to yesterday evening, today, he didnt even care to say a Goodbye to her...he has never ever done that and this time she is feeling the pinch stronger as he is going on a long trip . By now, Geet has somehow got used to his absence but, this time its going to be for a month. She used to crave for his one look and would never miss to have one glimpse of him during morning when he leaves to office and evening hours when he comes back apart from the days he is on business trips...but that now, its going to be for one long month now...And all this is not enough and a new fury is added to her plight in name of PARI. She did tried to find out from Daadi, Shantima and Nakul whilst creating a fun filled atmosphere...

Geet: Daadima, Shantima, Nakulkaka...I want to ask you something...and who ever will give me the right answer will get a gift from me...
They all look at each other smiling within, expecting another kiddish creativity from her side..
Geet: Now tell me...who is PARI?
They all giggle and Daadi too smiles at another silly question of hers. Geet could sense they dont look tensed hearing the name PARI and that indicates they dont know anything about her. But still she continues the questioning session in a fun filled way
Daadi: koun hain ye pari?
Geet: "Wohi tho..main bhi poochna chahthi hoon"... and she cutely tells this with all actions and big big eyes... "kya aap logon ne PARI ko kabhi dekha hain? ya us ke baare main sunna hain?"
Daadi and all the servants around starts gigling ...
Daadi: Haan Beta...infact..DEKH RAHI HOON...AUR SUN BHI RAHI HOON...

Everyone is laughing while Geet is all lost and not able to follow her...while Daadi pulls Geet's cheeks..

Daadi: MERI PARI MERE SAMNE HAIN...AUR ITNI BADI BADI BAATHEN KARTHI HAIN...AUR HUM SAB US KE BAATHEN SUN SUN KE THAKTHE NAHIN.. (My PARI i.e my angel is right in front of me. and we are never tired of listening to her long talks)

Geet: DAADIMA...Ab mazak chodiye...Please answer me... and she makes a cute baby face..

Daadi: Dhekho...You are our PARI...And that answers your question..doesnt it? Now, I need my gift...

Geet hands over a big bar of chocolate (Gift) to Daadi making an angry baby face and she looks at Daadi from corner of her eyes...and enjoys looking at her relishing the chocolate like a kid without sharing it with people around and without even caring for her own health condition...
Another fun filled atmosphere which clearly answers her that no body knows anything about the PARI whom Maan is in love with...Again, Geet is sad at heart..She too really wish that PARI is a fictitious charector but the way Maan narrated to her about PARI...it seems so true that PARI is in real and Maan is in love with her.
(Flashback Ends)
A smile touches Geet's face remembering some of the sweet memories of the past one year...and all contributed by Daadi, Shantima, Nakul kaka and all others...and she comes to think about Maan...she really goes blank and a kind of emptyness fills in her.

PRECAP: And they meet ShockedConfusedSmile
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