Suggestions: More Contests and Sub-forums?

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Posted: 1 years ago
Well, being never too interested in TV I've always found myself a bit out of place in this forum. However, I also found other forums to keep us engaged like, the A&S Shop, Writers Corner, Book Talk etc. but the thing is most of the non-TV forums are kinda inactive.

It would be great if we could have a bit more attention an promotion for that area.

Moreover, there's very little scope of contests and games in the forum. (Only until a few days back I remember how much activity we had in that direction)
I know there're forums for that too, and most TV-show forums have their own series of games, and the CC does their best. But I think we would agree that we'd like variety, and contests everyone could take part in. So maybe something in that direction would be nice.

Another suggestion that I have to put down is the concept of sub-forums.

For eg. In A&S Shop itself we could have sub-forums for,

-> Galleries,
-> Tutorials,
-> Resources, and
-> Contests.

And for Writers' Corner something like,

-> Non-fiction,
-> Poetry,
-> Tutorials and Discussions, and
-> Contests.

and etc.

I know, this concept might take a lot more effort on the part of our tech team, but it's an honest request that you consider it all the same. Embarrassed

Thank you,
Pro. :)
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Posted: 1 years ago
I think your suggestions hold merit, Proteeti. I too don't follow any TV show right now, so I come to IF for only a few forums. Improving/Promoting the non-TV forums would be awesome.
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Posted: 1 years ago
I am here now! 
So, I am in agreement. Primarily, I am active in the A&S and WC forums, and these two are sadly neglected. (WC more) 
So, yes your idea and suggestion holds a lot of merit as far as I am concerned. I do hope that something good will come off this :) 
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