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Posted: 4 years ago

Hello YRKKHForum Members !

This is an IMPORTANT  Note to all the members of the forum.  We have noticed few of the recurring issues of the forum which need to be addressed with top priority . 

Personal Attacks/Discussions of fan groups: Any sort of personal attacks, mockery, personal digs, inciting, provoking topics or comments intended towards a fellow forum member/s or a fan group/s  over difference of opinion or in retaliation or otherwise, will NOT be tolerated. Members involved in any of these violation might  be subjected to a 20% Warning level rise.

No Moral Policing: Everyone is welcome to express their opinions within the YRKKH rules and IF COC. We would prefer members to stop preaching on the forum telling members what to do what not. Let the moderators decide what is needed on this forum and what is not or what one member is allowed to do or not. You cannot stop someone from posting in any topic or making new topics. Do not become a moral police on the forum. If you find anyone breaching rules, please Report the topic and or contact the Dev Team via PMs. We will deal with the issue at the earliest possible.

Name Calling Posts: While criticizing something, there are time when members tend to go overboard and use certain derogatory and downright offensive words which shouldn't be used for any character/actors/creatives/member/s/DT member. Please remember that any derogatory references, or name calling any person [characters/actors/creatives /member/DT member] goes against the IF COC as well as the forum rules, and strict action will be taken against those who indulge in it.

Typecasting of members: It has come to the notice of the Dev Team, that most of the members are labeling and type casting others as "negative" poster, "hater of so and so pair"  for they always criticize the show or the couple. This is a forum and criticism are part of discussions. Please be tolerant to different views expressed as part of discussions. However, everyone, please be noted, that typecasting a member and name calling the member as "negative" "hater" will be strictly dealt with and members involved in such comments will face severity from the Dev Team .

External SMS fights/fanwars : Members must strictly refrain from discussing, posting or bringing in any fights or instigating comments by any fan groups on external sites to here. Please keep such content out of India forums as mentioned here . External Content from Social Networking Sites  . However members can share the tweets/posts/insta updates of the actors/creative team/channel/any official source in their respective ATs or in the dedicated thread for the Twitter/FB/Insta/Social Media Updates thread. Any posts shared by any members other than celebs can be shared ONLY in the respective ATs and no where else on the forum.

Criticisms vs Bashing : One thing we would like to reiterate, we do agree criticism is part of the show, You are free to show displeasure, contradict, disagree and criticize the show and its characters. However there is a fine line between these actions and bashing which violates IF-COC. direct hurls, targeting people/show with the intention to humiliate and disgrace is what is not allowed and we expect you all not to be too acrid and sarcastic which results in mocking and insulting. 

Spamming the forum : Please refrain from spamming the forum with off screen picture/tweets/creation/collage topics or one line topics or simple poll or appreciation topic just to increase the forum activity . All topics related to looks and style of the actors can be made in ATs. TRPs should be discussed in TRP thread and all the pictures have to be shared in off screen picture gallery ONLY, else the DT will merge them in respective threads or close them. Please make sure that the forum is not clustered with these topics and discussion topics find the visibility . 

Report button :  As stated here Participation Guidelines & Rules please do follow this guideline, quoting from the above said guidelines "Please do not report the same post more than once. Member reporting the same post multiple times will receive PM warning and if it continues there will be raise in Warning Level too. This rule certainly does not intend to discourage the members from reporting but often same post is reported multiple times from the same member. Please do understand that DT needs at least 24 hrs to work on the reported post and simply pressing the report button multiple times will only delay the process. Some  situations demand the time and consultation of people and hence take time to get back. 

Disclaimers: Any posts that we see with people telling others what to do, to leave the forum because they belong to one fan group, or anything along those lines, will be removed. Any posts that we see with a "PS: Bashers stay away", "Only for ____ fans", etc. containing disclaimers will be edited by Dev Team. If member is found doing the same even after reminders/warnings it will lead to warning level raise. If you want to discuss anything exclusively with your fangroup, please confine to the respective ATs.

Discussion of one topic in another topic: Members must refrain posting screenshots of comments an/or  links to the posts of other members in other topics and taking personal digs and mocking the opinions presented by other members, such topics will strictly  be NOT tolerated in the forum. These topics will be trashed and members involving in such type of posts or discussions, with an intention, to mock or humiliate or incite the opinions of other members will be subject to severity from the Dev Team

Appreciation Threads: These are for appreciation of the actor/character, please refrain from any inciting comments against actors, characters. DO remember actors are not the writers, it's the creatives, blaming the actors for the length of the role in the show or for the TRPs of the show have to be stopped right away. Alongside, discussion of common topics, comments against other fan groups, will NOT be tolerated in the ATs. Members involved in such violations will be individually dealt by the Dev Team, in case there are too many violations across the AT, it will garner a Warning Note to the AT.

Real Person Fiction "is a type of Fan Fiction that is written on the celebrities essaying characters in a show or movie instead of the characters. [For example: A fan fiction written on  Shivin instead of Kaira ]. This Forum will not permit such fan fictions on the forum. The forum is a platform for creativity, not a platform for fan wars and conflict. Such stories can be posted in your own personal blogs.  

Anyone found to have violated this rule (any threads posted after February 6th, 2015)will face a 20% Warning Level Raise and the thread will be locked permanently. To finalize this, the rule applies to ALL forums on India-Forums." excerpts from  IMP: New Rule Addition - Real Person Fiction . Also the India-Forums doesn't NOT  allow/encourage any sort of adult or mature fan fictions Mature Content In FFs or plagiarism which will be dealt with 20% warning level

Personal life discussion of actors: Any sort of speculations, assumptions, rumors regarding the actors in the personal life has to be stopped right away. You can criticize and discuss the actors only with respect to the character they play, their look/style and acting alone. Having said that, whom they date, with whom they pose pictures, with whom they DO NOT pose pictures should not be the topic of concern here in this forum. Yes, you can discuss actor's personal life, provided the actors notify something about themselves, until then, NO personal life discussions will be tolerated in the forum. 

Discussion of Dev Team: .  For any concerns with moderating the forum, please feel free to contact the section Dev Team  munnihyderabad  , if the explanation is not satisfactory, please escalate it to the channel moderator and there by to the Global Moderators. This is the standard protocol to be followed across IF.

Lastly, please report instead of retorting to any topics which are offending, jumping into such topics to  tell off the members or to fight with them, will make you equally at fault and same actions will be taken against you for involving in a fight . Members are requested to take up the individual responsibility of abiding by the forum rules and there by maintaining the peace of the forum.

All members are requested to kindly be acquainted with these rules  IYRKKH: Rules&Regulations [EVERYONE.READ] , Participation Guidelines & RulesExternal Content from Social Networking Sites and IMP: New Rule Addition - Real Person Fiction

For any further queries/concerns/doubts regarding the rules, please contact   munnihyderabad  via PM  .


YRKKH Dev Team 

Edited by munnihyderabad - 4 years ago

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