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THAP THAP.. Knock KnockSmile

Knock Knock Back at your door Wink
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Everytime a new thread come I always read geets written letter but I never thought I'll get to see his reply also Shocked
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Reading it so many times now...
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Okay, as much thrilled I am for the 10th thread, all thanks to you guys,
I must let you know that I was typing another update when my laptop crashed. Some permanent failure in the battery system. Ouch
Since I didn't want you guys to wait for long, somehow managed this update. Till I get my lappy fixed, cannot promise you regular updates.
Hope you bear with me. Ouch

Another Important Thing

lot of you were disappointed with the romance thing but let me put forward my stand. they took 70+ chapters to come this far, to build up the kind of relationship they share. Don't you think they deserve this much time to express themselves and make their relationship official?

Do let me know one this in your comments... do you want their relationship to flourish like two beautiful individuals in love or do you want them to make out like two horny teens?(excuse me for my language but few recent comments made me come up with the note)

What is your definition of romance?

the former or the later? The choice is yours.

I don't mind writing all kiss and make out and sex and finish this off in the next 5 updates, killing the charms.  Your call lovely readers.

Do let me know.

74.Out Of Everyone Else, He Chose Her...

"hey..." she yawned and check the time.

6:50am it was at her place. She had received a message from Maan and she knew he wasn't asleep. Hence, she called him up.

He smiled, "Good Morning..."

Her lips curled into a smile and she snuggled closer into her duvet. The morning was cold, welcoming the winter of December.

"You aren't asleep yet?" she could hear flipping of pages. It must be way past mid night at his place.

"Got some work to finish. Its a Saturday and why are you up so early?"

She rolled her eyes, "Its a Saturday for you too. why are you working so late?"

He sighed, "this is important. And you know I work on Saturdays."

She scoffed, "Ha! Who would know better!"

"So, what are your plans today?"

"Its not even 7am Maan. But I think I am going to spend the day with Pooja. She has been going crazy these days. Ughhh...she tests my patience at times."

"and you have the patience of a hairline Geet." He spoke seriously.

"Excuse me?" she twisted her lips.

"Excused you." he spoke absent-mindedly sorting the papers.

She knew she didn't have his attention. He always lost himself in his work.



She heard opening and closing of doors and footsteps on the other side.

"What are doing?"

"Going to the study. I think I left some files there."

She rolled on to her stomach, "you aren't working in the study?"

She heard shuffling to papers and more footsteps and his shallow quick breaths.

"Its been quite a while since I have worked in the study."

She narrowed her brows, "That's weird. Why aren't you working in the study?"

"because I just can't seem to concentrate here anymore. My room serves the purpose now." he picked up the files and walked back.

"but you hate working in your room. What is it Maan?" she started getting
worried and curious now.

"Nothing big a deal." He cheered her up, "don't think so much. I just wanted to work in my room. That's all."

She knew him better than that. She, in fact knew all of him.

"You are a terrible liar, do you know that?" she spoke sternly and heard him sigh.

She knew how much he enjoyed working in the study and how much he loved that place, listening to music, hearing the crackling of embers in the fire place; looking out of the bay window...she could almost visualize the whole thing.

"Why would I lie?" he threw the files on the bed and went back to his laptop.

"That is what I am asking you. What is it, tell me." she commanded.

She knew well now that he had chosen "her". He had chosen her in his life and
she wasn't going to let him down.

"Nothing. It's stupid really." He tried not to let his voice waver.

She took a long breath and called out to him lovingly, "Maan, there is nothing
stupid about you. Tell me what bothers you.."

He stopped working and ran his free hand across his hairs. she always made him this vulnerable. She and only she had this power to rattle him and coax things out of him. and that is exactly why he had lost his heart to her.

"it's just..." he struggled to formulate words.

"just?" she prompted him, knowing that he was hesitating to speak.

"Just that the study still has the vestiges of you."

He finally said it, stunning her to numbness.

The study still has vestiges of you...

She repeated it in her head, still in time, grasping the words that he had struggled to let out.

"...and it just makes the whole thing disturbing, knowing you are so far away" he sighed.

He rubbed his eyes with his free hand and when she didn't speak for a long time, he knew he had to distract her.

"See, I told you..." trying to cheer up, "it's stupid. Don't bother. Anyways, enjoy your day. I need to finish this. okay?"

There was silence on the other side.

"Geet, okay?"

She snapped out of her thoughts, "Uhh yeah...yeah. Good night."

"Take care of yourself. Hmm?"

"Umm. You too."

She kept holding the phone long after he had disconnected it and a drop of tear rolled down her eyes, she didn't know whether it was for her happiness or his words or the longing that she now felt.

"Ohh Maan...what do I do with so much love?" she sobbed into the pillow.

He had so simply let her know what her presence and absence did to his life. Oh dear Kanha, how will I handle so much love? It was almost a month since they had seen each other the last time and they were good up until this moment, when he had told her of his predicament. She knew the kind of man that he was and he wasn't lying when he had told her that he "chose her" in that snowy evening back in Central Park.

Out of everyone else, he chose her!

She carried a part of him all this while and how foolish she had been to have forgotten all about it in her own misery! She realized now how much of himself he had bestowed upon her and she had to safeguard that part of him.

The whole day she remained dazed with the realization and by the end of the day she was desperate to see him once and talk to him. There had been no calls or texts from him thereafter and she had remained busy, helping Pooja around. But Maan remained in the back of her head.


"Mi Bella...Ohh sweet Lord I am so happy for you..."Kabir grinned. He knew about his mi bella and brother from Ana and he was the most excited of all. and her call had just made him the happiest.

"Kabir... Gosh how much I miss you."

"I miss you too yaar. Tell me first, how are you?"

"Yeah all good. Are you busy Kabir? What are you doing now?"

He turned to the almost deserted lane and turned on his windshield wiper. Winter rains were what he disliked the most.

"I am driving back home" He answered, turning on the heater of the car. The rains made visibility almost zero. It was dark and he was in a hurry to get back home.

"Hmmm. I need your help..." came her desperate voice.

He honked, "Yeah tell me."

He nodded to her words and smiled at her cuteness, "No worries Mi bella. I am going to be your knight in shining armour.."

She laughed, "that you are silly. Now go home carefully and text me once you reach."

"I will."

He shook his head smiling and turned off the Bluetooth speaker when suddenly someone came right in front of his car out of nowhere. He honked loud but then it was too late. It was only his sheer driving skills that he could press the brake hard to stop in time. Irritated, he walked out of the car in the rain to check on the person who seemed to have fallen down.

"hey, are you alright? Who the hell jumps in front a speeding car like this?"

Thanks to his car headlights that he could see the person in the dark deserted lane.
She turned towards the voice with a flick of her wet hairs and made a face, not registering what he was blabbering about. She stood up, looked around started walking away.

Kabir was surprised to see a woman in front of his car. As much as his chivalry allowed, he followed her, "hey hey Miss, are you alright?"

She kept walking and he followed.

"You don't have anyone with you?" he spoke looking around, "and its raining.
You're not hurt are you? You just came in front of my car so suddenly..."

"I...I am alright..." she mumbled and started walking away.

"Uhh... I can drop you somewhere if you want. Its going to rain the whole night."

She stopped and stared at the stranger who had almost killed her and quickly made her calculations.

"Umm... can you drop me at the nearest bus stop? I need to get home quickly."

"Sure. Come on..."

He increased the temperature of the heater and gave her weak smile as he drove. She ignored and looked away. Kabir sighed. It was only in a couple of minutes that they reached the bus stop and she got off without saying a word.

"hey Miss, not even a thank you?"

Her aloofness made him curious.

She turned to face him and this time there were lights. big black doe eyes looked at him accusingly, surprising him. He had seen her so expressionless all through the drive and to see something like this surprised him.

"thank you for what? trying to kill me?" she snapped.

His jaws dropped, "what? It was you who came in front of my car..."

She didn't even hear him. she heard the honk of the bus and walked away. Kabir sat there, stunned at her weird behaviour, imprinting nothing about her except those dark doe eyes and the black mole right above the corner of her upper lip.


Pooja walked into Geet's room only to find her sitting by the window, lost in her thoughts, curling her hair. She walked and sat beside her.

"What are you thinking?" she placed her hand on her lap.

Geet zapped back to reality and smiled weakly, "hey Pooja... how are you feeling now?"

"Don't ask. I am tired all the time and bloating like a balloon every day." Pooja made a face, making Geet giggle.

"But imagine when you will hold the baby in your arms... that will be such an amazing moment na.."

Pooja smiled, "Yes. I think I will miss the pregnancy days and my tantrums..."

They laughed until Pooja pulled Geet's hands to gain her attention, "what were you thinking then?"

"Who me?" she sighed, recalling whatever she had been thinking sometime back.

"Yes of course. Who else is there?"

"Ummm...nothing. Just like that."

"Maan ki yaad aa rahi hain?" Pooja smiled cutely.

Geet blushed a bit, "No."

"Don't lie. Tell me now. what made you so morose?"

She had wanted to talk to somebody about whatever was brewing inside her heart since the moment he had said those words to her and right now, Pooja seemed the best option because she was, in a way, in the best of her moods.

"Actually Pooja... I..I mean he...he knows am here for my job and I know how important my career is..."


"But then at times I feel I am being unfair to him." 

"Unfair because you want to pursue your career?"

Geet shrugged, "he just said something I can't get it out of my head."

Pooja saw her fallen face, "did he ask you to come back?"

Geet was instantly up on her toes, "No Pooja. He didn't. He would never ask me to do anything like that. he cares about me way too much. Just that this is so new and I am not able t... just that I feel he needs me Pooja and am being unfair to him in a way that I am not there when he does..."

Pooja watched her friend hide her face between her palms and let her continue.

"he has always been with me, like air, invisible but always present and I just can't seem to express myself..."

"then why are you holding back?" Pooja asked, which made her look up.


"Geet, whatever happened, it is past and it is gone. You can't change it no matter what you do. it is going to stay with you till the end of your life. But what is in front of you right now, matters the most. If you think you are being unfair, then prove yourself that you aren't. Do what you want to do and do it without any hesitation."

When Geet didn't say a word more, Pooja smiled, "he is yours and only yours.
Understand that fact and you don't have to hide yourself in front of him. And he isn't going to judge you, is he?"

Geet shook her head for a no.

"Good. Now help me get up and help me with dinner too."

She nodded and walked Pooja to the kitchen, all the while thinking of what she had to. The conversation with Kabir echoed in her mind and she smiled inwardly.

May be just this time...she will be able to prove herself.


He waited and waited impatiently until the moment he saw her coming out of the airport. The happiness he felt was something beyond he could ever explain.

"Mi bella..." he screamed and rushed towards her.

She had that huge smile adoring her lips and flung herself in his arms, "OMG Kabir..."

He lifted her up and spun her around, holding her tight, "I can't believe you are back. I thought we would never see you..."

He put her down and held her by her shoulders making a face, "who does like this

She pouted, "Sorry!"

"Sorry? I am mad at you. You just left everything and ran away. Do you realize how it felt?"

Geet realized then the importance that she held in Kabir's life and Ana's and everyone else's too. she blinked a couple of times to get rid of the thin film of tears that formed in her eyes.

"I am sorry Kabir. I was just being stupid. Please maaf kar do..."

Kabir smiled and side hugged her, "you know Geet, I can never stay mad at you. Now come on lets go home. By the way, do want to stop somewhere for a quick bite?"

"Umm. Yeah. I am hungry. No one knows right?"

Kabir blinked his eyes in assurance, "None. As promised. I just can't wait to see Ana's reaction and mostly Maan Bhai's. Come on now..."

The moment she stepped out of JFK, the wind of NYC hit her with so much nostalgia that reminded her of home. NYC was her home.

NYC is her home.

She corrected herself. she had missed this. the winter air and the warm sun, the tall skyscrapers and the Hudson, the traffic and the chattering Kabir. The smile just didn't fade and the thought of surprising Ana and Maan made her stomach churn.

They stopped at a small diner and had their snacks, cracking jokes and laughing like the good old days. She realized what huge blunder she had done when she had decided to run away.

You are stupid stupid stupid woman Geet.

She chided herself as they laughed their way into the estates.

Nothing had changed. Absolutely nothing that she could point out at the least. It felt so overwhelming that she thought she'd cry tears of joy. It felt like a real homecoming. The only difference was she was here till New years. Christmas was still a day away and she had taken a good advantage of the shutdown.

"I hate you Aarush you Prick..." she screamed over the phone, pacing up and down her room.

His laughter on the other side irked her more. They had started with a good conversation up until the moment Aarush had rubbed the wrong side of her saying she needed to lose weight, which of course was baseless like every other things he said to irk her.

" have to believe me. You actually have gained a few pounds..."

"Just shut up you freak and don't you dare call me ever..." she turned towards the door and forgot her words. Aarush kept calling out to her from the other side and then heard her screaming that made him smile.

"Geeettt..." Ana squealed, her jaws literally hanging down, "oh my god...oh my god... Is that really you?"

He shook his head and knew her attention was gone. Smiling, he disconnected the call and went back to his work, glad that Geet was back.

"Hey Ana..." Geet smiled wider, with Kabir beside her.

Ana rushed to her and hugged her tightly and then started jumping like a kid, "OH what a surprise. You don't know how happy I am..."

"Surprise..." Geet squealed, unable to hide that happiness in her anymore. She held her hand and jumped along with her and like two little girls they jumped around screaming and squealing.

"heck... this is the best holiday ever..." Ana screamed.

"Hey... don't forget me too." Kabir pulled both of them into a group hug.

"I thought of calling you when Kabir came to pick me up but then I think this was better..." Geet grinned.

Ana pulled out of the hug and eyed her pointedly, "what? he knew you were coming?"

Turning to Kabir she smacked his arms making him wince, "you knew she was coming?"

"duh...han!" Kabir rolled his eyes caressing his arm.

"And how long have you known that?"

"Almost from the beginning of this month.."

Ana hit him again, "and you didn't tell me!!! what the hell..."

"owww owww...stop hitting me you cow. Mi Bella wanted to surprise you..."

The anger remained for a few seconds until it vanished and she was jumping again, "heck..I don't care. I am so happy..."

They met everyone at home, Radhika and Mr. Khurana and Awaara and Geet realized what she meant to them and what they meant to her. eventually, when they finally decided to settle down for dinner, Geet asked one question that she had been wanting to ask since the moment she had landed in NYC.

"Uhh Where is Maan?"
>>Now, where is that Maan?LOL

>>Many of you wanted Kabir back in the story. Tada!!! Here he is!!Big smile

>>Please read the important note above if you haven't.

>>The wait might be long. So, just to make this wait bearable, let me give you a precap.

"Abhi Na Jao Chodkar... ke dil abhi bhara nahin
Abhi Abhi tho aaye ho...Bahar ban ke chaye ho...
Hawa zara mehek tho le...nazar zara behek tho le..."

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Ohhh My luck I just get 1st always ROFL

Overwhelmed actually Embarrassed

"Someone Like You" is that place where I get to see my kind of romance...

It wasn't necessary to put my point of view on romance but Your current note forced me to send that message...

And also now that You don't have any problem on my thoughts I'm here...

My kind of romance reflects in "Someone Like You"

Being in love doesn't required Physical intimacy always that part can be reserved after marriage Wink

But romance means to me being with that person who started to mean the world to you... Live with him or her in all phase of Life holding each other hands crossing all hurdles ...

Love is related to Adoration Affection respect And more feelings...

Being with that person be their strength guide them ...

Love means cuddle buddies Love means being in his arms the safest place ever...

Sharing something which you can't with others... Be something else with him or her only who know every shades of you...

To sacrifice your own happiness for the other ones satisfaction...

Which is all happening and happened in "Someone Like You"

Romance started on This story much before we could realize I don't know from where all this started but when Maan in 1st chapter "Someone Like You" Deleted Geet's pic I sensed romance starting from there I just smiled reading that chapter thinking with this same girl he will be in head over heels love LOL

You know When I had read prologue 1st time it was after 13 chapters I can't express the restlessness after reading that much I got to know about present I'm really weirdo always different things happen with me never things happen in simple way...

So we were where??

AHH romance Chapter 3 in that rain scene romance was there Maan watching geet there... If I sit to collect their romance those moments it will be really long post so we should not elaborate...

All their spending moments in study was romance in my eyes a best story which I came across to show and depict my way of romance...

And romance was there when both cried in each other arms dancing twice all happened in study...

I never read that essence of romance that purity which I felt here... This story it's just exceptional Miss.Kawaii what you have till now written all these was soothing romance...

For me a best way to express love is a forehead kiss or kiss her in head to sooth her...I get to see both here...

A forehead kiss is most romantic thing to me than any intimacy...
Aww Wish I could get a kiss From Mr.Choudhary ever if we meet I had seen him kissing one fan on hair cause she was crying so much that she met him...dreamy moment...

When Maan 1st time kissed on forehead of geet in office I just felt swoon and when he kissed on her cheeks I was blushing so much that really seemed intimate to me Embarrassed

Romance is when your better half come after few days and then running in his arms Heart

All things has happened here I've no regret they didn't kissed till now I don't need that kind of romance if you finish this story even without a single kiss you will not have any complains from my side...

Miss.Kawaii I love to read them how they are and without sharing any intimacy they share way more than which would any couple must have being physically involved...

Why it need to describe any intimacy on story doesn't these emotions of love matter ever?

Can't it be a pure feeling of love without unfolding their intimate moments?

Ohhooo Miss.Kawaii amar na jete hobe immediately sorry Amar sussu thayu tao onek jore sorry Ami r concentrate korte parchi na...

Hell with your romance damn I need to rush to washroom right now ***hiding face****

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 congrat for te new thread
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Your note is disappointing though you know I never wanted their that kind of romance...

My definition of romance you know from beginning
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Posted: 2017-11-04T01:30:29Z
I just loved it, I'm loving how the story is going, finally we had Kabir part after long time, Geet in winter holiday, for Maan...
The precap want me to read more, awesome Aishu, just continue the way you're writing, I enjoy a lot dear
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