Happy Birthday Sumi aka sumo

Posted: 2017-10-26T10:19:10Z
"Why didn't I get any birthday wish today?" Sumi pouted and logged into her IF account for the nth time to check if anyone has wished her.
But Alas! The inbox is filled with read messages and all the forums which she visited are going as usual.
"So, no body remembers my birthday." She sighed sadly and picked up her bag and left to her university.
As soon as she reached her university all her friends wished her but still missed getting wished by IF buddies.
She secretly opened her phone and checked her notification in her class room while the strict professor is taking her class.
"Its okay. I will not open IF today. After all my friends and parents wished me, its enough." She said wiping the two tears which formed and went to home after her class.
As her dinner completed she sat on the bed and still hoped her lazy friends to wish her but all she got was some random PMS about their ff's.
Cuddling to her pillow she tried to sleep but a knock on her window made her to open her eyes. She took hold of the near by flower vase and got ready to kick the robbers ass.
As she neared the window some one jumped inside her room from her window and closed her mouth before she can scream.
"Hey, calm down." A husky voice whispered and sumi instantly pushed him to the floor.
"Mr Husky voice, just get lost from my room. And what do you think about me? I am not a weak girl whom you see everywhere, I am a strong girl like Maya Mahotra. Got it!..." she said pointing to herself.
"Whoa... Maya... Arent you Sumi? Then I have come to wrong house. Actually Pearl sent me to her friend house." The man with his mask said still lying on the floor.
"I am Sumi. But i am speaking about Maya from Beyhad. Now just go from here before I break this vase on your head." Sumi said with a strong voice trying to scare that person.
"Dont you dare do that, you can kill me but do not touch my hair. Because I love my hairstyle" That person said trying to protect his hairstyle.
'Wait! I have heard this dialogue some where..." Sumi thought and immediately rewinded his words.
"Pearl sent you?" She asked him and scratched her head to remember who is that pearl.
"Ah yes... I remember her. We met few months back. But why did that witch send a thief to my home? I know she is crazy but till this extent?" Sumi wondered about Pearl.
"Okay listen..." The mask man stood up but sumi immediately hit him with her vase and knocked him off.
Listening to the sounds Pearl climbed sumi window and entered inside her room. She got shocked to see the man unconscious and a vase in sumi hand.
"Chudail... Why did you send a thief to my home?" Sumi questioned her.
"Pagla gaye ke? Will a thief have such personality? And which thief wears such bright clothes?" Pearl tried to wake the person while speaking with sumi.
"Only Gul mata cast wears such clothes. Oh God I hope its not him." She thought to herself.
Pearl finally succeeded in waking that person and he threw the mask while screaming"I thought only Anika has a twisted brain but I am wrong. You both are no less than her."
"Aaah... Shivay babyyy" Sumi screamed loudly.
"Han yes. The Shivay Singh Oberoi who is ready to get admitted into mental assylum because of the crazy people in my life. " Shivay spoke in his own accent.
"Pearl what is happening here?" Sumi asked in disbelief.
"I planned a sirprise for you and you spoiled it. I have been stalking you since the start of this month so that I can gift you. I came to know you wanted billu ji in your home town and I have done it for you. But you..." Pearl pouted and sumi dint care as she is busy drooling the man infront of her.
"Did i really hit you?" She asked in a dreamy mood and shivay took few steps back with her question.
"You and Anika... Both are the weirdest woman on earth." He exclaimed.
"Oh my god... Oh my god... Did you just compare me with Anika?" Sumi asked blushing.
"What the wack! Are you nuts?" He asked looking at her antics.
"Okay... You both can continue with your...umm talkings... I think I need to walkings..." Pearl said and left the room through window.
Sumi is lost in her own world that she didn't notice Pearl leaving.
"Ummm Happy Birthday Sumayyah!" Shivay said putting his hand forward.
"Did you really wish me?" Sumi asked bewildered.
"God how am I going to spend these few hours with my crazy little fan?" Shivay looked at her ceiling praying to god.
Only Sumo can say what happened that day because since her birthday Shivay started speaking non stop that Anika asked him to stop his blabber.

Happy Birthday Sumo babes :-D I hope you like the Gift :-)
With love
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Posted: 2017-10-26T10:24:44Z
Nice SS Pearl
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Posted: 2017-10-26T10:29:07Z
Originally posted by maya-kk

Nice SS Pearl
Maya its my friend sumo birthday hehehe check your inbox
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Posted: 2017-10-26T10:43:42Z
Lovely OS
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Posted: 2017-10-26T10:46:06Z
Happy Birthday Sumi 
Have a great day 
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Posted: 2017-10-26T10:53:36Z
Originally posted by laughingpearls

Originally posted by maya-kk

Nice SS Pearl
Maya its my friend sumo birthday hehehe check your inbox

Just did thanks
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Posted: 2017-10-26T10:58:56Z
Happy birthday Sumi
May all ur wishes come true.

Nice OS pearl
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Posted: 2017-10-26T11:08:09Z
Many more happy returns of the day sumi dear Party Party Party
May all ur dreams and wishes come true Big smile
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