Dheera FF -[TOGETHER FOREVER] part 18 updated

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New Dheera SS- Together Forever-part 1

'Mai  Meera se Pyaar kartha tha, kharta hoon, aur hamesha kartha rahoonga'.  The words echoed in Bhavani's ears. She put her hands over her ears while pacing the floor angrily. How, how, how was this even possible? He had found his precious Meera in the arms of another man  and been told that she was having an affair with him, but he still stands there declaring his love for her.  What was wrong with him? And to add insult to injury she just found out he had been using her, Bhavani, sarpanch of 21 villages, - to hurt Meera.  All that declaration of being happy with her-that was all a lie. This was all about Meera, always would be.  What did She have to do to get a place in his heart? And just like that Bhavani knew the answer. NOTHING. There was nothing she could do to win a place in his heart. That would always belong to Meera. If he still loved her after the way she walked out on him , even after he thought she had been sleeping with another man, nothing that she Bhavani did would make him stop loving her. Fine. Let him love Meera,  to be honest it wasn't his love that she wanted, it was his body. To be held close to him, to be crushed in those arms. Dharam had never willingly come next to her, she had to create circumstances to fall into his arms. And each one had left her wanting more to be closer to him. 

Bhavani made up her mind. "I can kill Meera but then Dharamji would spend the rest of his days pining for her. And the Modis will hound me till they get to the bottom of the truth. I could kidnap her and hide her away for the rest of her life, but again, her family won't leave me alone.  Its OK Mr Dharam Suryavanshi, you can continue to love Meera, all I have to do is get  Meera to stop loving you and make her leave this house,  I brainwashed her once. I can make her believe anything I want to." 

Dharam looked around the room in shock. What just happened? Was he dreaming? He could have sworn that Meera was with him, dancing in his arms, hugging him. Was it all just his imagination? The rain had eased , the sun was coming out but he felt the dark clouds gathering in his chest. Why couldn't he stop thinking about Meera? What if she we actually in love with that Jayesh? No, no that was impossible. He believed her when she said she didn't know anything about it. If Meera really was having an affair , she would admit it.  Why would she bother to come back then?  She could have stayed in the village. Something wasn't right. Meera looked miserable and he thought that would make him happy after the way she treated him but he couldn't bear to see the sadness in her face .  He was going to sort this out but before that he needed to speak to that boy once more. 

" Di, what are you doing?"

"There is no point in me staying here any more Vidhya. Dharamji is never going to love me after what happened, even though I didn't do anything wrong. He probably hates me now. And he said he is happy with Bhavani."

" Then you don't know Papaji at all Di. I just saw him going out. He didn't look happy at all. In fact, he looked miserable. I am sure he is as upset as you are, maybe more. It doesn't matter what he says, I know that he still loves only you. You both are the same in some ways. You speak and act without thinking and fight with each other , hurt each other but deep down you can't live without each other"

" it's different this time Vidhya. He has Bhavani in his life now"

" And there was Divya before that and Supriya and Chanda and Maaji before that. But he never stopped thinking about you Di."
 Meera wanted to believe Vidhya but she was scared to .  A little while ago she was dreaming that Dharamji had come to her and was stroking her face and telling her how much he loved her but it had turned out to be just a dream. What if that was all that remained now?

" Di, put your things away. You can't give up this easily.  
Do you still love Papaji?"

" He is my life . My whole life. I have never stopped loving Dharamji, Vidhya. Even when I was angry at him,  even when I felt abandoned by him, even when I thought I hated him, I never stopped loving him. I can't live without him" . The tears flowed down her cheeks and Vidhya knew her sister had finally understood her husband properly.

" Then tonight, you will fight for your love Di. This is your last chance.  Bhavani will try to twist things her way and the mistake we made is trying to be crooked like her. But we are not like that. We do things fairly. So Di, you will fight for Papaji's love, fair and square. Whatever happens you have to follow your heart Di. And most importantly if you want to win him back, you have to trust Papaji . Can you do that?"

Meera looked at her little sister and nodded her head. She was glad Vidhya was by her side. She hugged her tightly. " Thank you, Vidhya. For making me come back, for opening my eyes"

" Di, you are my sister. I would do anything for you. I am sorry I left it so late. I was mad at you for the way you treated us but the more I thought about it, I could understand your anger. We let you down, all of us ,including Papaji. Baaji made sure that we were all busy with our own problems that we didn't get time to come and find you. I am sorry Di."

" it's ok . But one thing Vidhya, I will not let myself be manipulated like that again. Ever."

" Good for you Di. Now go and get your love back"
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Awesome Raji Smile .Title is Superb Clap.Thank you .Keep it upHug .Wonderful .
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Plz if possible update soon I am eagerly waiting Day Dreaming .
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I wonder what Meera will do. Great writing. Look forward to part two.
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Bhavani looked around to make sure no one was there before opening the door and grabbing the packets. " Everything as I said?"

" Ji , Bhavani baa. All done. The big box is for the family. The small one is for you. "

" ok, now leave before anyone sees you." She shooed away her henchman and took the boxes to the kitchen. Dharamji  loved sweets and would not say no to them especially if she said they were Prasad from the temple. Hope the idiots added the right amount of bhaang to the sweets. She just wanted him intoxicated enough for her to seduce him . Tonight she will put her master plan in action. She hummed a tune and smiled to herself


Dharam felt frustrated, he had gone to Bhavani's village and asked discretely about jayesh and Meera, and was told jayesh didn't live there anymore. But one thing was clear, most people he talked to thought Meera was spoilt and arrogant and wouldn't have anything to do with someone like Jayesh. Clearly that boy wanted something. Was he trying to blackmail Meera? That he could believe. He was in an angry mood when he returned home and his first instinct when Bhavani approached him as to make some excuse and walk away. He didn't want to deal with her right now but then she tarted talking about some special prayer for him  and he thought it would be rude to leave.
" I did a special prayer for you at the temple, Dharamji. This laddoo is the Prasad from there. Please take one. " 

Bhavani saw Vidhya and Meera pass by and called them and offers them the sweets as well. 
" this is Prasad from the temple.  I did a special prayer for Dharamji's peace of mind. He has been very upset since yesterday" Bhavani looked pointedly at Meera. Meera felt herself redden, she didn't dare look at Dharam. 

They took the sweets reluctantly, how could you say no to offering from temple? " eat them , don't be shy. " Bhavani was keen to get everyone to eat the sweets. She offered some to Shravan who just walked in as well. 

" Are you not having any , Bhavani?"
Bhavani was taken by surprise by Dharam's question. She thought quickly, " Oh, no Dharamji, I can't . I am keeping a fast for you today. I can't eat anything today."

Vidhya , who was about to take a bite of the laddoo, looked at her in surprise. Something was wrong. Why was Bhavani lying? A  Little while ago she had seen her eating laddoos in the kitchen, so why didn't she want to eat these sweets? She signalled to Meera and Shravan not to eat the sweets, she wished she could stop Dharam as well but he wouldn't listen to anything they said now. Best hope Bhavani hadn't poisoned the sweets.  Bhavani was watching them. 
Vidhya needed to get the other two to her room. " we will eat this in our room , don't worry, we know it's Prasad. you take care of  Papaji tonight. " Both Meera and Bhavani were shocked to hear Vidhya say that. Meera was about to argue but something in Vidhya's expression stopped her. 

The three of them walked back to their room, leaving Bhavani flirting with Dharam. He barely seemed to notice anything, he was deep in thought as he took another sweet. Meera wanted to drag the witch from there but Vidhya sensing her intentions , held her hand tightly and made her walk away. Once in their room she quickly grabbed the sweets and told them what she suspected.

" Vidhyaji, Are you saying Bhavani is trying to poison Papa?"

" No Shravanji, I don't think it's poison, but there is definitely something in these sweets, Bhavani was eating them from a different box. She is avoiding these. You both stay here. I am going to keep an eye on her."

Bhavani put her head on Dharam's shoulder and looked at his face. . Dharam felt drowsy, the bhaang  was kicking in. He turned to look at Bhavani and  stroked her face with his fingers. Bhavani couldn't believe how easily he was falling for her. His eyes were closing but with a smile on his lips he called her name sweetly, " Meera, Meera, how long has it been since you sat with me like this?"

Meera! Meera! Even in this state that was all he could think about! Fine. As long as he continued to show affection like this it didn't matter who he thought she was. Bhavani tried to speak like Meera. 
" Dharamji, you are so Cweet. "
" Not cweet, you  mean shoot, no coot, no I mean shweet " his speech  was slurring . "Not me , you are cweet  Meera. " He put his head on her shoulders. Bhavani couldn't control her happiness. " Here Dharamji, have one more laddoo. " that should do it , Bhavani smiled to herself. ' Now I just need to help you to the room' 

Vidhya had come downstairs silently and hiding behind a pillar had heard the exchange. So that's what she had planned , to get Papaji drunk and seduce him. No way she was going to let Bhavani succeed in this. She had to alert Di immediately and they needed to get Bhavani away from Papaji.  
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Superb update Raji Clap .Loved it .Eagerly waiting for next part 
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Fantastico Raji.. it's just perfect.. update soon
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