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Posted: 2017-09-09T22:47:19Z
one thing i dont like is krishnadevaraya always being instigated to give rama death sentence.
first during ramas first time in vijayanagar when the robberies happened. he was almost hanged. Now during chandramani again they indicated he will be hanged if mani is not brought.

always all his mistakes are not worth hanging.
they should use death sentence for too much serious crime only.
Here we see rama getting deadline to solve the puzzles else he will be hanged most often. it has become so often that viewers know for sure that rama wont b hanged as he will definitely solve the mystery in time.

why is tathacharya always interested in getting rama killed. he should be trying to send him away from kings court which itself is a big embarrassment for rama
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Posted: 2017-09-09T23:38:19Z
Agreed... And to add up on dis, one more thing is, actually Dat track is over.. But I felt weared..When sundarban was given to krishna devarayar, it's definitely HiS duty to calm down his two wives.,instead he gave dat task to Rama Ermm
To bring in drama and keep d viewers hooked dey r bringing such dramas often... 
யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெறுக இவ்வையகம் 😇
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Posted: 2017-09-10T11:09:12Z
agree. raja krishnadevray is shown dumb to some extent n always accepts what tathacharya says without thinking on his own. otherwise who will give rama, the newly appointed person the responsibility of securing chandramani n arranging everything for the occasion?

but if not, then how would they make comic stories n show rama's intelligence? so it doesn't bother me much.. i like rama- raja's conversation.
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Posted: 2017-09-16T07:00:54Z
I agree. Even I felt the same.  Why the exclusive mistreatment towards Rama? Sometimes I felt that if they had shown that Krishnadevaraya intentionally behaved so in order to push Rama into finding a solution, the treatment would have been justified. But he always seems to be clueless. Sri Krishnadevaraya was an intelligent king.  The makers shouldn't turn him into a gullible and foolish person.  
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