MG FF - HOW TO NAME IT? - UPDATED PART 11 & 12 PG 83 Dt. 23rd August. - Page 17

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D: Dont worry. I will message David's dad about it. And will mail you the venue and other details. Check my mail at least now.

M: OK smiley24

D: Challo...bye.

M: Bye Daadi.

Next day...Its a beautiful evening time

The reception venue is all beautifully set in an open area. A wait for the bride and groom who are anytime expected to be here after their wedding procedures and formalities are done in the church.

People have been waiting for quite sometime and even Maan came a while ago and he has been meeting and talking with some of the people who are known to him in the crowd...He looks dashing as he is dressed in Black and white and is already drawing attention of many of the girls around. The place has been decorated attractively. but he just want to meet the couple, greet them and leave from the place...

Finally, the wait is over, two posh cars arrives in and the bride and groom slowly walk on the red carpet, welcoming them to the stage.

Everyone is clapping hands...Maan first turns to look at the couple and takes his eyes off.. and then he suddenly looks back at them...surprised to see the gorgeous lady who is walking along the bride...

and his eyes just stuck on that girl and couldnt believe what he's seeing

and his eyes just stuck on that girl and couldnt believe what he's seeing...he blinks and rubs his eyes to make sure what he is watching is not a imagination or hallucination..

he blinks and rubs his eyes to make sure what he is watching is not a imagination or hallucination

Yes...he sees Geet who is dressed in a dazzling White saree with self thread works in the pleats and pallu. wearing simple jewellery like just a locket lining her neck, small jhumkas dwelling in her ears...few matching bangles...and the cherry on top was the white bindi adorning her forehead. Her long hair is left open which is waving in the air..When she is walking along with Rabecca.

Maan just got a shock of his life..when Geet pass by him...he misses his heartbeat...blinking and smiling...His joy knew no bounds as least did he expect to meet her again and that too in this reception. Now his eyes glued on Geet all the time...On the other hand Geet doesnt even have time to look here and there. she is all concentrating in comforting Rabecca...helping Rabecca in many ways...mainly in setting her long and heavy white bridal dress...

On the stage, the couple (Rabecca and David) cut cake and open champaigne together and after that they stand together as the guests pass by them, greet them and take pictures...Maan is not atall interested to interact with anyone as has been still lost looking at her from a distance...And Geet is still lost in assisting Rabecca unknown to the happenings around her...

R: Geet...please be with me all time ok..Rabecca Pleads

G: mean, After the event and also to your Honeymoon? And Geet winks and smiles..

R: You naughty...and she pats on Geet's hand...

Geet keeps on trying Ria's number continuously. but she doesn't answer.

R: Leave it Geet...madam is busy in her own world. You and me are stupid to give her so much importance.

she holds Rabecca's hand...I am really sorry on behalf of Ria.

R: Are you mad? Why are you sorry? Infact I am sooo happy that you were with me all day long.

Around this time with Maan...lot of people gather him as he is a business tycoon and moreover, Grandson of Savithri Devi..Geet was wondering why there is a crowd gathering just a little away from their stage. Just then Geet gets a call.

G: Auntyji...ek minute...She takes leave from Rabecca and moves to less crowded place before further taking Ria's mom's call...

Around this time, David's parents are so glad to receive Maan and they escort him to the stage and introduce David and Rabecca to him. On the other end, Geet gets a call from Ria's mom and she leaves the stage to talk in private...

G: Sasriyakal Auntiji.. (My Greetings for you Aunty)

Riya Mom: Sasriyakal Beta..How are you?

G: I'm fine Auntyji...

RM: Geet beta, Where is Ria? kitne phone calls kiye. woh utha kyon nahi rahi hain? Sab tik hain na? (How many times I have called her...why she is not answering? Akk fine na?)

G: Haan Auntyji...uska kuch group project honewale hain tho woh apne classmates ke saath hain. Mobile bhi us ne ghar par choda hoga. (Yes Auntyji...she is going to have a group project so, she is busy with her classmates. She might have left her mobile at home)

RM: Ria Aaye tho muj se baath karadena beta. (Please get Ria talk to me when she reaches home)

G: Haan auntyji...Reception ke baad ghar pohunchthe deri ho jaayegi...phir bhi main ria se phone karne ko kahoongi. (Sure Auntyji...I will reach home late due to this receoption function...but still, I will tell her to call you)

RM: Kiski Reception? (Whose reception?)

G ST: Oh god this girl doesnt share anything with her mother.

G: Its our room mate's reception. You remember Rabecca? She is the one.

RM: Oh..haan...I remember Rabecca. So, its her wedding today? She pauses a while..If Ria has not even attended her roommate's wedding and reception then, she must be really busy. Acha beta..koi gal nahin...ghar pohunchthe hi Ria se baath karwana tik hain? (Ok dear...No Problem..once you reach home, get ria talk to me...ok ?)

G: Bye Auntiji

Back on stage, Maan looks out for Geet everywhere and finally traces her talking on mobile...He takes leave from the couple and slowly moves towards Geet..

Geet finishes her call with Ria's mom...and checks that her Appa (Dad) has been trying to call her during the time when she was in conversation with Ria's Mom..she tries calling him back.

Maan is getting closer to her and Geet's back facing him...due to slight windy weather, her hair was disturbing her and she sets her hair on right side of her shoulder right at the time when Maan nears her.

Her beautiful back is so mesmerizing...her fair body, her blouse tied with a beautiful dori...her thin waist...his eyes just got glued to her beautiful figure...He imagines like yesterday she fell in his arms..and how will it be if she falls in his arms today and he gets to hold her thin bare waist..Maan...what's happening to you? Control yourself...

He again lost in her voice when she starts talking...listening to her speak in a different language (Tamil)...and of course its a greek and latin to him.. but still loves to hear her

(Author's note: Geet speaks in Tamil language with her Dad and she calls him "APPA". Her dad calls her " Kuttima" )

G: Sollungo Appa...Eppadi Irukkel? (Tell me Dad...How are you?)

Appa: Nalla Iruken Ma...Nee Eppadi irukkai kuttima? nee phone pannuvainu edhirparthutrundhen. (I'm are you Baby? I was expecting your phonecall)

G: Ungalukku Rabecca bathi sonnene? Ennoda Roommate. Innaiku avaloda kalyanamum appuram ippo reception function. Adhu naala thaan innaiku naal poora busya irundhen. (I had told you about Rabecca, My room mate. Today her wedding and now reception function going on...Had been busy throughout the day)

Appa: Oh...appadiya?(Oh I See)

G: Inga romba kootama irukku..naan aathuku pogarathukulla neram aayidum. Nalaiku pesalama? (Here, its too much of a crowd...It will get too late by the time I get back home. Shall we speak tomorrow?)

Appa:Sari kuttima (OK Baby)...take care.

G: Bye Appa.

Maan was lost in her sweet talks...tying to understand atleast one word :) ...and then he quietly moves aside when he sees 2 girls nearing Geet...

"HIE" ...Both girls say it together...

Geet says a HIE and smiles...

Then one of the girls asks... "what's in between your eyebrows..?"

Geet slowly touches her Bindhi (Colourful sticker) in her forehead.. "you mean this?"


G: Its called "Bindhi"

"Its so beautiful"

G: you need it?

"WOW...would love to"

She opens her clutch (hand pouch)..and takes the Bindhi packet...and places a Bindhi on the French Girl's forehead (Between her eyebrows)

Maan once again falls for her sweet gestures..

She takes another bindi and helps out the next girl. This time, Maan comes in front of her...She thinks there's another girl who has joined these two and she takes one more bindhi and about to put it in Maan's forehead...and she instantly stops looking at him...her hand still closer to his forehead..

Their eyes meet...Geet blinks and so lost in him...still her hand close to his forehead with sticker in her hand... "Why am I seeing him every where?"

M: GEET...he slowly calls our for her name...but she doesnt respond...


G: Hun...she gets back to her normal self and looks back at him. She still couldnt believe he is here right in front of her...She slowly takes her hand back and blushes within...Maan is soo soo lost in her..

M: Hie..

G: Oh my here? I had almost done with sticking this on your forehead...and she cutely nods her head and smiles..keeping the stickers back into her pouch. She is trying to control all her emotions as she was thinking about him a lot since their first meet yesterday...

M: You really look beautiful... smiley2he couldnt hold back to complement her

G: Oh thank you..with a blush..smiley9

They just stand there for some time with just their sweet nothings..wondering what to talk?

Just then someone calls out for her...

"Geetanjali,...Rabecca is looking out for you."

G: Oh..I am sorry Maan, ...Oh he is really loving his name called out by her...

G: Have to be with Bride..Before even he could say a Hmm...she rushes from there..her anklets making sweet noise

His eyes all stuck on her...She turns back at one point and smiles at him... and he smiles back...

G: What's happening to me? My heart is beating soo fast. She is unable to react...she is still not in terms with the fact that Maan is also present in the same place...Geet gets back to Rabecca...

R: Oh Geet...where were you? You promised to be with me all time..I will be leaving from here soon..I want to spend some of these final moments with you...she makes a baby face.

I I'm S...orry...She stammers a little bit Woh...Ria's mom had called me...had to tell her that Ria is on some combined studies with her friends...

R: Geet..Why dont you tell her the truth? why do you want to get into all this?

Its not as easy as it seems...Its not only about me and Ria's friendship but our families are having a strong bond since so many years..

R: I understand your sentiments Geet..but there's something seriously wrong with Ria. Please dont keep covering it up. You will be the one to fall in trouble.

All Geet does is nods for a Yes...She is really worried about Ria now..

where is she and why she is not answering her mobile.

Soon there was an announcement for dance session...Bride and Groom are the first to start and slowly many pairs start dancing along with them...

Lot of Girls followed Maan if he can dance with them but he simply ignored them and same with Geet...she straight away said a NO to some of the guys who wanted to dance with her...

Geet is enjoing watching Rabecca and David Dance and at that time..Maan appears in front of her... "Shall we dance?" brings his right hand forward..

Her heart really beats faster...she is really feeling shy...and looks here and there

M: Please..he insists

She couldnt say No and slowly brings her right hand forward shivering within...It was a Romantic music and slowly both of them got so much involved in the dance forgetting the whole world...who would ever imagined that this was the first time they are dancing like this..Their movements were very gentle and soft...

Geet felt the ticklish chillness when Maan was resting his hand on her back and waist

Geet felt the ticklish chillness when Maan was resting his hand on her back and waist...He too couldn't believe that his simple wish which he desired sometime back came true...Finally, the dance session got over... but still both are holding each other's hand and standing still lost in each other's eyes...

 but still both are holding each other's hand and standing still lost in each other's eyes

they snap out when there's a big applouse indicating that the dance is over. They both wondered how time flies..Both hearts restless and beating faster than ever.

Once the dance is over, she is so flushed and not able to look back at him. She controls herself and again preparing to get back to Rabecca...He calls out her name so very softly... "Geet"

She froze listening her name called out so softly from his lips...She is not herself since the time she has seen him in this event. she slowly turns back to him with a surprised look... "Yes Maan..."

actually wondering why he called her and then covers it up...

M: Why dont you join me for dinner?? I believe you have not yet had it..

She smiles at him... "You carry on"

M: But why..why are you not joining me? Give me company.

G: Well...She looks here and there..

M: What happened? Why are you thinking so much?

G: Well...she pauses again...I am a Vegetarian and I have checked the menu and there's no options available for me. Its all meat and fish there...

He just looks back at her..once again, she has nailed his heart and wondering how she manages to do so...Making him speechless once again.

G: Its carry on. I have had the cake and juice and that's more than enough for me.

Telling this she leaves from there as Rabecca needs Geet by her side...where as he leaves from there towards the food section and all were his favorites in the menu. But he doesn't feel like having anything...He glares at Geet from a Distance while he makes a call..

M: Please book a table for 2 at the terrace with lake view.

Geet spends some more time with Rabecca till the time has come to say Goodbye to her.

Finally, the time is come where Rabecca and David get into their Honeymoon car and before that, they were wished Goodbye by all near and dear ones.

Geet and Rabecca hugged eachother... "Will really miss you Geet. Thank you so much for being with me all the time...from the time you have moved to France till today..." Geet's eyes lined up with tears... "Please stay in touch ok??" she quickly wipes off her tears before breking the hug...

Geet is not getting right words due to emotions...she manages to say a "Hmm.." and bids Rabecca a good bye and immediately after their car leaves, Geet moves to the washroom to cry herself out and wash her teary eyes.

PRECAP: Long Drive and Dinner smiley2

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