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Posted: 6 years ago
hello guys ,
i am purvi,
 do you remember me ?
writing few os 
planning to write an ff

... so...i know its taylor song but i guess i can use it here i am planning to turn my os in a complete ff do give your views if you like it 

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Posted: 6 years ago
" Papa sahi keh rahe hain Atharava. " Said vividha who was witnessing all the drama silently holding guddi in her arms.

She took small but confident steps towards shocked atharva , disbelief written all over his face .

She stopped in front of Atharv covering his father behind her back and took the phone from Atharavs hand. Kailash was satisfied having his daughter again on his side but Alas ...his satisfaction was short lived.

"Papa sahi keh rahen hain, ye humare ghar ka mamla hai isliye police ko phone bhi wahi karenge " she kept that phone in kailash's hand with complete trust in her eyes that her father would never disappoint her.

All of them was shocked except two people .

One was Atharv who was proud of his love . He knew that his love was not a simply a mirage he saw in the dessert of pushkar .She was for real , deep buried beneath  that papa's blind daughter. He just needed to dig her out and unknowingly he did it Today morning

Another one was Uma who was shivering due to fear and this time it was for vividha. Uma knew , today was the day when vividha will face a real kailash kashyap. she feared that she will loose her daughter today. 

Her all fears turned true when Kailash broke the phone which was held to him by vividha but little did he knew that it was not the only thing he broke today.

" Is...Is...dudhwale ke baton mein akar tum apne papa ko bata rahein ho ki mujhe kya karna chahiye aur kya nahin . Ye mat bhulo vividha woh paraya hain aur mein tumahara bap hoon " kailash roared expecting vividha to take her eyes down and her mouth to get shut but it didn't ,for the first time it didn't.

" Mujhe pata hain papa ,isiliye chahti hoon ki ap police ko phone kare Atharv nahin . Kyunki aj agar guddi ko insaf Atharv ne dilwaya toh .." she stopped her words not able to say what she wanted to she just hoped that her father would understand her hope her helplessness.

" Ap patthar se bat kar rahein hain vividha ap phone mujhe dijiye mein ..." 
Athar tried to interfere feeling more confident as he had vividha on his side but vividha interuppted him like always. " Nahin atharv.Me..mein ne kaha na me..mere papa karengein phone is waqt woh shocked hain ye sab kuch achanak dekhkar woh bas ...guddi par koi ungli na uthaye jayenge jayengein main bat kar rahein hoon na. tum pls beech main mat bolo." 

she joined her hands in front of Atharv with tears in her eyes, tears of pain, tears of fear of what she was to unfold further . she tried to sound confident and full of trust like she always does when she talks about her father but her shivering voice and her tears betrayed her brutally. 

" Kailash kashyap ka faisla pathhar ki lakeer hota hain vividha use badla nahin ja sakta ...Aur meine faisla liya hain ki guddi ab yahan nahin rahegi aur na hi ye bat is ghar se bahar jayegi . samjhi tum." he pointed her finger towards her daring her oppose his decision .when she didn't said a word for a while he took it as his victory and orderd Uma.

" Uma driver se kahiye meri gadi nikale mein aj hi guddi ko uski bua ke pas bhejunga. Ap ise tayar rakiye tab tak mein ticket ka intezam karta hoon." he started moving towards the gate but vividha ran behind him and knelled down in front him blocking him in angan . 

" Papa asa mat kijiye papa mein ...mein ap...apke samne hath jodti hoon agar aj ap yahan se ch..chale gaye..guddi ka aur mera sath chod..chod ke chale gaye...toh mer...mera bharosa too..toot jayega papa..pls dekhiye taraf kya haa..haal kiya ...kiya is darende ne humari guddi ka. " 

All the family members including Atharv and his famiky was out by now watching a daughter begging his father for a justice like a begger . 

Her voice was not loud and fierce like Atharv had expected but it was small and weak almost a whisper as if each and every word was taking all her strenght to come out from her mouth. Atharv now realized what was happening. It was not his love which was winning today , instead vivdha's love for her father losing today he always wanted this , her to see the real face of her father but never in his dreams he had thought that it will affect her like this.

she was breaking in front of him as if someone was choking her life out of her slowly . He moved forward to save her ,to hold her in his arms and for once to give her false hope that she was right that her father will eventually come back but sujata being the strong woman she was stopped him . Becoming his strenght once again as she held his hand and pullendd him back.

" Apni...besharmi ki vajah se ye hal hua hain tumhari behen ka .Samjhaya tha meine ise ki chintu ...bhaiya...hain iska par nahin maryada...lang di isne apni ... aur uska khamiyaza humein ...chukana pad rahan hain " he throwed draggers towards already shivering guddi and trued to move But vividha held his legs breakig down completely.

" Papa pls aisa mat kahiye kam se kam ap toh asa mat kahiye pls mera bha...bharosa mat todiye papa...meine sirf apar bharosa kiya hain andha vishwas agar aj apne mera vishwas toda toh mein bhi toot jaoungi papa jite ji mar jaongi." 

" Agar bharosa karti tum ...toh mere faisle par ungli nahin ..uthati woh bhi kis ki baton mein akar is gair ki baton mein akar...apne papa se bagawat karna chahti ho..." he pointed towards atharv not caring dor a moment that his daughter was pleading in his legs .

Vividha wiped her tears and stood up ." Mein bagawat nahin kar rahin hon Papa bas apko galti karne se rok rahin hoon . Mujhe ap par ya apke har faisle par pora bharosha hain ap ...ap puchiye Atharv se mein hueha isse yahin kaha hain . " She turned towards Atharv for but again turned towards her father before he could say anything in her support.

" Meine humesha apar bharosa kiya hain papa humesha yahin samjha ki ap humari chhat hain agar ap hi hath chod lenge toh mein kisi aur pe toh kya khudpar bhi bharosa nahin kar paongi . Papa ...papa galat sabit kar dijiye atharv ko jise lagta hain ki apne humein kisis sone ke pinjre mein bandh kar rakha hain . Har bat jo usne aj kahin kal kahin sab galat sabit kardijiye papa pls. "

But when kailash again turned his back on vividha and started moving out she again started to follow him ..
" papa ...papa agar guddi nahin khoyi hoti toh bhi mein mandir nahin jati " she said as she sarted walking behind kailash hoping somehow her words will reach his father's heart. Her words pierced atharvas heart like a sword but what she said next brought tears in all their eyes. " isliye nahin kyunki mein buzdil hoon balki isliye kyunki mein apse bohot pyar karti hoon apko dhoka deke mein apni khushiyon ke bare mein socj bhi nahin sakti papa sirf apke liye jo bat Atharv ne mwri ankho mein padh li woh bat meine khud se bhi nahin kahi. Papa sirf isliye kyunki ap hurt na hon apka vishwas na toote papa pls aj aj...apko bari hain pls ..." but her voice reached a deaf ears as kailash sat in his car and moved way but vividha didn't stopped pleading and ran behind the car.

" papa...papa...papa..pls papa"

She sat on their gathe beside tulsi defeated and broken .
As a bitter truth hit her hard on her face.

Os...part 2 


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