ViTharv OS- The Conversation!

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Posted: 6 years ago

Hola I am back with another OS on ViTharv! Its my take on what could have been shown post Vividha's divorce and her struggle to prove her love and Atharv's fight with his internal demons.


ViTharv OS- The Conversation!


Atharv kept looking at the pitch dark night that had slowly become his acquaintance. He stood in the same balcony that once was their meeting place, their safe haven for a conversation from the prying eyes of her father. When Vividha announced her decision to give back his house to him and shift back, he couldn't really stop her from doing that. He somewhere had lost those rights, if only he knew that he was the only one with all the rights. He gazed through the room, which was once hers, she shared with Guddi. He remembered their every encounter, every banter and every fight. Everytime Guddi would tease him, making both of them blush. He felt empty to see the house empty, his mother had accepted Vividha's decision. He remembered their fights regarding when would he shift in this room, only to have that dream come true, albeit the woman who mattered was long gone from his room, from his life.


He slept, but sleep was far away from him. Her ignorance, her indifference, her silence was really making him feel empty.


As he was about to let his tiredness take over and he could get some sleep, he heard her magical voice, her chirpy laughter. He could finally see her figure in the main living room, besides his mother. What a perfect picture moment was it for him. How he wished he could join in this beautiful conversation and things will just be like the old times. But things weren't so simple anymore. He saw her, walk in the kitchen to make some hot tea for her and Sujata chachi.


Sujata chachi played the perfect cupid sometimes. she had seen him and her. Both were vulnerable, both were dying without each other, both were hurting. But she knew that this time the fault was Atharv's. Vividha had sacrificed a lot, fought against everyone and come out winning, claiming Atharv in full honour. And what had her own son do? Question the love and fidelity of the woman who sacrificed herself, traded her soul so he could breathe. But she had every right to make them talk, have the conversation and vent out the anger they had for each other. She was the witness to their love story, their separation and their reunion. She had assumed that Vividha moved on in life, but how wrong was she? She had seen Vividha's face light up when she was free from that forced marriage. She left the house for a night walk in the cow shed.

Vividha walked in the living room to see it empty and was about to go out in search of Sujata chachi when she saw Atharv hold her back.


Vividha: "Mera haath chodo...


Atharv: "Chod diya...mujhe aapse baat karni main bhi aap baat nai karti hai...


Vividha: "Mujhe tumse koi baat nai karni hai...itni simple si baat kyun nai samajh rahe ho tum?


Atharv: "Baat karni nai hai, to sun to sakti hai na aap?


Vividha: "Kyun sunu main tumhaari baat? she said pain evident in her voice.


Atharv: "Teen din ho chuke hai...aap mujhse baat nai kar rahi hai...


Vividha: "Teen din maine tumse baat nai ki, tumne mujhe chooa nai, mujhse theek se nai mile to itni takleef ho rahi hai...maine to pichle 4 mahino se tumse baat nai kit hi...meri liye kitni mushkil rahi hogi...kabhi socha bhi hai?


Atharv: "Main jaanta hoon maine galat kiya...


Vividha: "Galti?...Wah Atharv Sujata, wah! Mere pyaar pe shaq kiya, hamare rishte par sawaal uthaye, hamare pyaar par sawaal uthaye...wo sirf galti thi? she said taunting him.


Atharv: "Mera gussa aapse tha, aapne kisi aur se shaadi...


Vividha: "Wo shaadi nai thi...sauda tha tumhaari jaan ka, jo maine kiya Kailash Kashyap se...taaki tum jee sako, tum saans le sako...lekin nai tumhe sirf tumaara gussa important hai...


Atharv sat down in shame, she sat beside him.

Vividha: "Main jaanti thi ki tum gussa honge, aur uske liye main taiiyaar thi...lekin tum mere pyaar par shaq karoge ye nai pata tha...


Tears rolled down his face,


Vividha: "Us ghar main, sab ajnabee logon ke beech, kya kya hua mere saath waha, tumhe koi andaaza nai hai na...mujhpe molestation attempt bhi hua tha...

As soon as the words left her, he engulfed her. His blood went from ice cold to boiling. His girl had been touched, she had to bear the pain and trauma. She was a bit stiff earlier, but soon relaxed in the warmth of his arms and her soothing words.

Atharv: "Aapke saath ye sab hua...aur kisi ne kuch nai kaha...

She nodded in negative and his grip tightened on her. She broke the hug, to see him trembling, his eyes red and brimming, tears ready to spill anytime.

Vividha: "Humne ek doosre ko vachan diya tha hamara bharosa kisi ki aankhon dekhi nai hoga...wo hamari aatma ki awaaz hogi...tumhaari aatma kyun nai sun saki ye awaaz?...


Atharv was left speechless.


Vividha: "Ek doosre ko vaada kiya tha...kabhi bhi aage nai wo bhi vaada bhool gaye? Nai dekh paaye ki main wahi thi...tumhaara intezaar kar rahi thi...

Atharv: "Maine aapke pyaar par shaq nai...wo mera gussa...


Vividha: "Gussa nai Atharv...tumhaara possesivness, tumhaara dar...hamare pyaar ke saambe jeet gaya...aur mera kya hua...main to pagal thi...tumhaara intezaar kiya...tumhaare logic se I should have moved on...

Atharv: "Nai...I am really sorry


With that he took her in his arms once again, to be stopped by her.


Vividha: "Maine Ravish ko mujhe choone to kya...mere aas paas bhi nai aane haq sirf tumhe diya tha...


He tearfully pleaded her to not go, but she had the excuse ready. Everyone was waiting for her.

Before going home, Sujata chachi cameback in the room, to see them talking.


Vividha: "Chachi...good night!


Sujata: "Vividha...itni der ho gayi hai...aaj yahin ruk bhi to tumhaara ghar hai...


Vividha: "Nai chachi...mera ghar jaana hi behtar hai...


As she walked out of the house, she said something to Atharv that still kept his hopes alive.


Vividha: "Aaj bhi kuch nai badla Atharv...kal bhi mere chot se tadapte tum the...aur aaj bhi...kuch bhi badla...


With that she left...Atharv broke down and Sujata calmed him down.


Sujata was a happy mother, Atharv probably understood the gravity of the situation and the mistake he made by misunderstanding Vividha.


To be continued...


I hope I have lived upto the ViTharv fans demands.






Posted: 6 years ago
Mayu... This was heartbreaking and so much full of love at the same time ... This is something I really wanted in the show... But then 😡 ...cannot wait for the next one ... Update soon and this was beautiful once again as alwYs 😛
Posted: 6 years ago
Beautiful and heart touching 
This is what we want to see, but never got

Keep writing, 
you should start writing whole episodes after jndsd end or from the point where jndsd shift from its track, and continue jndsd ,so we can imagine and live it 
Edited by SerialLoverr - 6 years ago

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