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Though 2nd in place but will be the 1st one to comment Embarrassed

Lo idhar bhi paste kar diya ye bakwas comment as it was the best from your point of view LOL

Chapter 49.Men And Women, They Say, Are Made Up Of...

Update ko maro goli I was intrigued with this thing reading the line wondering they what they were actually made of Man and women???..

But you keep that incomplete answer,for that I had to read the chapter to find my answer but reading few lines I was lost in "Someone Like You"s world and forget totally what intrigued me or the curiosity...

Maan is in really teasing mood,eh?

"the office will be blessed" like now really he's troubling geet,she's not always late latif OK show some understanding you Monster but I'm Loving all this the devil me who has wanted their fighting moments and lots of teasing that is happening in actual now ...

Janab irritate hain cause she's leaving his office and he's so restless but geet bechari kuch nahi samaj rahi And he actually said this "Damn it Geet. How do you think I will manage without you?" Unbelievable really

But kya fayda mukar gaya na apni baton se dhookebaz mere Mann main laddo fute or Ish Monster ne phir sattyanash kar diya geet bhi nahi shamji Mann ki baat ...rasta bahut kathin hain Agee inn dono ke shaat Hume bhi suffer kar na hain

It was a full boring day Ermm
Office work but Dinner at restaurant Cool Really Good it is And his friend same like Hawa ke jaishe aaya geet ke dil pe tufan khada kar diya or bhag gaya ROFL

Aaj mera comment kuch different lag raha hain tumko bhi lag raha hain kya Ermm

Pata nahi kaishe kaishe baat kar rahi hoon like some drama queen Actually I really am Drama queen LOL


It's answer is soon to be


Nah Currently he's in relationship with me woh ek ghanta jo office pe phone pe baat kiya tha woh main hi toh thi Tongue

Sam you go And ask Miss.Kawaii she will answer you properly to you :-)

"She's Family" You know how it was to read this few words pure Bliss feel myself swooning Hug

Of course she's family Bhabi hain ye maan ki siblings ka bahu unki parents and unka hain future wife and future Mother of his kids ROFLROFL

But problem ye hain ye future kab ayega kuch nahi maloom hum logo ko

Ohhh Yeaaah We Will be going on party reading this word party I'm reminding myself your other story's party Woah too much to imagine pumpkin bala party hotshot bala party it's toxic ...Cool

Wait ye hum dono kaha ja rahe hain come back to SLY or baby kuch or plan karo ya na karo dance zaroor hona chahiye agar nahi huya toh sab bas yahi poch te rahenge Marium ne Aishwariya ko kyun Mara
Evil Smile

Just like bahubali kattapa thing Tongue

Yaar etni din barish thi abhi etni garmi kaha jayon?

One Sec BARISH Shocked

Miss.Kawaii barish kab hogi SLY pe??

Maan or Geet dance nahi karenge barish main?

Tumne toh bola tha summer khatam hone ko hain toh barish honi chahiye na or indonoko bheeg na bhi chahiye or dance kab karenge ye log half century bale chapter I mean next chapter main dance nahi kiya indono ne Then
Promise dono ke tange tod dungi

OK ok calm down main aaj kuch zayada violent ho gayi LOL

But at least dance karna chahiye study room main dober kiya dono time emotional sequence geet was crying but abhi real mood pe dance chahiye ...

We have legs kya bas walk ke liye dance bhi toh karna chahiye na Wink

Choreographer Geet Handa eh ? Mr.Sensible ko Apple pen pe dance karake batao TongueLOL

He care for her he always did it's not truth in the beginning he was not like that abhi toh sudhar gaye hain barna geet tum bhul gayi ye insaan tumko unlikable soch ta tha or abhi etni lovable ho ki kya batayon LOL

Etna kuch ho gaya mujhe tittle yaad hi nahi tha abhi pata chala different elements se bane men women and here I was thinking kuch interesting hoga LOL
I've really love that portion where you have written so beautifully that How she wants to be at little use of Maan I've love those lines :-)

Umm Black dress She must be looking wonderful today I'm just trying to Imagine her but face is unrecognized right now load hone main time lagega LOL

"She wasn't the Geet he had always known..." It's because now you are seeing the Love Of your life cause now you realized your all feelings and most obvious reason cause she has dressed to kill you with her killer looks Wink that's the reason you are not finding her similar anymore or she's not like your geet today LOL

"His silence, now made her wonder if she even looked good enough."

Ohh Geet he's silent because you had made him speechless today with your looks

Before today it was always her heart which he had loved But today seeing this beautiful geet he's feeling different ...I've always loved this story with all my heart cause all those emotions which you portray here is so deep and beautiful always there was emotional bond he's love was for her heart her inner beauty not her physical appearance that's the thing that had touched my heart most he's feeling was really beautiful 1st it was Love then any other feelings physical attraction is still few step away its normal to see anyone falling in Love with a girl cause she's beautiful but how many are there who have actually loved the heart of its owner just not her beauty... This make this story different and beautiful this Love of Them Maan Geet Of Someone like you and I really Love this kind of feelings but everywhere I don't get story like this...

Intimacy is just not the thing I preferred for but emotions they really mean a lot and in this story you have done a praise worthy job maybe that is why I'm so fond of Someone like you Heart

"He felt he heard something chime again" what is this sound yaar he heard twice I'm curious to know that...

"He said it will be okay... then it will be" My favourite line from this whole chapter this trust what geet had in Him...Yaar Are you Sure Miss.Kawaii you don't want to turn me crazy for your this story I'm loving this like nothing before and Miss.Kawaii I'm surly have turned your fan and wants to be the biggest craziest fan of yours and you have to give me a autograph Unless I'll do katti with you baat nahi karungi sacchi ...

Accha ye batao chapter chota ta tha ya mujhe laga ki jaldi khatam ho gaya hain aaj ..

Hmm so you have asked kaisa laga umm utna accha nahi tha I like it but I've love chapter 44 Suna hain log usshe aankh bhar ke dekhte hain Heart

Well chapter 44 ka fever will be always high...

Will Maan dance with geet?

Ye kaisha sawal hain kyun nahi karega agar nahi kiya main marr ne aajayungi isko Angry Karna padega or barish ki demand mat bhulna ok Wink

Huh it's finished my comment ROFL
short comment just like your update ROFL
Love you Miss.Kawaii a lot Hug
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Kawii.    You are just awesome

Update as usual I'm short of words , the level of understanding between them is so high that when ever I'm reading in feel goosebumps in my stomach. Really felt nice that geet want to be what society wants maan girl to be . Just loved Sam entry but alas he is not the love triangle.

I was wondering the concept you have taken in this story why pooja parents no meet or help geet I mean they are childhood buddies the parents should give her support of family presence somewhere.

Last part of the comment eyes looking at some one uff Kia hona wala hai ... Dance may be or in jealousy he will leave the party

Ab kawii jaldi update dena plz raha nahee jata
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Originally posted by MariumChoudhary

Though 2nd in place but will be the 1st one to comment Embarrassed
yes you won and i reserved the 2 post
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Posted: 2017-05-04T04:42:11Z
Lovely update 
Waiting for next update 
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Posted: 2017-05-04T05:13:17Z
Yeah we know you just ask whether maan will dance with her or not n we will start weaving dreams around it
U will burst the bubble saying something like party got over or geet twisted her leg

But anyways loved the update
Jo bhi ho maanna padega u r best Smile

By the way i m very surprised that u actually replied to me for comment

Felt so good
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Posted: 2017-05-04T05:59:24Z the intense maan
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Posted: 2017-05-04T05:59:41Z
Like always beautiful part
sam awesome n unexpected entry, maaneet in party.
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Posted: 2017-05-04T06:20:13Z
Lo hum aa Gaye LOL
Last part bahut achha tha, padha Maine 2nd ko exam dene k baadTongue
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