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Hello bechain marrium how ru?today again you want first position after the post

Jab tak hum zinda hain 1st position ki chahat hamesha rahegi but dukh ki baat ye kabhi school main 1st nahi aayi hamesha 2nd or 3rd Cry
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<div align="center"><font size="6" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">Updating...</font>

<font size="6" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">you want romance?Wink</font>
<font size="6" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">lets see if i can steer them that wayLOL</font>

Well I've never wanted romance for these two people of my heart but I've always wanted them together just being their Own self My Mr.Sensible and His Little Tornado and their sparkling magic Hug

Waisa I agree on this with marrium maaneet time together itself is a romance to enjoy. It's never require to write romance between them
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It will be really interesting to see how you steer romance for them in that way Wink
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Originally posted by taanee

Originally posted by MariumChoudhary

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<div align="center"><font size="6" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">Updating...</font>

<font size="6" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">you want romance?Wink</font>
<font size="6" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">lets see if i can steer them that wayLOL</font>

Well I've never wanted romance for these two people of my heart but I've always wanted them together just being their Own self My Mr.Sensible and His Little Tornado and their sparkling magic Hug

Waisa I agree on this with marrium maaneet time together itself is a romance to enjoy. It's never require to write romance between them

wah wah koi toh hain Jo mujhse shemat hain ...

ladki tum kaha chupi thi aab tak main tumhe hi toh doondh raha tha etni din LOL
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Originally posted by Rashmi...

Originally posted by MariumChoudhary

Originally posted by Rashmi...

congrats for the new thread...
marium is not going to let you sit peacefully aishu

Agar main sudhar na bhi chahu toh aap log nahi denge Tongue

Main full try karungi ish thread ko bachane ki but kitna successful hongi ya nahi maloom nahi ROFLROFL

Abhi toh free hoon ishiliye ye spamming but abhi se classes attend karne ki try karungi already 2 month tak study ke shaat full break up chal raha hain or Ramadan also just 23 days away so time nahi rahega but comments chalo rahenge my short comments ROFLTongue

So thread is safe from my side Wink

thank god..miss kawai ka thread bach gayaLOL

Etna easy nahi hain bachna Wink
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New thread pe hona kitna accha lagta hain na Wink

Hume har week ek naya thread bana chahiye or tumhe one week main 5 update dena chahiye LOL
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Mujhe khud pe doubt hota hain har bar kehti hoon spam nahi karungi phir ush raat royi bhi or dekho aaj phir sab bhul gayi ladki idhar aane ke baad but that day I was really guilty and upset I thought you will be really angry on me
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Banner Credits: Marium

thanks for all the beautiful words and the banner.
 I know i was late in posting..but thanks a ton.Embarrassed
and pls take care of your health

@ammu5: thank you for the cute comment di. LOL
ye sab passing feelings...Wink

@aparna3011: arjun's closure... coming soonWink

@PaintedSky: tadap... lets see kahan se shuru hoti hain..LOL

@idunno: this is the first time someone called me kanjus...LOL
 lets see if i can change this in the next updates.Wink

@Kkiran: something is definitely up...
am an angel after allBig smile

@nibi_suchi: welcome aboard dear reader. thank you for the lovely comment. Maan understands things, reacts differently
but geet is opposite. she, being where she is right now, needs that bit of care.

my my... am not that evil you knowLOL
aayega... maaneet ka romance aayega.Silly

@maansee: sabar ka phal meeta hota hain di...
 i am done with the first phase of the story. ab sab bhagegaBig smile

mMaan-geet-raj... you instigated me woman!! Evil Smile
btw you do know that i am saving all ur shayaris right?Wink

@indiegirl: awww i loved your comment. Heart
sending lots of love your wayHug
it always has something new to it. thank you so much.
romantic or fireworks? how about both?Big smile

@TaranaGeet: I had a very good time reading all your suggestions and imagining maaneet in them... ROFL

@Ubiquitous: welcome and thank you. so glad that you connect to everyone. looking forward to see more of youEmbarrassed

@Madhuri di: wo aadmi... aa raha hain... aa raha hain.Wink
uski bhi ek kahani hainLOL
thank you for the detailed comment. maan's family is too good.
like he says na... everyone loves his little tornadoWink

take care tabby. get well soon and come back sooner
sending lots of good wishes ur wayHeart

49.Men And Women, They Say, Are Made Up Of...

"You Monster...I hate you." she cringed and he laughed.

He had teased her so much, pressing Raj on her raw nerves and she had been angry. He walked closer and patted her head, "Go back to sleep if you have to. Its still too early..."

It was just 5am yet and the family left, leaving the duo alone.

She sighed, "Umm... I don't feel like going to college as such.."

He cocked his head to the side, "Great. For a change, my PA shall be on time."

She gasped hearing about office. she had been so much habituated with her current schedule that she had almost forgotten that her office started when she was still in college.

Oh kanha... when would I get a peaceful sleep?

She dragged herself back to her room and fell on the bed, cursing her luck and stopped on her tracks, "Can you wake me up before you leave for office? I think I will go on time today..."

He raised a brow, "The office will be blessed."

She flashed a smile, "...because I have an interview scheduled after lunch."

She watched him frown and her smile vanished.

"You have one today?"

"Something wrong with it?"

"No.." he snapped and walked up the stairs, "nothing wrong."

There was definitely something wrong.

She rolled her eyes and followed him, "Maan... tell me. Should I not go?"

"No. Just go."

He didn't know why it was irking him. The thought that she'd be leaving this job and that she wouldn't be around anymore was just not setting well with him. He knew it was irrational and it was stupid of him to think so but he wasn't himself. He just didn't want her to go. And neither could he stop her. That will be against his work ethics.

He felt her warm hands hold his and stop him.

"tell me."

He looked away, "nothing."

"There is something bothering you." she stressed.

"You think you know everything about me?" he bit back.

"May be not as well as you know me... but I know there is something in your mind."

"Just leave me." he tried pulling away his hand but she gripped it tighter.

He needed to clear his head...he knew. All he needed was some time to make that heart of his understand.

"Listen Mister..", she looked straight into his eyes, "I know you better than you think I know you so spit it out."

Taking a sharp breath in, he jerked his hand free from her grasp.

"Damn it Geet. How do you think I will manage without you?" he blurted running his fingers along his hair.

She gasped and stilled for a moment, gaping at him. his gaze bored into her

Did he say that? Kanha??

She felt her heart skip a beat as his words rang in her head. Her cheeks warmed up for no apparent reason as she let the words sink in.

Her silence made him realize what he had blurted out and riveted his head back at her and found her perplexed and stunned. She was still as a statue as she kept gaping at him. he cursed himself mentally and quickly shook his head.

"I...I mean I need my PA. I have lot of things to look over. You know that right?"


She blinked a couple of times, still dazed, "Ohh.."

He sighed and maintained a straight face, "Now go back to your room and be ready by 9."

He walked away leaving her clueless about everything... about what he felt...about what she felt... about what he meant and what he said! She went back to the guest room and fell on the bed, recalling his words.

How do you think I will manage without you?

Something tingled inside her. She smiled a little and then her face fell.

Uff Geet... he needs his PA. What are you getting so anxious about? Concentrate on your interview...


By the time she was done with the interview it was already 6 in the evening. She had taken a cab to her place of interview and she was bone weary. All she wanted was to just rush home and crash on bed. But she wasn't staying in her house. She was in the estates and she knew Maan wouldn't be home this soon. She hailed a cab back to the office for the thought being in the huge house all alone seemed a scary option now.

She entered his cabin and found it in absolute mess. He wasn't around and the first thing she did was to just check on him. The morning incident hadn't left her mind. She stood in the middle of the room and watched the books strewn on the coffee table at the corner. Papers splayed on the floor, files in disarray...

He must have been really busy...

She kept her files away. She had worked half a day and left just after lunch. He hadn't even bothered her much regarding work. She kept her bag aside and picked up the papers and arranged them neatly in files. Humming a random tune, she stood by the huge bookshelf, arranging the books according to the way he liked.

"Hey...what are you doing here?"

She jumped and quickly pressed her hand on her heart, "Maan! Don't you ever scare me like that."

He looked tired. He took of his suit, threw it on the couch and sank into his chair.

"How was your interview?"

She kept the last of the books and sat in front of him, "it was good. There were lot other candidates though. It will be tough."

He didn't reply. He just rested his head back and kept looking at her.

"You had a busy day?"

He slightly nodded his head as he saw her stretch herself to break the kinks.

"why did you come back? You could have gone home right?"

"Yeah.. but I didn't want to stay alone in that huge house and..."

His phone buzzed interrupting their conversation and he sighed.

"let me wind this up. We will head home." He mouthed before answering the call.

She went back to her cabin and decided to catch up with whatever she missed. It took him almost an hour to get done with the call and in the next hour she found herself sitting in one of the finest restaurants and gorging on the food. She had never known she had been this hungry until now. she just kept on eating until she felt a pair of eyes on her. she looked up and caught him staring at her. he seemed a little lost in his thoughts and she felt conscious.

"Erm... Maan?"

He snapped, "Huh? Yeah?"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah why?"

She curled into her seat, not knowing how to ask, "no. nothing."

They finished their food and walked out quietly when someone tapped his
shoulder, "Hey buddy..."

He was taken by surprise by the person in front of him.


"I sure didn't expect to find you in the parking lot out of all places..."

Geet stood afar, awkwardly, watching the two men shake hands first and then hug each other like long lost brothers. College friends perhaps. She watched him smile and his eyes twinkled when he talked to his friend. She liked that smile. She had always been fascinated with his smile. They talked when she noticed the person named Sam look at her.

"Who is this pretty lady with you dude?" Sam winked.

Before Maan could reply, he walked towards Geet, took her hand and pressed a kiss at the back of her palm.

"Its so nice to meet you Miss..."

Geet smiled at those mischievous eyes, "Geet..."

"You are quite a surprise.. Geet..."

She flushed. Sam was tall... an inch or two more than Maan and wore a dinner suit. Blue eyes and floppy blonde hair with a hint of brown streaks fell on his forehead, making him look younger than he was.

"Surprise?" she asked and pulled her hand back from him.

"I haven't seen Maan with any other lady after Sarah. You must be special..."

Her eyes widened in surprise at his words, not knowing how to answer that. Was she special? Sarah had been with him too...

"Sam stop... don't jump to conclusions..."

Sam shrugged, "whattt? You meet me after ages and with a beautiful woman and ask me not to jump into conclusions. Are you married?"

Before Maan could open his mouth Sam answered his own question, "Oh no. you guys are not wearing rings. So not married. But she is your girlfriend right?"
Maan rolled his eyes "Sam..."

He looked back at Geet, who looked so stunned with everything.

"You are his girlfriend right?"

His eyes beckoned her to answer but she didn't know what to answer. Sure she could say she was not his girlfriend but then what was she to him? They were friends she knew and she also knew there was something more to it. But who was she to him exactly? She felt herself at loss of words.

"Miss Geet?" Sam got confused seeing her perplexed state and wondered if something bothered her and immediately apologized.

"hey... am sorry. I didn't want to intrude...its okay.. I am..."

"She is family Sam.."


Geet gasped and watched Maan, intently looking at her... meaning every word.

"That's cool... okay tomorrow we all are meeting for dinner. You must come too."

"What dinner? And on a weekday?"

"yeah I will be leaving in two days so I called up whoever was available. You must come."

He turned to Geet, "and you must too ma'am..."

"I?? But how..." she shook her head.

Kanha... what will I do there?

"You must. A beautiful company wouldn't hurt anyone..." Sam flashed a smile.

"Am sorry but I can't. I mean I hardly know anyone there.." she gave an awkward smile.

"You know Maan. You know me now. Miss Geet..please do come. I am here for
two days. It wouldn't hurt finding a new friend."

She watched him drive as she sat, resting her head back and replaying the whole scene in her mind.

She is family..

Her heart warmed up... A family. It was such a beautiful feeling. Up until this moment, she had not expected anything out of anyone. But with the advent of Ana and Kabir, things had started changing. And this man... He even apologized for Sam's behaviour. He had never been with anyone after Sarah. Was Sarah that special?

she that special?

She had been so confused when Sam asked who she was but how smoothly he came ahead and saved her... like always. Her savior. Her knight in...

She blushed with the thought and looked away shaking her head.

Geet... what are you thinking stupid? You need to sleep.


He walked out of the shower and walked towards the study. Her room was just across the hall. The door was ajar and he could hear voices inside. He stopped for a while and peeped in. She was on a call with someone, pacing around the room, playing with her hair, keeping her books on the table.

She was planning to study perhaps.

He was about to go when he heard her complain to Ana.

"Uff you idiot... you can't possibly be complaining about it all the time. You will do well. remember..its me, Geet Handa who choreographed you. You can't lose."

He almost laughed. So she had been choreographing Ana for sangeet? He shook his head and walked away.

"Yes yes chill... Remember all the steps. If possible, practice once."

She finished with her call and sat down to study and never knew when she slept off on her books. She dreamed of her home back in shimla with her family, her mother with kanha and her father gently caressing her hair. She felt it real and nice. After so many days, she felt happy. The awkward position of her neck woke her up and found herself sleeping on her table. She yawned and stretched herself and looked at the time. It was going to be two in the morning. She closed her books and found a glass of milk on the table.

I don't remember putting it here... have I?

She touched the glass and brought it closer. It was still warm. She knew it was kept a few minutes back. she took a sip and smiled.


She finished the milk and stood by the window, looking at the gardens below. He always did so. Cared without speaking, guided without making it obvious, scolded when she did something wrong, praised when she did well... and saved her when she needed to be. she recalled the times spent with him in the office... at Ellen's... and then that night at the parking and the warm milk.  She realized now... she doesn't know a thing about him. and that put her to shame.


Men and women, they say, are made up of different elements of the universe. Like star and the planets. Like novae and super-novae. Like earth and like sun.
She found him to be a sun to the earth she was. Soft from afar, warming her up and fierce from the core that burned her when she got closer. And for once, she wanted to be of a little use to him. To stand by his side and not let him down. For once, she wanted to brighten up a little, like the sun brightens up the earth. And carefully, very carefully, she pulled out the black dress from her wardrobe and stared at it. She had bought it once with Ana and never got a chance to wear  it. Now that she'd be meeting up with his friends, she had to look her best. She was plain... He was a shining star. The least she could do for him was to look presentable which reached up to his standard.

He stood in the hall, calling up his friends and adjusting the collar on his dark grey suit. They had been back early from the office because of the dinner and Geet was taking time.

"yes Sam.. I will be there in 30 minutes."

He ended the call and looked around for her.

She walked down the stairs, slowly, carefully watching her step and he just kept watching her. She wasn't his Geet. His brain refused to acknowledge. She wasn't the clumsy little girl today. No. she wasn't his little tornado tonight.

Dressed in an off shoulder black dress, she let her locks down and walked up to him. Her eyes looked up at him and he sighed. Unlike other times, her eyes were thickly laden with kohl and her lips temptingly red. Her exposed neck adored a simple heart shaped pendant and he found himself rooted there.

She wasn't the Geet he had always known...

She smiled nervously, "Sorry. I am late."

She had hurried up, fearing he'd lash out for getting late and hence, she apologized. But his gaze made her conscious. His dark eyes peering down at hers made her flush as she looked away, pushing that strand of hair behind her ear.
He thought he heard something chime but not very distinctively. Her nervousness made him sigh... she made quite a sight. A beautiful sight.

"yeah... come on."

He walked ahead and she followed. The drive was silent throughout and she felt herself losing in the memories of the time he had complimented her the first time... on the day of her college function. His silence, now made her wonder if she even looked good enough.

They reached the place exclusively booked for their dinner. There were his friends waiting for him, some already inside, some waiting out for others. He smiled and walked with her towards them.

This was new for her. She had never been out for a party like this. She was conscious of her steps, her looks and she fidgeted with her fingers.

He felt he heard something chime again, yet it drowned as quickly as it had escalated.

She felt his warm hand unclasp her fingers and laced them with his.

"You don't have to be nervous." He leaned closer and whispered in her ears.

She looked at him in surprise but he looked ahead, confident like he always was.

"They are only humans Geet... relax and go with the flow."

"But... your friends...I..." she didn't know what they'd think of her.

He squeezed her palm gently, "Just be yourself okay..."

He looked at her for a second, gave her an assuring smile and looked ahead, greeting his friends. She watched him and then at his hold.

He said it will be okay... then it will be.

She trusted him. Yes, she did. He would be with her no matter what. Like he had been always. And that made her happy. She laced her fingers tighter around his and looked ahead, smiling, trying to bring the confidence back.

As time passe, she realized that his friends were nice people. They were fun and they spared no time in getting along with her. There were other pretty ladies and one of them was Sam's fianc too. She got along well, heard some funny college stories and raised toast to Sam and his fianc.

He sat with a friend at the bar, holding a drink and talking when his eyes fell on his little tornado talking to his friends. She gave a soft smile and talked more with her eyes than her lips. She held a soft drink in her hands and the bracelet she wore sparkled in the light.

No...she wasn't his little tornado... she was someone else today. she was someone who knew what she was doing.

He felt that...her body language screamed that out. The men got along well with her and so did the ladies. She laughed and talked more and he liked it all so much until someone asked her for a dance.

She gulped down hard, not knowing how to decline when someone gave her a push. The gentleman seemed nice and she just couldn't say no. the music was soft and they waltzed gently. The man made her laugh and she giggled in his arms when she felt a piercing gaze at her. She looked around for the source and found Maan looking straight at her, with something in his eyes that scared and excited her all at the same time.
>>So...So...So??? Wink

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>>I am not trying to raise your hopes dear readers. Just asking.
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Chapter 50

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