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yeh 'on the way' long hai babu mosai? Lagta hai land slide traffic mein phas gaya hai naya update...
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Originally posted by MariumChoudhary

<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="2">Heyyy Everyone Update is on the way..</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="2">Few minutes to go</font>

<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="2">Happy Reading to everyoneHeart</font>
yeh 'on the way' long hai babu mosai? Lagta hai land slide traffic mein phas gaya hai naya update...

Abhi traffic free hain Bas aa jayegi Tongue
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@Aakriti: tu late comment ki isiliye no dhol no nagade...
but so glad you finally un-reserved.Big smile
mein dhanya ho gayi maate...
mein tho soon updt kar lungi. tu apna soch ladki...Evil Smile

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and for tht jiju thing, grrr I hate you.Angry
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waise, welcome.. swagatam... aur mein bahut regular hun updt dene mein... provided mujhe time mile bas
isiliye tho meri saari stories complete hain.Cool
read and let me know how you liked it. Embarrassed

@Twilightsparkle: his mom is clever. hai na?Wink
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@happydays30: thank you.. although i wouldn't want to be tagged as a thief.LOL

@Rashmi di:
a boy-girl friendship is different than a girl-girl friendship no.. about kabir-emily, we shall see shortly.Big smile

@Alamelu: thank you for the beautiful comment. it really touched me. Maan is a difficult personality to understand. but
once someone understand him, it would be hard to let go.

thank you di. I love you too. Hug
Geet abhi sab seekh rahi hain usko time chahiye. maan realizes that tabhi tho time de raha hain warna the kind of
person he is, he would just go and propose to her. LOLjealous and possessive maan... thoda time dijiye usko thoda geet ko
uski chatra-chaya se bahar tho nikalne dijijyeWink

@Sheen: aur ye sher-o-shayari se tu mera dil khush kar ditta
saving all of them baby. will come handy in future updtsEmbarrassed

@-MishtyBlue-: thank you so much for the lovely words. this is a maan i had wanted to write for a long time now.
Abhi Nahin Aana?? well... no comments on that.LOL

hehehehe thoda patience rakho. bahut kuch hogaEmbarrassed
Answers: i just borrowed the background story from the movie. the detailing is all mine.Tongue

@roonii: welcome new reader. so glad you are liking this.

@Desigirls12: hhehehe devil hun na? hot and spicy maaneet?
Isn't it too much to ask in this story?LOL
oohhh... What did you remind me of but Parineeta out of all! so nostalgic.. and you are so naughty.
"shame on you geet...the weather is getting hotter than you..."
isn't this what he said?Blushing

46.Ajeeb Dastaan Hain Yeh...

"Oh my god...Geet I cannot believe that jerk is here!" Ana paced around in Geet's cabin once the meeting was done. she had somehow managed herself in the meeting but Arjun had left her in distress.

Geet sat on her chair and watched her friend. She had not expected this either but then, no one had an idea about the collaboration. Okay, Maan and Kabir had and she had an inkling that there was a third party but in no ways they had expected it to be Arjun's.

"What would you do Ana?" she asked tapping her fingers on the table.

Ana stopped and took deep breaths in to calm herself.

"I am going to ask Kabir and withdraw from this."

"Are you crazy?"

Ana knew that was bizarre. She couldn't lose to that jerk!

"yeah. I know. And I won't run away. But the problem is, that moron would never leave me alone."

Geet shrugged, "You gotta find a way to deal with this."

"Han yaar... that guy is such a...what do you call it in Hindi? The one who sticks..??"

"Chipku..." Geet offered.

"Yeah that..." Ana sighed, "I really don't want to deal with him Geet..."

"Hmm... lets wait. If he makes any advances, we will see then..."


He walked through the corridors and remembered the meeting he had asked her schedule and decided to just check on her for the details. With a gentle push to the door, he stepped in and halted.

Her attention was somewhere else. Like Always.

But instead of getting angry, he found himself smiling.

She was studying...

She had raised the book up in the air and leaned back on her chair, lost in her world. The previous night in the study flashed in front of his eyes and he sighed. She was making so much effort.

"Ahem..Miss Handa?" he broke the silence to get her attention.

She jumped and the book fell on her lap. She quickly put it away and stood up, surprised to see him in her cabin.

"Ye..yes Sir, you needed anything?"

He raised his brows, "What were you doing?"

He knew the answer but he had to ask her.

"Just studying a bit..." she looked up at him meekly and added quickly, "I have scheduled your appointment and finished reviewing the files and kept them on your table..."

He nodded, "very well then."

He turned to leave and her voice checked him.

"do you need coffee?"

He turned back, gaped at her for a second or two and then nodded in affirmative.
When she entered his cabin with the coffee, she found him standing by the huge glass window and watching the lights slowly fading into dusk.

"your coffee, sir.."

He looked back and found her waiting for his answer.

"Umm.. you aren't going home?"

She checked the time on her watch. It was still not time for her to leave.

"I still have time..."

"No.." he interrupted, "Antara is leaving and Miss Handa you are done for the day. You can leave now.."

"but so soon?" she asked with wide eyes.

He looked at her pointedly, "You want to work overtime?"

"No..." she spat and then regretted the words.

Never deny the boss... she had learned now.

"I mean I can stay back if you want..."

He held back that smile and maintained a stern face, "You are not needed anymore. Go home."


Her phone buzzed and she stretched herself on the bed.

Yawning, she answered, "Maan?"

"Geet, where are those charts that I gave you?"

She checked the time and rolled her eyes. Half past midnight it was and she felt sleepy.

"I gave them to Adi sir for further proceedings. Is anything urgent?"

She heard him sigh on the other side and closed her book, "he has it okay. So relax.."

He fell back on the chair and rubbed his temples. He had been worried about the charts and that woman had handed them to Adi without informing.

"You could have informed me..."

"I wanted to. But you were travelling last week and then it just slipped out of mind. Sorry"

"Next time, just let me know okay?"

"Umm. Stop worrying and go to sleep." She commanded.

A faint smile tugged at his lips.

"I have work..."

"Ohh sorry... the monster never sleeps. I get it!" she chuckled.

"Someone is in a good mood?"

She yawned again and mumbled something he couldn't understand.

"If you are tired, then why are you still awake?"

"To answer my boss who doesn't see time or place when it comes to work!"

"You complain too much about your boss! Is he that bad?" he teased.

"he isn't bad Maan... he is just too demanding..."

"excuse me? How can you say he is demanding?" he was amused at the kind of names she had stored for her boss!

"well... " she rolled on her tummy, "he keeps on demanding one thing or the other all the time. Never lets anyone be in peace."

"Geet...that's so mean of you." he feigned hurt, "he is the boss! He has to be demanding."

"Arrey nahin. Suno Tho..." she fought back, "he did something weird today."

She was adorable with that half-hindi half-english on her lips. His tiredness seemed to vanish into nothingness.

"What did he do?"

"he actually let me go home early..." her voice was laced with surprise.

"And that is weird because?" he turned off the lights of the study room and walked through the dark corridors.

"Weird because this is the first time he ever did that. Otherwise that slave driver letting anyone go even 5 minutes before the scheduled time is like...impossible!"

He stopped in front of his room, listening to all the names she had formed for him and wondered if he had ever given anyone any right to raise his voice in front of him.

"Maan, are you there?" her voice brought him back from his thoughts.

She was the only one...he knew the answer.

He smiled and entered the room, "You are going to pay for the names you have come up you realize that?"

"I am not scared of the monster boss..." she giggled on the other side.

"As shall we see..." he fell on his bed and let his body lose, "now go to sleep like a good girl.."

"I can't..." he felt her disappointment.

"And why is that?"

"I have to study..."

His mind went back to the evening in office where he had found her busy and felt happy.

"Your mid-terms are starting next week right?"

There was silence for a few seconds and he wondered if she fell asleep while talking.

"umm.. Maan?" she whispered.

"Yes Geet..."

Her voice dropped low and he heard her soft breaths in that moment of silence.

"I... I really really want to do better this time."

He smiled and deep in his heart wished her to be in front of him at this moment so that he could just pat her head, like he always did.

"Do you think you can do it?" he asked after a pause.

"Do you think I can do it?" she asked thoughtfully.

He ran his fingers through his hair and let out a breath, "Geet, is your doing good or bad dependent on my answer?"


"You asked me whether you could do it or not, right? Had I said No, what would you have done?"

She blinked a couple of times to let the words sink it.

"would you stop giving your best? Hmm?"

"No..." she said meekly.

"See. There. You have your answer. You have worked hard are trying so hard. Do you think I don't notice?"

She stilled. He notices her. it was not only today but this had been for a long time. This was not new between them but whenever he said things like this, she felt a different feeling, every single time.

"And if my opinions matter so much then I will tell you one thing."

"Umm.." she just nodded.

"I expect you to do well and fight your way out of the mess you think you are in."

He had wanted to tell her that he believed her and that she could do it but he knew how her brain worked. And hence he twisted his words.

"Don't let me down...most importantly, don't let yourself down. You have worked this hard, for nothing, remember that."

She glanced at her book and then at her Kanha by her bed.

"I won't..." she whispered, "Thank you.."

He smiled, "don't thank me. thank your boss..."

She wondered why he spoke about her boss all of a sudden and scratched her head.

"My boss?"

He laughed on the other side, "never mind. Go to sleep and give that little brain of yours a little break."

He disconnected the phone and she rolled on the bed thinking why he asked her to thank her boss.

Do you think I don't notice?

She gasped and sat up. So this is why her boss had asked her to leave early. This is why he had asked her to thank her boss. She sat still for a couple of minutes until sanity hit her.

He cares so much...but he wouldn't show.

That was one layer of his personality she had peeled off tonight and wondered how much more he held within himself now.

No wonder she felt this calm and happy even when he was bitter... because deep down, she realized it was his concern for her all along!


The mid-terms lasted a week and that seemed to drain out everything from her. she had taken leave along with Ana for the week but even that was taxing. She had done well but she had to wait for the results. She had given her best. Sitting by the window of her room, checked her phone for any messages or calls but there was none from her boss.

Kabir had pinged her wishing luck and so had Pooja and Raj and there was Ana too. but that one man hadn't done anything of that sort! She rolled her eyes and sighed.

What was she expecting? Maan to call her and wish her luck? Did it even matter anymore between them?

Her phone rang breaking her thoughts and she quickly answered with a smile.

"Hey Kabir..."

"Mi Bella.. you don't have plans tonight, do you?"

She thought for a while, "Umm..No. Ana and I were supposed to have dinner but she is out with Maan I guess.."

"Good.  Now get ready and I will pick you up in 30 minutes."

Before she could even reply he had disconnected the phone.

"Why are we in the airport Kabir?" she asked sternly this time.

He had just brought her out and refused to answer about their destination all this time. And now that they were at the airport, she finally snapped.

He looked at her with concealed emotions and sighed, "we are here to see Emily."

Her eyes widened, "Emily? She is leaving?"

He sighed and nodded, "Yeah! And she wanted to see you before she left."

They walked slowly and Geet looked at her friend. She had never seen him so forlorn. Kabir was a lively soul and it was for the first time that he remained quiet. So quiet that she felt like hugging him to soothe his soul. She knew now that he had really liked Emily.

"Kabir...are you okay?" she asked softly holding his hand.

He looked at her and gave a weak smile, "Am perfectly fine Mi Bella...what makes you think I am not okay?"

"No... I mean she is going Kabir! Won't you stop her?"

"Why would I stop her?"

She stopped and he stopped too.

"You like her so much right? Stop her then..."

Kabir sighed, "Geet...its not..."

"You are not fighting it.. why? You both like each other so much then why are you letting her go?"

Kabir watched her for a while and then tugged her ahead, wrapping his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into his embrace, "Stop stressing Mi Bella. You worry way too much. Come on now."

She watched Emily and Kabir smile at each other and then Emily went ahead to hug him. she remained a little away, giving them privacy and watched them exchange words. she felt sad for her friend. And she never understood why they were giving up on each other without giving it a try.

Emily watched her with those blue-grey eyes and smiled, gesturing her to come closer.

"I am so glad that you came Geet. We haven't met as often but it was wonderful meeting you."

Geet watched her hand extended towards her and shook hands, "Oh Emily, must you go?"

She smiled and her eyes twinkled. Geet noticed.

Were those tears?

"My work here is done Mi Bella... " she laughed, picking that word from Kabir.

"I will miss you. Will you come back?"

She shrugged, her eyes glancing once at Kabir who had looked away, "I don't know!"

Geet noticed that. She looked back at Kabir who stood a little away from them pretending to be busy with his phone and sighed.

"Emily, don't go."


"Please don't go. Stay back..."

"but why?"

"For kabir!!"

Emily gasped and Geet gave pouted, "I know about both of you. You guys can work it out Emily... don't break his heart and go away.."

She pointed towards Kabir and then looked at her, "He likes you so much and I know you like him too. Stay back. Who knows you might find love too..."

Emily watched Kabir and sighed, "I wish I could have stayed Geet. But no. I must leave..."

"You just can't break his heart like this..." Geet fought back.

"Geet... I know you love your friend so very much... But I really can't stay."

"Why can't you? You know you both can work it out right? Why can't you give him a chance?"

Geet felt her hands being clasped tighter than it was before and saw a thin film of tears in Emily's eyes.

"Because I am done..." she finally confessed.

"Done with what?"

Geet felt angry.

"With love and all that it comes with."

" can't do this.."

"I appreciate your love for your friend Geet but I need a break from all this. I have had enough darling... and love is the last thing I seek for myself now."

"But past is past. You can't..."

"I know..." Emily interrupted, "But that is going to remain with me forever. I still need to sort myself out. Kabir knows it Geet...he had known it all along. I cannot go through all that all over again..."

"You are just scared..."

"May be I am."

"You are giving up Emily..."

"If this is giving up...then yes. Call me coward, escapist.. I won't deny. I cannot
deal with it anymore."

Geet remained upset about it even after she left. She couldn't believe anyone could give up like this. And Kabir's silence just broke her heart. he had been gloomy all this time and she couldn't see him so.

"Kabir... I am sorry.."

He turned to her and gave her a warm smile, "What are you sorry for?"

"For is so unfair..."

"Mi Bella... its okay. Its nothing to be sad about..."

"But you liked her so much..."

Kabir sighed, "Geet.. I liked her. so what? she wasn't bound to stay because of my feelings. And I am okay with her decision. If she doesn't want to stay, then who am I to stop her? she has seen a bad life. The least I can do is let her go..."

She kept staring at him for a while. Kabir always surprised her in the most unexpected ways. And she had loved him so much because of this. He was so sorted that she wondered if he would ever find a girl who would deserve so much of goodness in him.

"What are you thinking?" he asked, concentrating on the road.

"Are you sad?"

He flashed those pearls to her, "Do I look sad to you?"

Just like he always did...

She shook her head.

"Lets go for dinner then."

"doesn't it make you sad?"

His smile ceased and he clutched the steering tighter, "I will be honest. It does. But I have to accept it. and since I cannot do anything about it, the best thing I can do right now is to have fun with you Mi Bella...stop thinking so much."

 He dropped her in front of her house and she hugged him, "I hope you get your dream girl soon..."

The dinner had been fun... the usual Kabir way. Geet almost forgot that they had
even met Emily.

"Ohh.. but my dream girl is you Mi Bella.. be mine.." he flashed his most charming smile.

She elbowed his stomach playfully, "You wish..."

He sighed, "How I wish...! Anyways I shall head off. its late. Sleep well pretty lady..."

She hopped her way back home and kept thinking about what Emily had said.

Could anyone give up on love?

She had some experience of her lifetime but that was that. The more she thought, the more she felt for Emily. And the more she related it to herself. and then she thought of Kabir and Ana and Maan. They had some or the other experiences in their lives and then she realized one big truth today.

Everyone had a story.

She had one too. So did Emily and her friends.


An early morning run always marked his day. And this morning too, he went out, along with Raj, the pup. He swiped his hand across his forehead to wipe the sweat and walked in to gear up for Monday.

He walked down the stairs adjusting his cuffs when a sweet aroma of something hit him. he sniffed the air and wondered what it could be. a heady of mix vanilla and coffee filled the hall and his stomach growled. Curious, he walked towards the kitchen and stilled by the counter. Faint music of some song wafted in the air and he revelled in the sight of her being.

She had stayed back in the estates the previous night with Ana, since their exams were over. He had been held up with some work and he had completely forgotten about her presence. And now that she was there, working her way in the kitchen, playing music on her phone, he couldn't help but smile.

Mondays now gave him Geet...

Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh
Kahan shuru kahan khatam
Yeh manzile hai kaunsi
Na voh samajh sake na hum

He smiled and watched her flip something on the pan and rush to the oven to check her things.

"you are burning the food Miss Handa."

She jumped at his voice and turned only to find him leaning against the kitchen counter and smirking. She kept the hot dish on the counter and rushed to the pan and sighed in relief.


She turned back to find him bobbing his head to the music and smiling.

"Instead of having fun, you could have helped na.." she pointed the spatula towards him.

Dressed in a loose black tee and a knee length skirt, she made an adorable picture with that apron to her add-on.

He ignored her rants and listened to the song, "Since when have you started listening to old songs, eh Geet?"

Yeh roshni ke saath kyoon
Dhuaan utha chiraag se
Yeh khwaab dekhti hoon main
Ke jag padi hoon khwaab se

She smiled a bit and shrugged, "I don't know. Dadima and you rubbed it on me perhaps. You want to eat?"

He sighed. So much goodness in the morning...he knew his day was made.

Nodding, he picked up an apple, "You don't have college?"

She made his plate with fresh pancakes and placed a warm muffin as
complimentary, "Yeah. I just woke up early so I thought why not make something for everyone."

He eyed his plate and then back at her, "Muffins?

Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh
Kahan shuru kahan khatam
Yeh manzile hai kaunsi
Na voh samajh sake na hum

"Don't worry. Its not very sweet."

"You do know that we have a meeting lined up, right?"

She brewed two cups of coffee and sat in front of him. Forwarding one to him, she nodded, "Umm. I will be there once college is done. By the way Maan..."

"Hmm?" he liked the pancakes. She was good.

"How much long before Stacy comes back?"

He opened his mouth to reply when he heard his siblings' barge into the kitchen and destroy the peace. Kabir pulled her up and twirled her to the music.

"Good Morning Mi Bella... whats the occasion? Food and Music early morning? Don't tell me you have another birthday!"

Mubaarakein tumhe ke tum
Kisi ke noor ho gaye
Kisi ke itne paas ho
Ke sab se door ho gaye

He watched her giggle and sway to the music in his brother's arms and sighed. He knew they shared a beautiful bond but then, something... something very tiny itched inside.

His little tornado was everyone's favourite...

Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh
Kahan shuru kahan khatam
Yeh manzile hai kaunsi
Na voh samajh sake na hum

>>How was it?Embarrassed

>>I will remain busy till the end of this month.updates shall be slower.
pls bear with me.

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Anna+ Arjun is not an equation in my eyesDead

Get rid of him pleeeze and get a hot and happening dude for Anna. She deserves one. Tongue

This chapter felt like a transitionary one.

 They are all moving on. 
Anna is graduating from Arjun, Kabir from Emily it seems. Kabir also deserves an awesome lady love and I can't quite put my finger on Emily but something seems off about her. I may be wrong though

Life's at an impasse currently for our two non-love birds.

In my eyes, they behave like a couple that has been married for many years and is comfortable with each other...except just when I was feeling that way, you went ahead and added that one last sentence...
Something...something very tiny itched inside. His little tornado was everyone's favoriteEmbarrassed

This one sentence has given me new hope and sustenance.Wink

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Thak gai intezar karta karta
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First Luv u sooo much for using this song...
I sooo much love this song that I can't tell how I happy I m to seeit here
and specially written by you...
I m loving this maan... damn how I wish tere jiju aise hote...Wink
Loved the way maan is taking care of her...
Late night call... Uff I thought maan babu kuch romantic banenge...
Alas I forgot how this sly maan is... I loved how maan supported her
by twisting his words... Yaar tera har sentence jo likha hai I loved it...
Then kabir and emily.. my heart went out for kabir yaar...
Mi bella bhi emily ko rok nahi paayi...
and Then kitchen morning...
Chalo maan ko atleast geet ke haath ka breakfast toh karne mila...
But yaha bhi office... Uff I m wondering kuch romance hoga ke nahi...???
Hoga bhi toh maan ki style me kaise hoga thinking...
Demanding romance hoga... Ab geet ke boss demanding jo hai...Wink
Waiting for next update...
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Simply amzing, u won't believe there is a smile on my face while reading the last line tht his tornado is everybody' fav how amzing u potery emtions aish simply superbh dis is fav chapter of mine of dis ffEdited by angel0912 - 2017-04-17T04:06:36Z
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