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There is a theory from Pythagoras called the harmony of the universeHe believed that every star and planet in the universe sends out a specific vibration while it moves through space and the playing together of all the stars and planets moving and vibrating on certain frequencies creates a sort of harmonic piece of music - the harmony of the universe.

You are always looking for speed and competition; usually you are the first in everything. Aries is one of the most active zodiac signs. You have great organizational skills and always tend to do more than one thing at a time. You are always looking for challenges! Electronic music suits you bestAgain, there's a lot to discover within electronic music, but this genre is going to offer you the most of energy for sure! Electronic music doesn't have any boundaries; if you are in need for challenges, you might want to try the most experimental electronic music.

You love everything beautiful and you often find yourself surrounded by material pleasures. You are stable and conservative, sometimes really stubborn, which can be interpreted also as complete commitment to your tasks and loved ones. Indie/Pop is the safest way to go with musicPop is the number one genre dominating the music charts. Mainstream or not, pop is not going to let you down. Pop singers usually have beautiful, pure voices that are pleasant to listen. Also the music videos offer a lot of eye candy for sure!

With Gemini you find to different sides of personality: one that is sociable and ready for fun, and the other side can be really serious and restless. You are fascinated by almost everything in the world; and this might make you an excellent writer or journalist. Jazz suits this dual sign best. Even though Jazz is a hard genre to actually define, one thing connects most Jazz music: the core of Jazz really lies in improvisation. Musicians go with the flow and create the music as they go. You can find Jazz for your heart and Jazz for your feet; you can either soak in melancholy and heart-rending sounds or hit the dance floor and swing the night away.

Emotional and sensitive; home and family are really important to you. You get very attached to things and people around you. You might not have great ambitions, because usually you are happy and content and aiming for tranquility and harmonious life.Ever heard of Acoustic/Folk music?Sometimes you only need a voice and a guitar. The music it at it's simplest. This brings you back to campfire with your friends in a warm and mellow summery night. What else do you need?

You are a natural born leader; dramatic and dominant. You are really passionate whether it comes to love or work. You can achieve almost anything you want, but sometimes you forget other peoples needs when trying to fulfill your own desire.In Hip-hop strong vocals play the most important role. Hip-hop artists have tendency to be really passionate about their music. And some of them have an ego as big as the Empire State Building!

Taking the symbolisms of the name in to consideration, Virgo experiences everything for the first time. You take the smallest things in to consideration and you have really deep sense of humanity. You are tender and also very careful. Your genre: Dream-pop / Lo-Fi. Dream-pop is a sub-genre of alternative rock, but being more atmospheric and really taking the mood that the music creates into consideration. The vocals tend to be whisper-like and lyrics mystical and existential.

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Being the soft, romantically motivated personalities as they are, they're the sign of companionship. And what better suits them, than a subtle, light & compassionate tune to calm their nerves? Romantic music kills their accumulated stress and gives them the edge in life.

 A sign characterised by loyalty and a zealous approach to life, they're bound to have a special attachment to deep, soulful and intensified music.Sufi Ghazals and songs which have depth to their words gain the attention of these deserted species (pun intended).

This class of the Zodiac belongs to an energetic, open minded andenthusiastic planet. They're mostly travellers at heart and they've a curious affinity for loud rock music. It suits their full of life attitude and sparks them up.

They're the determined, ambitious crowd which is goal oriented and focused on Life. Foot tapping, Spanish numbers find their places reserved in their hearts. This vibrantly diversified chime gives them the push to live life at its largest and also to inch closer to their goals.

Full of positivity and truthfulness, this water sign has a frank and easy going approach to life. Classic English Songs of the 90s could do them a lot more than good. So don't wonder if you hear such fishes murmuring a Bruno Mars number cause that's what they love deeply.

Known for their artistic talent and highly emotional demeanour, this species realises its long lost love in light, airy harmonical music. Soft guitars and sweet piano music attracts their skilled minds and creative heart.

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Awesome thread. Its amazing Edited by laughingpearls - 3 years ago
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I like 90s song? Hm dunno about that but Billy Joel is Heart
Amazing thread as usual you talented ladies.
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Originally posted by ColorDreams

Where is cancer?

There's Taurus twice erroneously. Take one of them as Cancer. Hunt your music out! ;p
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Originally posted by ColorDreams

Where is cancer?
karkat rashi n Hindi comes after mithun I think
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Nice Thead.
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Amazing thread !!
Libra.Soft Romantic Music
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