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Posted: 7 years ago
Well seems like no one was bothered to share his/her views after the end of the show.. but i still thought to do so after many days lol... i luved kalash since devika's revenge started but dont know sumhow after ravi n devika's reunion, the show became dull... even though they showed luvly moments between devika n tried to create a twist by bringing nivi n saket back, i think the show became boring...

It was a good twist but still nothing seemed to work for me at the end about this show... the end was nice, good to see ravi n devika together n their good news of expecting a baby.. i think they could hav shown them with a baby just by showing a quick leap..

Anyways good that the show came to an end. It was a great drama, i did like it but there were lots of things which could hav been better offcourse...


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Posted: 7 years ago
I wanted the show to go on. Maybe take a leap.

I never liked the new Nivedita. Parakh Madan, the previous Nivedita brought some charm to the character which I felt missing post her exit.

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Posted: 7 years ago
I m also one of them who loved the show right from start till end .. I think its one of those rare Ekta shows where at least we got a happy ending with both leads uniting and giving good news of baby .. otherwise by the time Ekta ends her shows , either leads change or hv so many leaps that u forget who were the original leads 😆 ..at least that was not the case with Kalash ..phew ..

I wish the last week episodes were a little more engaging .. I mean they just wasted 3-4 episodes with Nivi-Devika talk in one room .. that could hv been done in just 1 epi and mayb in remaining epis they could hv shown us the baby by taking 9 months leap .. that would hv been a perfect end .. but anyways at least RaVika united and had a happy end ..

I guess post RaVika reunion , CVs got the off air news and so they lost interest in writing further and thats why last week looked a bit dull .. mayb if the show was not ending , they would hv made it more engaging ..

Overall it was a good show and RaVika shared grt chemistry .,.