Hum Saath Saath Hain

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Hey guys I'm starting a new fanfic called "Hum Saath Saath Hain". I was inspired by the movie because it was a great family film.  And I have the DvD. Well you may call me a idiot but I watched it more then 1000 times. So wish me luck with this fanfic and if you want to read it then read it. By the way it's a AK fanfic. So let me begin with the intro.Wink


Ramkishan: Ramkishan is the proud father of 4 children. He has a big business. He had one wife who died because of a car accident and left the little Vivek and the young Ramkishan alone. But then Mamta the second wife of Ramkishan came in his life and gave him all the hapiness of the world. Same as in the movie.

Mamta: Mamta is the stepmothe of Vivek but gave him all her love like a real mother. She is a housewife and has 3 stupid friends. She is old but still looks very young and can't leave it to go to a beauty parlour. Same as in the movie.

Vivek: Vivek is the one who helps his father with the business. He is paralized(something like that) Vivek can't move his left hand. There came many families for him to give their daughter. But after hearing about his hand they left as soon as possible.  He is the first child. Played by Kartik of KYPH!

Prem: Prem also helps his dad and brother a bit in the business but he  is almost always in a other land. He is a young man who wants to do something great for the poor people. He secretly loves Preeti but doesn't have time for love. he is very shy and doesn't do anything without his mother. He is the second child. Played by Prithvi of KYPH.

Sangeeta: Sangeeta is married to Anand and has one daughter of 6 Radhika. Anand's brother's children also always stay with her. Sangeeta loves chocalate and is a housewife. Her husband can't say NO to her for anything. Everything what she says her husband does! She is the third child. Played by Aaliya  of KYPH!

Angad: Angad is the youngest of the 4 children. He is a very lazy and naughty boy. He sleeps till 8 o'clock in the morning. Always late for the pooja. He doesn't go to office. He doesn't go to school already graduated. Well it wasn't such a long study that's why. He shares a room with Prem.

Anand: Anand is the husband of Sangeeta. He does everything what Sangeeta says. He helps his elder brother with his work. Well he does the finances and computer work. Played by Josh of KYPH.

Anwar: Anwar is  a man who has work but doesn't go there. Most of the time he is in Ramkishan's house. Everybody says that his company will be shut down soon but Anwar doesn't listen he is very stubborn. Same as in the movie.

Tabassum: Tabassum is the personal secretary of Ramkishan she loves Anwar.

Wakeel Mamu: Mamu is the elder brother of Mamta. Everybody calls him wakeel ji and the kids call him Mamu. Very nice person. Same as in the movie.

Mamijaan: Mamijaan is the beloved wife of Wakeel mamu. She comes from Banares. Very kind harted. Same as in the movie.

Siddhart: Siddhart is the father of Sadhana and has his own big company. Same as in the movie.

Dev: Dev is the father of Preeti. He can't eat to many sweets it's not good for his health. He is always in depression because his daughter is a doctor. Very funny guy. Same as in the show.

Sadhana: Sadhana is  a girl who studdied in America but she still knows the sanskaars. She knows her limits. Sadhana after lving in America is still not wersternized. (Typo?) Played by Mishti of KYPH.

Preeti: Preeti is a smart and shy girl. She cares a lot for her father and that's why she doesn't let him eat to much sweets. She loves Prem and everybody knows that. But when Prem is around she doesn't talk to much. Played by Kali of Kkussum.

Dadi: Dadi is a real nice women. She lives in Rampur. Same as in the movie.

Kishan: Kishan is the father of Kripa and is very greedy he wants the best for his daughter. He wants his daughter get married with Ramkishan's youngest son Angad. Same as in the movie.

Kripa: Kripa is a friendly girl who goes to college almost graduated. She is a straight A student. Very smart and very beautifull. Best friends with Sangeeta and Preeti. She knows very much about music.

Raju: Raju is 9 years old and the son of Anand's elder brother. Same as in the movie.

Bablu: Bablu is 7 and is the little brother of Raju. Same as in the movie.

Radhika: Radhika is 6 and is the only daughter of Anand and Sangeeta. Same as in the movie.

Now let's go to the three vamps. Well the three so-called friends on Mumu I mean MamtaLOL

Sanjana: Vamp 1 stupid idiot married three times and divorced three times. Same as in the movie

Parvati: Vamp 2 always overdose make-up and has a eye on wakeel mamu.

Hema: Vamp 3 they say she looks like Hema Malini. Well she doesn't LOL Not even a bit! Always talking about "batwara"!

Well that was my intro. This fanfic will be a little bit like the movie but I will also put my own story in itBig smile

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sounds interestingingly awesome i lubed it pls cont soon Tongue
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Posted: 2006-11-29T08:05:03Z

Originally posted by memze

sounds interestingingly awesome i lubed it pls cont soon Tongue


ThnxBig smile

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Posted: 2006-11-29T13:06:13Z
cool i love that moive too and i would love to read it wiht different characters pls cont soon
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Posted: 2006-11-29T13:18:20Z
nice chartacter intro
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Posted: 2006-11-29T13:18:57Z
nice intro post 1st part soon Tongue
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Posted: 2006-11-29T18:23:34Z

Soundz AWESOME!!!Tongue

Continue soonSmile

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Posted: 2006-11-29T20:16:53Z
soundz interesting
umm wat does barwati mean in english Confused
cont soon
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