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I wish again leap would have been something like this... Anyways it doesn't matter. All KaYu fans wanted something so I m written f my version again considering leap...let me know if u like it.

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Part 1

There was pin drop silence between them though storm of emotions going in heart. "Give a chance once again kali!" Yug pleaded. Kali stood their solid as rock. He knew it's not all easy to convince her. But he was equally helpless in front of his love. "I know we are in different situation today. I know it's not easy for you to accept it. But trust me the way you have gone through all pain, I have also been through same for last one year. Now I know what pain you have must been through. Just give one chance. I know it will be good for everyone's future." Yug said trying to convince her again. "Yug it's not possible. My priorities are different now." Kali replied keeping hand on her unborn baby. Yug held her hand , "Kali i know it. And I promise you i will give all love to this unborn child as father. The way you accepted Naina in your life. I will accept this kid" His eyes were speaking same words. She could have melted for his promise and turned back. But right now she was mother who sweared once on her daughter that she will never accept him. Kali pulled her hand back. "I don't need your support this way Yug."  Her words shattered him "Kali..." He tried to explain her again . "Yug please! I have accepted our friendship. And if ever discuss this topic with me again you will lose that relation even" Kali replied firmly and left from terrace. All he could do is just stand helplessly for the circumstances around them.

Kali turned to her room. Her life was mess. Not single day it had been peaceful. Her destiny never gave her happy married life. First it was destroyed due to Vishwa and then due to Devri. She still remembered day when she put end to Devri. She thought Nandu will understand her. He will trust her that whatever she did is for good cause. But her expectation turned false again. Not even her wild dream she thought he will break all alliance with her. She was left in dread situation. All mattered to him is dead body of his brother he loved so much. Not even unborn life which was result of their marriage which she accepted with all her heart. She was still confused whether it was day when devil ended or devil won. Deep down in her thought she lay down on bed. Manjiri was right  with her words. "There is evil inside everyone. It depends whether we give space to it or not"

"Wake up brother" Nandu was still trying. Jamuna was helpless to see Nandu's mad effort expecting his brother will be live again. "Nandu stop this madness" Jamuna shouted. "No maa, I want him back." Nandu replied aggressively. "The day he comes back he will destroy everything again". Jamuna tried to make him understand. "Why you always think that way. You all people cheated him. he knew his life would be in danger. He still came back for me. He came there to save me. Why cant you see maa he still have love in his heart." Nandu was defending Devri. But all Jamuna knew that Devri's presence has destroyed Nandu's life too. They not only left kali and upcoming child in Mithila. But came far away from place.

"Manji maa" Kali shouted with pain. Manjiri, Leela, Gauri, Yug came running to Kali. She was in labour pain. "Yug we need to take her to hospital. " Manjiri replied. Yug was quick. Everyone left for hospital keeping Naina with Gauri and Leela. It was difficult for Yug to control steering watching Kali running in immense pain. Manjiri held Kali assuring everything will be fine. In few minutes they reached hospital. Yug's heart was still racing fast. He wished everything to be fine at moment. Didn't wish to have new tragedy in her life. Red light on operation theater was making them restless. Gauri reached hospital leaving Naina with Leela as she still feared of loosing Yug. They could still hear labour pain kali is going through. Soon it was all silence. Doctor came out. "Its baby girl. Congrats" Doctor told Yug. He was damn happy and so is Manjiri. Manjiri rushed to Ramji's idol. "You can see your daughter." Doctor informed Yug. Gauri wanted to snap back doctor. But all she saw Yug entering in Kali's room. Her fears were coming true at each stage. Yug entered room and looked at tired kali who was still unconscious. He wished to cares her. But at the same time, he knew she will never like it. His attention was caught by that little wonder stepped in Kali's life. He picked her up in his hand. To his surprise he is having same anxiousness when he held Naina for first time. "I know there is no relation between us. But I make one promise today, You will be my daughter for all my life" Yug gave small peck on her forehead and looked at Kali who was gaining consciousness slowly.

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Part 2
Kali woke up slowly and with blurred vision saw Yug holding baby. Manjiri entered room and hugged Kali. Yug slowly walked to Kali and handed over her daughter. Kali had tears of joy in her eyes. But before even she could pampered her own daughter she missed Naina around her. "Naina ?" Kali questioned. "She is fine at home" Yug replied. Kali kissed her daughter. Manjiri and Yug had pleasant smile on their faces. Gauri entered room. "Congrats Kali. Nandu would have become too much happy to hear this news. I think we should inform him" Gauri said. Kali turned sad. "Gauri" Yug said in higher tone looking at Kali. "I think you should rest Kali" Manjiri diverted topic. 

Yug wanted to stay back in hospital but Manjiri asked him to go home as Leela is alone there with Naina and someone should be there as well. 

Yug and Gauri returned home. Leela asked about Kali and newborn baby. Leela was atleast happy that Kali had something good in her life after all troubles. She regretted her decision of going mad for grand child and bring Kali's life to this stage.

Next morning, Gauri was shouting all over again. "Why do you need to take Naina to hospital. I am her mother i can take care off her very well." Yug was irritated. "Kali is missing Naina and she wants to see her" Yug buzzed. "Kaali kaali kaali.. everyone just think about her and no one cares about me"  Gauri was angry ahain. "Why are you shouting?" Leela said in her strict voice entering room. "Yug let's go to hospital. Kali and Mukta are waiting for us". Leela said it making final. "Daadi but..." Gauri interrupted. "I think you have still not got the point that Naina is Kali's daughter now. Let's go Yug" Leela replied strongly.  "Now she has her own daughter to take care. I want my Naina back" Gauri was going stubborn. Leela lost cool at this time. "You be thankful to god that because of kaali you still have status of Yug's wife and daughter in law of this house. Else it will take a minute for me to throw you out" Leela said with final words and left along with Yug.

In hospital, Kali was happy to have Naina with her. Leela was holding new born baby. "She looks like you." Leela said to Kali and put kaala teeka on her. "Have you thought of any good name.?" Leela asked Kali. "Yes... pavitra" Kali replied. Yug and Manjiri smiled. "Nice name" Leela said. 

Nurse entered room. "Mam, you have to fill this form in order to apply for birth certificate." She informed them. "Mother's name?" Nurse asked. "Kali Jha" Manjiri replied. "Father's name?" Next question had pin drop silence. No one knew what to answer. Yug looked at Kali with same hope that she will understand what he wanted to tell her. Leela too wanted positive answer from Kali without forcing her. Kali thought for a moment. "Give form to me." Kali asked. She wrote name in father name column and returned form. "Mother's name Kali Jha and father's name Kali Jha too" nurse buzzed with surprise. Yug was disappointed once again. But all he knew its his mistake. Nurse left from room. "Don't worry Kali. Pavitra will be part of our family even though there is no blood relation. Her future would be as secured as Naina's" Yug assured. Leela too supported Yug. Kali looked convinced though she knew all the way in her heart that next journey is not easy as it seems.
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Hai Darshu 
   Good piece of writing. 
  Nandu left Kali and Yug is again after her. I liked Kali reluctance towards Yug.  
 Gauri is very fun to read. 
  New girl! So cute. So what has Kali in mind now. .will she be back to Nandu. .
Posted: 7 years ago
Rupa u know I don't give answers so soon... 😆
Keep reading... But again I m in competition with CV and writer ... Who writes it better.. 🤣

As I am also going to focus on story post leap...  
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Ok I will wait for ur story to unfold. 
   Waise  is devri a part of ur story?
Posted: 7 years ago
Yes he is... He will be there for sure...
Keep reading and let me know how it is...
Posted: 7 years ago
Vaise Darshu what is happening in the show. 
 Leap hogaya?
Posted: 7 years ago
What is this ? I am watching the episode. 
  Manjari itne yound lag rahi hai? 
  And Gauri is again pregnant !
Posted: 7 years ago
This is called as non sense Rupa...

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