Posted: 17 years ago

Ritu also participated in Indian Idol 2. She made it to the top 28. She's wellknown as the 'pink' girl and for her drama with Sonu Nigam during the auditions and theater rounds.

Ritu's piano round song in II2 was a 'controversial' pick: 'I wanna make love to you' from the film Aitraaz. SHe sang it really well but did not receive enough votes from the junta. Farah Khan said her song choice was the reason she didn't make it to the gala round. Maybe. Himani also sang the same song on SRGMP.

Didn't like Ritu's 'Beedi' performance much in the first episode. But I think she has the potential to do better. She has range and a pretty good voice. I think she's one contestant to look out for. But like the judges (they are nothing in front of Javed Saab, Shankar and Kay Kay) said, Ritu needs to improve her performance. She also needs to look less scared on stage. Other than that, I think Ritu has the singing talent, which in my opinion, should be the most important criteria. Looks and style can be worked on but there's no substitute for good singing talent.


Posted: 17 years ago
yup i agree i saw her there and couple of kids from the auditions were either rejects ya phir didnt make it out of piano round...i think rohit raj singh tried out for II2 also!
Posted: 17 years ago
ya....i agree....there another contestant from indian idol 2.....they guy that started his song over twice....the judges were pretty made at him.....omg even in indian idol 2...he had a lot of he was the shit.....but it got him in trouble then...and it got him in trouble in fame x as well...the guys needs to relax a bit..
Posted: 17 years ago
lol the sec i saw her i recognized her....

i dont like her (on a personal level, that whole drama with sonu nigam...arghhhh)

but she has the potential...and the good voice...

but im gonna be biased..wenever i see her...anger rises inside of me 😆
Posted: 17 years ago
her beedi was sucha disaster! i was like wot happnd to ..mostly every one in dat show cant sing dere r only 3 or 4 people who can sing a little bit rest all r wannabees!
Posted: 17 years ago

I even didnt like her beedi performance..

she was in bottom 4...ut great she was saved by the dean

Posted: 17 years ago

i didnt knew dat coz i didnt watched II2 😆 😆

tfs 😛 👏 👏
Posted: 17 years ago
btw can ne1 post a pix of rituu

imma poor @ rememberin namez 😆

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