OS: I Trust You

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My OS starts after Rishi convinces Priya to join office and she agrees to  join. I didn;t liked how easily Priya joined without doing any drama LOL so i hv added some drama before making her join LOL u can say unnecessary drama LOL


After listening to what Rishi has to say, Priya accompanies Rishi to Ram's cabin.

"Tum office mai kya kar rahi ho", Ram pretends as if he dont know anything.

"Dont worry sirf kuch waqt ke liye aayi hoon", Priya mocks him and signals Rishi to speak. Rishi confess to his crime and apologizes to Ram with a promise not to do it again.

"So I hope aap ko pata chal gaya k kisne dhoka kiya aapke saath? Ya phir kuch aur proofs chahiye aapko?", Priya asks in sarcastic tone.

"How dare you Rishi? Apni hi company ke secrets beche tumne", Ram acts as if angry on Rishi.

"Usne jo bhi kiya apni majburi mai kiya, hosake toh usey maaf kar dijiye...ek chance toh de sakte hai aap. I hope aap atleast meri yeh ka maan rakhenge", Priya put forward her opinion stressing on last sentence, "baki aapki marzi", with that she turns to go. Ram signals Rishi and Rishi instantly questions Priya, "tum wapas join nahi karogi?"

"Nahi Rishi", Priya answers. Rishi pleads her again, "agar tumne join nahi kiya toh mai khud ko maaf nahi kar paonga...please wapas join karlo". Ram was praying inside his heart to hear a yes' from Priya.

"Maine tumhe maaf kar diya hai but I can't join this office back", Priya sternly announced her decision.

Rishi was mentally cursing Priya, "ab kya natak kar rahi hai? Meri naukri chali jayegi"

Rishi tries to persuade her again, "tum aisa kaise kar sakti ho?", and corrects himself instantly, "I mean aisa mat karo Priya...mai"

Priya cuts him off in middle," stop it rishi...you can't force me", she looks in Ram's direction, "jahan pe mere boss ko mujhpe trust nahi mai wahan kaam nhi kar sakti", Priya taunts him to send him on guilt trip.

"Tum chaho toh join kar sakti ho...ab toh sach samne aagaya", Ram says indifferently

"Thank you sir but I guess I cant...kya pata kal ko phir aap mujhpe Shukk kare", Priya answers him on stressing the word Shukk'.  She excuses herself and walks away. Rishi looks at Ram helplessly conveying he tried his best whereas Ram eyes were thrashing him with anger.

"Yeh aurat itni dheet kyu hai", Ram murmurs in anger.

"Haan sir yeh Priya bahot Dheet, ziddi aur arrogant hai", Rishi agrees with his boss but only get thrashed by him, "shut up! Tumse maine tumara view pucha? Aur agli bar Priya ke liye aisa kuch bola toh...watch out", Ram goes behind Priya fuming in anger.

Rishi was thinking why his boss wants Priya back in office so desperately and why they were arguing n taunting like husband-wife. He shrugged off the thoughts thinking he should not be bothered about it and should worry about his job. He starts running his horses to figure out a way to convince Priya.


Priya who was talking with co-employees, moves towards door immediately on seeing Ram. Ram follows her up to the door, "Priya I need to talk to you". Priya was not in a mood to listen, "I dont want to talk SIR".

Ram was losing his patience but controlled his anger and asked Priya again, "Priya come with me".

"I am getting late for shopping...leave my way", Priya was still reluctant

"I dont care about your shopping", Ram was firm, he blocks her way so that she cant go outside.

"Hadd hai Mr Kapoor", Priya raises her voice capturing others attention, "sab dekh rahe hai Mr Kapoor...dont create a scene"

"Exactly! Let's not create a scene...come with me", Ram holds her hand from elbow.

"I am not coming", Priya struggled to free her hand in vain.


It was Ram ego that wanted Priya should not know who proved her innocent but when Priya accused him of not trusting her, taunted him for the same, his ego was bruised. He wanted to heal his ego by letting Priya know he never doubted her but Priya being Priya, blinded in her assumption, was not ready to listen.


Ram dragged Priya along with him to his cabin not without earning few glances and murmurs.  The scene just before raised questions in employees mind. They discussed how wrong was Ram in dragging Priya along with him, some pointed out no boss behaves with their employees especially female staff like that, someone argued that even Priya did not protested his behavior and went with him,  one asked why Priya was calling him Mr Kapoor not sir? Another one suggested finding all information on Ram Kapoor and studying him so that they can get to know how to behave infront of him and save their jobs.


Ram locked the door of his cabin after pulling Priya along with him inside. Priya was now fuming in anger and she was irritated that now she has to answer her colleagues when they ask her questions.

"What is this Mr Kapoor? How can you do this to me", Priya demanded an answer

"I have every right to do so", Ram answered firmly

"Right? Strange!", Priya smiles sarcastically.

There was the silence in cabin for few seconds. No one spoke anything and kept looking into each other eyes. After few moments, Priya broke the eye contact and started to move towards the door only to be stopped by Ram.

"Mujhe kuch baat karni hai Priya", Ram calmly told her

"Kya baki reh gaya hai ab baat karne ko", Priya questioned him.

"Maine tum pe doubt...", Ram started to give his explanation but Priya stops him mid way, "atleast you are accepting that k aap ne mujhpe doubt kiya", Priya chuckled trying to control her tears.

"Tum galat samjh rahi ho Priya", Ram tried to explain

"Nahi aap ne galat samjhna...how could you doubt on me Mr Kapoor?", tears broke the barrier and started flowing, "aap mujhse jhagda karte, taunt karte  toh samjh aata hai but aapne mujhpe shukk kiya...How could you do that? Okay I understand, we are not on good terms...hamare beech differences aagaye hai but still mai aapke saath kabhi aisa nahi karungi...haan I taunted you, I irritated you par maine aapke quotations leak nhi kiye"


Ram was losing his patience bit by bit yet he maintained silence. Priya continued, "aap mujhse jhagda karte ya mujhe pareshan karte toh mujhe bilkul bura nahi lagta...par aapne mujhpe doubt kiya...mujhe bahot bahot bura laga...mai kabhi aapki mehnat zaya nahi kar sakti...maine kabhi nahi socha tha k aap mujhpe shukk karenge...aapne mujhe bahot hurt kiya Mr Kapoor", She was crying continuously.


"Maine tum pe doubt nahi kiya Priya", Ram blurted out in frustration

"Oh aap ne doubt nahi kiya? Toh phir mera laptop kyu check kar rahe the aap?", Priya wipes her tears with back of her hand, "aapko jhut bolne ki zaroorat nahi hai...aapne shukk kiya mujhpe...aap proofs collect kar rahe the mere against...agar aap nahi chahte k mai is office mai rahu toh mujhse ek bar kehte...mai chod kar chali jaati"


Ram had enough of her speech, it was getting difficult for him to maintain his composure, Priya was not ready to listen and was going on and on, on a different tangent. He kept his hand on her mouth to shut her up. The touch transpired them into a different world-a world of their love, they kept drowning themselves in each other's eyes. Breaking the eye contact, Priya signaled Ram to remove his hand and Ram nodded in no.

"You listen to me first...kabse bole jarahi hoon", Ram ordered her

"I never doubted you...what made you think so? Quotation leak tumhare laptops se huye the that was why I was checking your laptop...Rishi ne tumhara laptop use kiya tha and all I was doing was to gather proof against him and you misunderstood me", Ram heaved in relief after clearing his stance, "aur kuch puchna hai tumhe". Priya signaled him to remove his hand n he did this time.

"Aap mujhe bata nahi sakte the? The way you were secretly checking my laptop...anyone would have thought that you are spying on me", Priya defended herself

"Did you gave me any chance to speak?", Ram smirked.

Priya recollected how she did not allow him to speak...accused him and went away, "but you could have tried to speak"

"Anyways, If you want to join back you can...maine abhi resignation accept nahi kiya", Ram coldly suggested her


"I know it Mr Kapoor...you want me to join back but accept nahi karenge...aapka EGO jo hurt hoga...thik hai mai bhi accept nahi karungi", Priya thinks

"Umm...wo...mai", Priya takes her sweet long time before announcing her decision, Ram was awaiting, "Common Priya, kitna time le rahi ho...you won't easily accept, Ego jo hurt hoga"

"I think I need time to think about joining back", Priya tries to read Ram's face while saying.

"As you wish", with that Ram stormed off the cabin knowing that his wife was avenging him.

"Khadus", Priya said, "I will definitely join Mr Kapoor...I cant afford to miss seeing you every day, I know aap gussa ho but you deserve that for emotionally draining me since 2 days", Priya smiled to herself.


Once outside cabin, she remembered that staff   has witnessed Ram dragging her to his cabin, she was apprehensive about giving explanation to them or answering their questions. She smartly avoided them saying she will speak to them later, thus earning time to make some story.


Priya's colleagues found her behaviour strange but shrugged off. Suddenly, one statement from a co-worker shocked them, "Priya toh Mrs Ram Kapoor hai". Everyone was in disbelief and murmuring why Priya hid it? Every single person was framing their own theories. "Priya boss ki biwi hai aur hame pata nahi"

"Shayad isiliye boss ne hame phirse job pe rakha...yaad hai Priya gayi thi boss se baat karne", one recollected

"May be unka jhagda hua hai isiliye ek dusre ko irritate karte hai", other assumed

"Ek bar maine boss ko khadus bola tha aur Priya ko bht gussa aaya tha...mujhe tabhi samjh jana chahiye", Someone cursed herself for her stupidity

"Kahin boss ne yeh company apni biwi ko manane ke liye toh over take nhi ki", one gushed over it. They decided to pretend as if they dont know anything and make Priya herself admit about Ram.

They were unaware of the fact that all of their theories were wrong. It was not their boss but their destiny who bought them face to face once again, to give them a chance to rekindle their love and relationship.

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Posted: 2016-11-05T03:39:59Z
naseem di...I want more. plz aage continue Karo.

loved rayas jhagda. actual RaYa aakho k samane aa gaye. too gud.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-11-05T03:42:37Z
Ohh..i missed being firstCry

Next time will try harderLOL

Reading now,once on completion will comeup with the comments...
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Posted: 2016-11-05T03:46:54Z
Sooo amazing yaar y did u stop yaar plss update next part soon n want Raya romance
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Posted: 2016-11-05T04:02:09Z

awwweew yaar Naseem its do good dear... yes RaYa is ultimate drama king & queen lol... but loved this drama a lot its really too good to read something I batter then nothing waise kiss would have been batter to make her quite then keeping his hand on her mouth... pata nahi why u don't write such stuff will be waiting for next I request u to plz continue this it would be great to read its next...

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Posted: 2016-11-05T04:17:14Z
Hi dear..
Thank u so much for this  Os on Raya..  I loved it...
Seeing all your  Os on raya on balh tracks, i think oh why you werent in ekta's creative team of balhLOL
On a serious note ,your tracks are more enjoyable and sensible than the insensible tracks those cvs ditched out...

I am happy to see you writing Os on such tracks,where it had loop ,loose ends,ended abruptly or left unattended..one such was ur previous Os on pihu track...similar was this office track...

Yes ,how priya accepted easilyLOL, ram didnt manofy her and she didnt even came to know at all tht ram trusted her..and he was the one to catch rishi...all left midway...even priya's identity to office staffs...

Ok, enough of my mind talks..LOL

Now coming to Os...nicely written naseem..
such unneccesary drama between raya was what hooked us alwaysEmbarrassedLOL
So again loved this drama between them...
Behind their fight and makeup ,there was sensibility in it..

Typical raya was potrayed in Ur scenes...I culd imagine RaShi...and reminscinised raya again..

Oh and the scene ram took her by showing his right ..inside the room, and ramji just only kept hand to shushh priya this time and to mk her listen to himLOL
I thought something moreTongueLOL.. ...ok ok i know it wasnt the right moment,wht he did is only sensible and keeping hand on lips alone is enough to drool over raya if shown in epi...EmbarrassedLOL

Both the reactions of ram and priya went well with their characters and so finally office staffs also came to know she is mrs.Ram kapoor...

Then now tho, i expect another part where indirectly mrs.kapoor is teased by her office frnds...and raya scene again... if u hv decided to write one more part,i wuld be happySmile

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Posted: 2016-11-05T05:24:42Z
awesome os ... loved soo much.
this is one of the hopless and endless track in serial...

they did reveal priya identity, not cleared vikram and priya' s misunderstandings ...

plz if possible write one more part on this ...
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Posted: 2016-11-05T05:33:16Z
Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Please continue
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