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Posted: 3 years ago
For the very first time, the title to my take isn't either Karthik's line or Naira's. That should tell you who the real hero or should I say heroine of tonight's episode was.Wink Our chota sa packet of Sunshine, the vice-Captain to our Kaira ship, our Hero's BFF and all of our favorite kid in the world, our very own MishtuHug I absolutely enjoyed watching tonight's episode. We did get Karthik's 22nd dream (got the number right finallyLOL) but to me the highlight for tonight would be our KarMi Heart Let me know what your opinion about the episode was as always. 

~Haven't proof-read.  Won't probably get to doing it either. So please forgive the mistakes and the Hindi as well. Always feel free to correct me though.~

Episode starts with the talk about eco friendly Ganpati visarjan. Noted writers!Thumbs Up Soon enough the scene shifts to our hero who is seen sending a text to Naithik informing him about Naman's plans to go back to Kenya. Hoping that it would help him prepare to deal with whatever Naman had planned. He disappointingly talks about how he couldn't get Naksh to go with Naman when his second most favorite girl in the world makes an entry instantly causing his face to light up with a grin. Clearly happy to see her there he enquires what had got her there when Mishti informs him that she had come to help him with his packing. And soon enough both our adorable BFFs get to packing for the Swiss trip, Mishti helping him pick the clothes.Hug

It becomes clear however that Mishti definitely had an underlying agenda for making the visit as we see her convince our hero to finally propose to Naira, asking him to quit dreaming about it and do it for real. Karthik agrees but complains about the two bodyguards that would make it even more difficult for him, Naksh and Parchayi when Mishti assures him that he would somehow get his chance.Smile  

Hahahaha!ROFL Mishti is such a girl! Taking him to task regarding his absent mindedness. Her "ghoorna mat aur uchalna mat warna bhaiyu wahi baraf mein aapki kulfi jamadenge" while he sulkily agrees had me grinning like a fool.LOLLOL When an anxious Karthik, biting his nails informs her that he couldn't think of a way to propose Naira, she comforts him promising that her prayers would always be with him also pointing out the fact that Krishna Ji was his best friend so he had nothing to worry about. Touched by his little Bffs gesture, K calls her cute while she calls him handsome. Legit the cutest thing ever!Day Dreaming They are adorable, our KarmiHeart Karthik is one lucky guy to find such an amazing and level headed BFF. LOL

What?Shocked And just like that their packing is done. Is Karthik going to Switzerland or to the next town? LOL

Oh! Looks like Mishti isn't done yet when she asks Karthik to lend his ears to her. And as Karthik gives her his full attention she announces "I love Kaira, I want to see Kaira". Causing a confused karthik enquire what "Kaira" was when Mishti exasperatedly explains" Uffo BFF, apko itna bhi nahin pata? Aap log Karthik aur Naira banke ja rahe ho na? Phir wapis India aaoge Kaira banke, okay?" Finally the word's significance and its implication dawns on Karthik as yet again he finds himself on the verge of getting lost in his dreamworld when Mishti hastily draws him out of it calling a time out!ROFL Making it very clear to a now amused Karthik that he was not supposed to dream any more until they got togetherLOL. Our little firecracker!Hug Before she leaves however, she asks him if there was anything else she could do when Karthik tells her that everything was taken care of so she was free to leave obviously teasing her. Grinning to himself as she pretends to leave, he calls out to her. Hugging his personal packet of sunshine, he declares "Mishti mein tumne jtina bhi thanks kahu na who kam hain, I know kuch lane ki zaroorat toh hain nahin but as a token mein kuch toh lana chahta hoon tumhare liye" Later correcting himself "Nahin nahin..BOHOT kuch lana chahta hoon" as she rewards him with her huge adorable smile. Not forgetting to assure her " Ek aur baat. My pretty lady, mere life mein ek bohot important jagah hain. Woh jagah koi aur nahin le sakta, who jagah sirf tumhari. Yours and yours alone. I love you my BFF" when she happily replies "I love you too BFF" In turn assuring him "Par don't worry Krishna Ji sab theekh kareng. Dekhna aap dono Kaira banke hi wapis aaoge okay?" as Karthik lovingly pulls her cheeks. OMG! So much cuteness in one scene!Day DreamingDay DreamingHeart We love you too KarMi! Now quit being so adorable! HugLOL I cannot stop grinning at the completely endearing scene.Day Dreaming Their equation is nothing like anything else on the show. Hug

Makes me wonder though, if this will play a role in Naman's revelation . Karthik loves his Mishti. He would never want to in any small way be a cause for her heart break. I wish and hope that the writers continue to treat this bond that they have built this special even in the future.Heart I enjoy watching their scenes almost as much as I enjoy Kaira. Though comparing them both is unfair and not right in anyway. I wish to only make a point.Big smile

I was so tempted to skip the Parchayi scene, not wanting to ruin my fantastic mood but I just couldn't resist.LOL Parchayi! Seriously no one cares what you are going to wearErmm Naira ka Karthik to bilkul bhi nahin.Dead Oh how I wish if not Karthik, Mishtu did the honor of breaking the hard truth to her.Pinch Switzerlandke cliff kya, balcony se khudjayegi.Ermm  Meh!

As expected even while she packs, Naira the dhakkan continues to breathe fire over Karthik betraying her father as she plans to not let him out of her sight. Like I said, we are counting on it N.Thumbs Up I'm sure K would be more than happy to let you tag along everywhere he goes.LOL That is so not going to be a problem.Tongue Speaking of K, he can't seem to calm down as we see him happily dance with his pillow. No dreams toh dance hi sahin! LOL Unable to stop thinking about what Mishti had told him about Kaira.HeartDay Dreaming

*Skipping most of Akshara's scene with Ganpati bappa* Mishti comes in probably talking to none other than her BFF over the phone demanding him to get her goggles from Swiss when Akshara hears her.What was that about?Confused

Oh! Scene shifts to Switzerland. We get a glimpse of the beautiful place before being interrupted by Naman talking to his goons. *Skips* Nothing take worthy happens.

Back to Singhanias as everyone's set to perform the last pooja before Ganseh Visarjan.  Both our hero and our heroine, dazzling in their Indian attiresHeart. Have I mentioned how much I love this particular song?! Okay I have but I can't help but say it again. I LOVE the song.TongueLOL Okay so looks like my doubts about Naithik not being kidnapped were way off.LOL He's definitely kidnapped alright. But now he was in Switzerland because of a deal that Naman was currently working on? Swiss account?Shocked Whatever it is, it's definitely not legitimate. That's for sure.Stern Smile  But what I don't get is why was Naman so surprised seeing Naithik there?Confused Almost as if he had seen a ghost. Oh looks like, Naira definitely gets her butt-kicking genes from her father.Daddy dearest actually fought off the assassinShocked. Never saw that one coming I swear! LOL Dishoom Dishoom happening!ROFL Woah! Both of them end up literally taking down the other. Choreographer of the fight sequence deserves an award for the amazing work. ClapLOL

Which idiot in the right sense of mind would willingly confront a guy that wanted him dead, especially when he's being held hostage? *Facepalm* What is wrong with Naithik? Ermm Ah! So Naman wasn't as big a monster as I took him for. Still doesn't get any brownie points Sleazebag he still is!Dead

Scene shifts - Singhania house.

Babies are standing next to each other as usual.Day Dreaming Looking oh so perfect!Heartas we bid goodbye to our Ganpati bappa.

Scene shifts- Switzerland

Naman did all of this because he was insecure? Sibling rivalry was the reason?!Pinch  That led him to almost  wanting to get his brother killed? Step or not!  Damn! The guy needs a shrink ASAP!Silly Uh-Oh, the last thing you want to say to a guy who accuses you as being responsible for snatching his money/position away is to offer it to him voluntarily.*FACEPALM* How many Bollywood films do you need to watch before you understand that Naithik?D'oh What the?!ShockedShocked If that wasn't enough he goes ahead and slaps the guy that was keeping him hostage? Does he have a death wish?Confused Bad move Papa, very bad move! Oh good lord! I was wrong! Naman doesn't need just a shrink, he needs to be moved to an asylum ASAP!Wacko Talk about being crazy! Completely gone looona this one.D'oh

Oh there's more! WHAT THE actual EFF?! The guy is about to literally squeeze the wind out of you and what do you do? Challenge him that he could do try all he wanted but his wife would come to his rescue? Who's the mental one again?Ermm I mean yes we get it , you trust your wife and you love her but she's in India and woh superwoman thodi na hain that she'd listen to your distress and fly to your rescue?!*MAJOR FACEPALM*  Such rubbish! The scene successfully ruined for me.Pinch

Scene shifts - Singhania house.

Aww! Back to my other favorite duo in the house!Hug Karthik can't seem to contain his excitement about the trip. Jumping and hugging our Mishtu because of it. Aww! Why you guys so cute?!Day Dreaming When she asks him the reason for his obvious happiness, he explains that he was more excited than happy as well as anxious especially because of the responsibility that she had assigned to him, the proposal. When she asks him if he had something planned for it, he replies "haan ajjeb baat hain na jab pyar kiya toh socha hi nahin tha bas hogaya tha. Kab hua yeh bhi pata nhi chala. Lekin jab propose karne ki baari aayi toh kitni mehnat lag rhi hain. Anyways raat bar sochne ka kuch fayda toh hua hain. Ab toh maine Soch liya hain ki kaise propose karne wala hain bas who waise hi materialize ho jao toh mazaa ajayega" K once again speaking the "fan-girl" language LOL Yet again, before he could get into his dream mode, Mishtu interrupts him, this time with a request to include her in the dream as well since she would then be able to decide if the idea was a hit or a flop.LOL  Karthik readily agrees and the CD plays.

Cue - the dream sequence.

Karthik guiding a blindfolded Naira into the middle of a romantic set up, complete with pink linens, streamers, heart shaped balloons in the color of love and of course raining rose petals.Heart As he removes the blindfold, an extremely pleased Naira, twirls around among the raining petals when Karthik gets on his knee, putting his hand out for hers as he declares "I love you Naira. I love you so much" stunning Naira. As he continues " Bohot time se tumse kehna chahta tha, lekin kabhi himmat hi nahin hui. Par aaj kehta hun I love you! , a small smile finally appears on her face as she seemed realize that she was indeed hearing him confess. Hearing her chuckle at his cute declaration, unable to help himself, Karthik goes on repeat mode. Confessing to her again and again "I love you Naira. I just love you" when finally Naira places her hand in his and gets on her knees as well declaring "I love you too" while taking him into her arms as he happily embraces her back.Day Dreaming As we see Karthik and Naira come closer to each other, the distance between their lips gradually decreasing when Karthik stops. Bawahahahahaha!ROFL I was honestly going " Woah! Woah! woah! Karthik PG-13 remember? PG-13! PG-13!",  When I saw him signaling the camera person to focus on him informing us "Aap ko kya laga? Yeh saari cheese mere dimaag mein hi hain, mishit tak nahin pahunchegi. Inta toh responsible hoon main." Later asking the camera person to go back. Oh, we know how responsible you are K! But when it comes to your dreams, like Mishti said you lose the sense of your surroundings. Don't blame us for thinking that you forgot about your BFF LOL I loved this small but adorable bit that they thought of adding in there. Cuute!Heart

Haha!LOL Sharing his thought's or not, he is pulled out from his dream by Mishti's laughter. Leading to a grumpy Karthik complaining to Mishti about her not taking his dream as seriously as he did when Mishtu retorts "Maine kya kiya? Apne mujhe sapne se hatadiya aur akele akele khud dekhne lage". Out smarty Mishtu realizing that she had indeed been cut off. LOL

Since Karthik's had his turn , it was now Mishtu's turn to dream. These two! LOL Hurt that his "sapna" wasn't good enough Karthik questions Mishtu if she hadn't liked it when Mishtu is replies that though the dream was good it wasn't  a likely possible scenario declaring that hers was more likely to turn true. Karthik like the complete kid he is not taking the comment lightly, challenges her to back her claims with facts when we see Mishti start with her version of the dream.

In Mishti's version of the dream, after Karthik proposes to Naira, she doesn't smile. Instead she excuses herself for a minute leaving Karthik hangingnot just in the dream but also in reality as we see him impatiently ask Mishti  "Kya, ek minute toh kab ke hogaye! Kya hoga aage?"  When Mishti replies "Arey pehle Naira didi ko to ane do"  the episode unfortunately comes to an end Guess Karthik will have to wait to see what happens till tomorrow. LOL

Precap - DDLJ moment happening!Party Naira losing the ticket first but later managing to finally get a hold of it. But it looks like she's late for the train as we see Karthik putting his hand out for her. So will we have a Kajol-SRK moment on the train? Or will the writers give us a surprise and go the non-clich way by making Karthik jump out of the train for Naira leaving Parchayi alone.DancingParty The credit to this EPIC prediction collectively goes to Aish, Priyu and me of course TongueLOL  I seriously do get the whole DDLJ allure but I would legit celebrate if the latter happens. Anything that keeps her away from our Kaira. LOL

So damn exited for the #SWISS track! Never have I waited for a sequence on a TV show so ardently.LOL Cannot seriously wait.Day Dreaming

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Posted: 3 years ago
I love love love your take, always makes me relive the episode and with an episode as good as yesterday's that was cuteness overloaded who wouldn't want to watch it again and again. There can be no duo cuter than our KarMi, they are adorableness personified. Truly the stars of yesterday's episode. They can bring a smile on anyone's face at anytime.

When Karthik told Mishti he forgot about the trip my first reaction was, "chal jhota tum saas lena bhul jaoge lekin jiss trip par Naira ke saath time spend karne ka mauka mila usse bhul jao mein nahi manti".

Mishti is so like us, probably the reason we connect with her like how we all are waiting for K to confess even she is. I love Kaira, I want to see Kaira the best dialogue of yesterday, she sounded exactly like us demanding for Kaira scenes.

Of course our pretty boy complains about the two bodyguards, okay his expression here when he says Gayu, were so bang on, wish miss delusion could hear this. But he need not worry, one bodyguard won't be able to come and his replacement will be busy finding her hubby, so he has only one to handle, hopefully woh Jiss exhibition ke liye gayi hai uss par concentrate kare.

Good girl Mishti, tell that dream boy to stop dreaming and get some real work done, that boy just needs an excuse to dream. Okay I love Ks dreams but the real scenes are the best to me and it's about time we get some progress.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better and our KarMi scene had come to an end. That is why I love their bond, they make sure the other knows what importance they hold in each other's lives. There friendship is that which showcases the true meaning of the word. Even I am scared the effect on Naman's truth on their pure bond, but I know Mishti is quiet mature and once someone explains it too her (I really think K is the best person) she would definitely understand, am not saying she wouldn't be upset, no matter what he is her father.

I think that is what we all thought during P scene. God doesn't that girl get it, our hero isn't interested. Then we have our dhakan who seems the least bit interested in some romance, okay whatever be the reason Naira, chipak ke rehna k ke saath, superglue laga lena, chodna mat please. Really wonder who is bigger dhakan the one who thinks a guy who comes on looking at her younger sister does not love the sister but herself, or the girl who has been given a thousand hints by the guy who loves her and isn't able to understand. K hugging the pillow with a thousand thoughts about proposal going on his head, the excitement of when the time will come not letting him sleep.

So we get one more KarMi scene towards the end and this time our dream boys dreams along with his bff. One question does he really think proposing his girl would be that easy, that he would go on his knees and say I love you and she would say I love you too, way too much expectations K and right now when she thinks you are messing with her father, no way. The camera bit was cute, it was really nice of them to add that part. Looks like Mr dream boy isn't happy as his bff tells him that what he thought isn't applicable, yeah K we now who is the kid between you two you don't need to reminds us. Waiting for K's expression as Mishti continues her dream.

Precap : me too confused, lekin jo bhi hoga, Kaira scene hoga.Edited by janvi0513 - 3 years ago
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Posted: 3 years ago
thanks for the beautiful review Smile
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Posted: 3 years ago
lovely update geethuEmbarrassed
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Posted: 3 years ago
Thank you so much for the comments. Hug
Yet again caught up with work . This time though, promise to reply to them after tonight's take for sure.! Thank you again!Hug
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