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wonderful story...loving the friendship between Antara and Geet as well as the bond between Kabir and PM me when you update.thanks !
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Who wants an update? ;)
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Originally posted by kawaii_geet

Who wants an update? ;)
I do...Smile pls update Wink
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mememememem...waiting for the update...
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Me too!!
Waiting for the updateSmile
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@Redross: I know its a little late, but welcome aboard darling.
So glad that you like this!Embarrassed Thank You

@Desire6: Its so good to see you backHug

7.They Were Seasons---A Summer and an Eternal Winter

She watched her phone blaring with Ana's name flashing on it. She kept away her laptop and wondered why her friend would call at such a time when they both were in office.

"Ana? Is something wrong?"

"Yes!" came a frantic reply.

"What happened? Are you alright?" she looked at the time and realized she had only 15 minutes before she went for her bi-weekly presentation. Her first presentation on KE and Kabir and other dignitaries would be there to mark her.

"Can't tell it over phone. When are you free?"

"Umm... in the evening only. I have got a presentation to make in 15 minutes."

"OMG, hope my brothers are not troubling you Geet." Ana spoke apologetically.

She smiled and assured her that none bothered her.

Except one certain arrogant man named Maan Khurana!

"Fine. I will see you in the evening. Bye. All the best."

She collected her things and walked towards the conference hall where the presentations of the interns were supposed to take place. A gentle tap on her shoulder surprised her with a person she had long forgotten!

"He he he...Hi Geet."

The familiar laughter and spectacles brought back memories of the 10th floor encounter.

"Aditya Sir!! Ohh Wow what a surprise!"

"Call me Adi... and I guess you are one of the interns here, right?" he spoke softly, adjusting his glasses on the bridge between his eyes.

"Yeah. And I have my first presentation today. How come I didn't see you in these two weeks?"

"Well, because I work with Maan Sir on the 10th floor and you work here with Kabir Sir, on the 7th!"

The mention of Maan never eased her, rather it made her thankful that she had never encountered him in those days.

"Ohh and will you be there in the presentation?"

"Yes. And Maan Sir will be here too."

"What??" she fell flat on her face, it seemed. Talk of the Devil and he was here!

Why Kanha? Why do you always bring us in front of each other? You know I just don't like him!

"he he he... don't worry. He doesn't bite!" Adi teased.

Yeah Right!

He had never expected her to be in his office out of all the places! He had stridden into the hall in the middle of some presentation and sat down like a king, watching all the interns with his hawk eyes, as they presented one by one. But the presence of one woman had surprised him to the highest extent! He knew a few of Ana's batch mates would be there but he had not expected her out all. Their eyes met for a flicker of a second and then he looked away at the slide show.

So, the rumours were indeed true. The MD was here and if he liked any of the presentations, he would take him/her under his wing for a better exposure. But he was way too choosy. Geet knew well that she would never come in the list. When he had looked at her with certain emotions, she had felt angry at him, for everything he had done to her. He had talked rude to her, hurt her, taken pictures of her without her permission and worst, he had left her all alone in the middle of night, not even thanking her for taking care of his siblings. She twisted her lips and gave up any hope that she would get even the slightest of an opportunity to work directly under him.

Huh! Kabir is way better. He is not mean!

He couldn't believe he was selecting that woman to work under him! As much as he disliked the thought of her working to close to him, he couldn't deny the fact that she had impressed him with her work.  Personal feelings never came in the way of Maan Khurana and despite the cold war between them; he selected her and another guy to work for him. She had done her homework well!

"Congrats Mi Bella... you are going to work under Maan Bhai from next week!"

Kabir caught her during the lunch hour and showed her the form that had transfer orders for her and the other person.

She choked on her sandwich and looked twice at the place where that man had signed. That was not happening!

"You are not happy?" Kabir carefully gauged her reaction to which she just gave a weak smile, denying it.

"I...I was a little surprised. I had not expected that he would choose me!"

Kabir laughed openly, "My brother might seem cold but he is a very loving person inside. He has his own ways of perceiving things Geet and I am pretty sure you would enjoy working with him!"

They were Seasons...two contrasting seasons that played their parts on the different corners of the stage set by the Universe. If he was a hot, sultry, angry Summer then she was an Eternal Winter, frozen in time and in heart. But one must not forget that it is only the sun that thaws the ice that the winter leaves behind in its wake. Funnily, if P.B Shelly was re-framed, then perhaps the words would rearrange themselves as- If Winter Comes, Can Summer be far Behind?

She reached home around 6pm and sat on the floor by her Kanha. The blue-green feather was lying by His feet, as if telling her the story of its existence on Kanha! She had tried calling Ana but she remained unavailable until her phone buzzed with her name flashing on it!

"Geet, open the door!" she sounded in a hurry.


"I am right outside your door and I got pizza."

Indeed she was right outside her door, holding a big pizza box in her hands. The friends sat down on the plush couch and caught up with their work but Ana had something else to say too.

"Geet, Its about Arjun!"

Geet licked the cheese from the corner of her lips, "Who Arjun?"

"My Boss. I know its just two weeks and too early to say something but I just don't understand him!"

"What happened with him?"

"I think...I think he likes me!" Ana looked down, feeling clearly embarrassed.

Geet's jaws dropped and she stared at her blushing friend for a while. Keeping her half eaten pizza away, she crouched closer and held Ana's hands, "Wow! Tell me more. How did you know? And how is he?"

"He..he...all I can say is he is very caring. He is very nice to all the interns and all but you know the other day I went to submit a report and he asked me out for a coffee!"

"Oh My God! What did you say?" Geet's eyes twinkled, "Did you say yes?"

"Nope. Haven't answered him yet. He is cute and nice and I think he gets pretty protective towards me...but..arrghh I just don't know. Help me Geet."

Geet thought for a while, "Do you like him?"

Ana looked up, surprised and confused at the same time, "what?"

"Do you like him Ana? If you think he is nice and that you should give it a try, then why not?"

"Hmmm. Its just so new and he being so nice... I don't know how to deal with all this!"

Geet smiled and teased her, "Do your brothers know about it?"

Ana's horrified expression left her in splits.

"Are you  crazy?? If my brothers know about him Geet, they would chop him into pieces and throw him in The Hudson!"

"Come on... you are exaggerating!"

Though Geet was tempted to say that she believed in her friend's theory when it came to 'that guy' , she resisted the urge.

"No. Am not. You know what, once someone had proposed to me in High School. Kabir got to know and told about him to Maan Bhai. I don't know what they did or spoke to him that he actually changed schools. And you think they would think twice before doing something to Arjun?"

They talked late until Ana got a call from home. She hugged Geet who patted her back lovingly, "Take the plunge! Enjoy."

"You are a savior Geet."

Geet watched her get into the car and went back to her room. She fell on the bed and thought of her day. Weekend was around the corner and from Monday, she'd be under The Monster's Scanner! The thought of Monday reminded her of Ana's birthday that happened to fall on Sunday! She sat up and looked at Kanha with a baby face.

"You should have reminded me earlier na! Now what should I gift her?" she mumbled and kept looking at the idol for a few seconds until something struck her. She had the perfect gift!


Maan walked down the stairs, thinking of Ana's gift when he saw Kabir getting ready to leave for somewhere.

He was on a call perhaps. Maan gestured him to get to him so that both could go and select Ana's gift but Kabir gestured him to wait.

"Ready Mi Bella?" he spoke over the phone, making Maan's ears shot up with the endearment.

"I will be there in 10 minutes. Thanks a Ton."

"Where are going on a Saturday evening?" Maan enquired.

"Ohh. I am going out with Geet to pick Ana's gift. Will see you later Bhai. Bye."

Maan shook his head in defeat. of late, everything he does or speaks, somehow related to that 'unlikeable' woman! Nevertheless, he had to be on his own, which he actually preferred mostly.


Ana's eyes had stars in them, literally when she saw the cute husky puppy in Kabir's hands.

"Happy birthday Brat!" he pressed a kiss on her forehead and presented the cute gray-black puppy, making her squeal in joy.

"Thank you Bro."

Kabir looked at Geet and smiled, mumbling a thanks. He had wanted to gift a pet to Ana but he didn't have any idea as to which breed to opt for. So he had sought
Geet's help and both had adopted a little husky for Ana.

Maan smiled at the happiness of his baby sister and went ahead to hug her,
"Happy birthday."

He fished his pockets and handed a key to Ana. Her jaws dropped down as she looked at the beautiful red convertible in the porch. She had always wanted her own car and Maan had fulfilled her wish. She hugged her brother and then looked at Geet, who seemed a little perplexed.

She hid her gift in the strong clutches of her fist, awed and appalled by the gifts Ana's brothers had showered on her. she didn't know how will she even meet the expectations of her friend. She was not as rich as them and neither could she have afforded such an expensive gift.

"Geet, where is my gift?" Ana asked her with a childlike innocence.

"Erm...wo..Ana... Can I give it to you later?" she asked meekly.

Her presence in the Khurana Estate had not been welcoming news to a certain someone but her reluctance made him curious too. As such he kept a good distance between them but his attention had riveted towards her all of a sudden.

"Come on Geet. I know you have it with you. Out with it please." Ana insisted.
It took her a little more persuasion and some emotional friendship promises from her friend to finally open up. She unclasped her fist and presented a silver neck-chain with a heart shaped pendant in it.

"I...I know its very small for you but I wanted you to have this."

She took the pendant and pressed it in the middle, breaking it into two half hearts, making Ana gasp.

"You broke the heart!"
(pls look at the pic below for reference, from the movie)

"Someone very close to me had told me once that give your heart to someone who can hold all your broken pieces and still love you. I want you to have this Ana. Give it to someone who deserves you. Keep one half with you and give the other to that person, who would always cherish you, at your best and at your worst."

Ana gently caressed the broken heart with such admiration that doubled with her friend's words and hugged her.

"Did you like it?" Geet asked, lovingly.

"I loved it Geet. Thank You. Gosh, You are going to make me cry."

They broke the hug and Kabir rounded up to them, "Come on. No more emo.Ana, name your puppy. Then we can all cut the cake."

Maan watched her from afar and he liked her thoughts! She was 'unlikeable' but she did have very different outlook. He shook his head and watched the trio sit and discuss names, with Ana and Kabir, ending up fighting.

"No Kabir, Its Darth Vader and its final!" Ana declared, making Geet laugh. The baby husky sat on the floor, innocently witnessing the verbal duel.

"No you witch! Its Jon Snow!"

" can you name a dog Jon Snow?"

"Then how can you name a dog Darth Vader?"

They kept on fighting, throwing names that neither of them settled for!

"Voldemort!" Kabir stood up with an 'aha' moment.

Ana threw her arms in the air in frustration, "Yea! He who must not be named! Seriously bro? Grow up!"

"Fine! I got it! Its Awaara!"

Ana's jaws dropped and so did Geet's!

"Awaara? What kind of a name is that?"

"Well," Kabir spoke proudly, "I think that fits!"

Ana rolled her eyes, "Stop watching too many bollywood movies you freak."

She turned to Maan who just kept looking at the duo amused, "Bhai, you name him. He has got worst ideas."

Maan felt something by his feet and looked down to find the puppy snuggling to his folded legs and smiled at its cuteness.

Geet's eyes widened...he could smile? Do monsters even smile??

He picked up the puppy and caressed its fur. It seemed to like him.

Thinking for a while and gathering his dark humor, he announced the name that made Geet and Ana frown at him at the same time!


"What??", it was Geet who reacted first, making him narrow his brows at her.
She looked displeased with something!

"Anything wrong Miss Handa?" he cocked his head to the side.

"You...You can't name him Raj!" she countered.

"And Who are you to tell me?" He spoke as a matter-of-fact that made her angrier!

Who in the world talks like this? Ohh wait, This Monster Khurana does!

" can't say anything about Raj!" Ana backed up.

Geet nodded in agreement, shooting daggers at the man who just didn't care about anyone at all.

"Hey, even he agrees." Maan smirked and cuddled the puppy in his arms, "ohh don't you Raj?"

The puppy seemed to love the warmth seeping out of the cold man and gave out a soft howl in agreement.

"But Bhai, its DDLJ Raj. Agree we didn't like the movie, but I liked Raj!"

"Too bad, he loves the name!" Maan shrugged and let the puppy on the floor. It jumped around Maan, wagging its tail. 

"No bro...Awaara fits!" Kabir whined.

But all Maan did was smirk and walk back to his room, wondering why did that 'unlikeable woman' have any problem in the matters of his family in the first place!
The Heart

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Aww that was cute update ...finally ,maan had taken "unlikable lass"in his wings shocking Geet ...
My bella ...geet nd kabir relation is flourishing nd has warmth in it.
Oh maan unknowingly had touched wrong strings of Geet heart ...naming the puppy .

.Raj but I was surprised haan ekdam Bollywood name ..
Geet birthday gift is unique nd surely the way to reach heart ( Arjun) ...

Waiting for new York Monday to start tha new chapter of Geet under khadoos khurana or say unveilings' the geet's life ...which is going to change maan's perception...

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Lovely update
Waiting for next update. .
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