MG FF: Someone Like You THREAD #1(Page 22)

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Congrats for your new story...
Interesting concept...

Thanks for pm...
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it's sad but interesting...
geet missed her mom...
she feels good with kanhaji...
geet met with ana n tht detention thing...
made them friends... is good...
maan saved her... will he recognised her?
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Chapter 1...
Awesome... Superb...

Thanks for update...

Thanks for pm...

Interesting ... Geet's journey post pooja n raj got married...

She is missing her parents ... So is back home finding her roots ...

Maan n his siblings are in shimla , holidaying  ...

They have a brief encounter ... Which was insignificant like hit n miss...

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Chapter 2 ...
Awesome... Interesting...

Thanks for update...

Thanks for pm...

Continue soon...

Geet is in London to complete her studies n ana is in the same college ...

N they became friends in unusual circumstances ...

Geet comforted her ... 
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P.s those who think she landed in the right arms...well,
 I Apologize!Big smile

3. Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si

He watched a petite beauty land in his arms like a gift from heaven as he barged into the detention room. She had her eyes closed and he gaped at her for a while.

"OMG, bro!!!" Ana cried.

He gently made the lady in his arms stand and she opened her eyes taking his breath away. Brown eyes, frightened and confused stared at him. She was beautiful. He was brought back to reality when Ana ran and hugged him. He smiled and patted her head, "What happened?"

Ana was so relieved to find Kabir that she couldn't stop her tears and hugged him.

"Thank God its You. I thought it was Maan Bhai..."

She broke the hug and looked at her brother cutely.

"Its your first day in college you witch and why in the world are you in detention? It was sheer luck that I happened to pick Maan Bhai's phone in the office and get to you on time."

Ana looked down feeling sad, "does...does he know?"

Kabir sighed, "Not Yet. But why do you land up in troubles all the time? I have to rush to your rescue just to save you from Maan Bhai!"

Geet watched the duo talk and she knew by now that it was Kabir, as Ana had mentioned and not Maan. He was impeccably dressed, in gray suit and tie and was a beautiful man. He was tall with thick curly hair and he looked so like Ana.

"Sorry. Actually... Geet and I ended up having an argument and landed up here!"

Kabir rolled his eyes and turned towards Geet, "Listen Miss, you are no kid okay! At least behave sensibly..."

Ana hit her head...typical over protective brother!!

"...don't pick on my little sister!"

"Arrghhh Kabir, STOP!!! " Ana screamed, "Dude Chill. She is my friend. And Galti dono ki thi!"

Kabir stopped mid way and looked at Ana. For the first time, she was taking side of the person who got her into trouble.

"Yes. We both fought and we both were equally wrong. And now we are friends. Stop troubling her."

Kabir looked back at Geet in surprise while Geet looked angry. But that anger was suddenly replaced by some emotion Kabir couldn't understand.

The mention of friends' from Ana's mouth had actually surprised Geet and  warmth filled her heart. Her first friend here. She was not alone.

"Are you sure?" Kabir narrowed his brows at Ana.

"Of course. She is my friend Kabir. You don't have to be so rude to her."

He realized two things here. First, he needed to apologize to the pretty lady. He couldn't have helped his basic instincts. He was very protective towards his sister. Second, she was so beautiful. He shook his head and turned to Geet. He held one of her hands and pressed a kiss on the back of her palm.

"Am sorry Miss. I had been a little judgmental. Hope I am forgiven!"

Geet was awed at his chivalry and smiled watching him. But she quickly pulled away her hand and clutched the ends of her top tightly.

"'s alright."

"What is your name pretty lady?"

His smile, his cheesy lines only made Ana cringe. Before Geet could reply, Ana pulled him away, "Ewww. Stop that. She is Geet. Now lets get home."

Kabir pulled away his hand and leaned closer to Geet, "If I knew such a pretty lady would be here, I would have joined this college again!"

Geet shied and laughed at being complimented so openly, "Why? Didn't you understand your syllabus in the first time that you want to study all over again?"

Both the girls high-fived while Kabir was left speechless for a moment. He gathered his wits and smiled back. She was something.

He pretended to think and got back to her, " are right! If such a beautiful girl is ready to be in my class then I don't mind starting all over again!"

Ana rushed and closed Kabir's mouth with her palms, throwing apologetic glances at Geet.

"Geet... please please please don't break our friendship because of my brother! He is crack by birth. Pleaseee"

Geet laughed... after ages, she laughed.

"Its okay Ana, I will be your friend."

"thanks a ton. I will never forget the kindness!"

Geet shook her head... truly they seemed siblings.

The trio walked out after talking to Dean Moore and Kabir was surprised to know that Geet would be volunteering at the Drama Club as punishment. Ana was spared because of her brother's presence.

"Come on Miss Geet, let us drop you home!" Kabir asked, pulling out his car.
It was a beautiful Jaguar sedan, Geet noticed and it looked royal. She watched Ana hop in to the passenger seat of the convertible and gestured Geet to join them.

"No Ana.."

"Come on Geet... we will drop you."

"Thank You but I have some errands to run before I head home. It would take time. You guys carry on."

Even Kabir asked her but she declined. She was already late for her grocery shopping all thanks to the detention. But she didn't want to go home and do nothing. Waving to the siblings, she walked her way towards the main road. They were pretty rich people. And they were really nice people. The thought of Kabir and his words made her smile and flinch at the same time. She had not interacted with people for such a long time. Back in London, she was just confined to her room and the house. So, everything seemed so new.

"Maan..we are mad at you!" Dadima made a face the moment he walked home.

He opened his cuffs and went to dadima and sat beside her.

"Dadima, what happened?" he could never see his beloved grandmother unhappy.

"You have forgotten your home Maan. How long has it been that you have sat with us?"

"Ohh dadima... work is just killing! And Kabir and Ana are there with you right?"

"So? You would forget this old lady? Kabir and Antara make sure that they spend time with us but we want our eldest grandson to be with us too."

He smiled and kissed the rough, wrinkled and experienced hands of his grandmother, "Sorry. Come on. Let me take you on a dinner tonight!"

Dadima smiled and pressed a kiss on his forehead, "Don't forget your family for work Maan. You are as such missing out all the fun and we cannot see you like this!"

"I will try my best Dadima. And since Kabir is in the office, it has been easier now. Now, lets get ready. I will change and come."

"Where are the other two? Call them."

Maan checked the time and sighed.

"Kabir has gone to pick Ana up so I think they are already having fun. Besides, I want my dadima all to myself today." and he winked.

She walked down the aisles, checking her list and picking up the required groceries. She had been in the department store for more than an hour and the list just didn't seem to end. There had been forecast of rains and she wanted to get home before it poured. By the time she was done, it was dark. She quickly billed her stuffs and walked out to find a food truck. She slowly walked down the pavement, relishing her cheese burger when she brushed past against a man.

"Sorry." She mumbled absentmindedly and walked ahead.

And it poured.

Maan was just coming out of the restaurant when he heard a faint sorry' from the person who just brushed past him. He looked back at the woman wearing a white top and jeans suddenly running to get cover.

He shook his head and ushered dadima into the car lest she got drenched. He got into the driver's seat and realized he couldn't drive. It was pouring heavily and the vision blurred. He had to wait till the rains slowed down and looked at dadima dejectedly.

"Maan, just put on our favourite music. The weather is very nice."

He watched dadima's eyes twinkle seeing the rain and he knew she wanted her favourite Kishore Kumar music. He smiled and queued up the music. The beautiful voice of of Kishore da gave a certain glow to dadima.

The rains slowed down and he started the engine. It made a sound and then stopped. He tried again and it gave up. Maan hit the steering in frustration. He couldn't believe his car broke down all so suddenly. He looked at dadima who had no qualms. She was enjoying her music.

Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si

soti raaton mein jaagi si
Mili ek ajnabi se koi aage na peechhe

 Tum hi kaho yeh koi baat hai


The next song just put dadima in her dream world while Maan wondered what to do. he put on the wiper and looked around. The road was almost deserted. There were no taxis owing to the rains. Luck could not be worse! He looked ahead and saw the white top-jeans wearing woman stand with an umbrella by the pavement, looking for someone. May be for a taxi!

Geet had thankfully brought an umbrella and she took shelter under a tree in the pavement. The rains slowed down but she couldn't go home. It was a 15minutes walk and she'd get drenched. So, she looked around for a taxi and sighed when she couldn't find one.

She walked towards the road to look for a lift or something when a strong gust of wind just tumbled down her umbrella and took it away with itself.

"Nooo...", she cried.

Maan smiled.

Kishore da kept singing.

Dil hi dil mein chali jaati hai

Bigdi bigdi chali aati hai

Dhundhulaati hui, balkhaati hui

Saawan ki sooni raat mein

Mili ek ajnabi se koi aage na peechhe

Tum hi kaho yeh koi baat hai

"Kanha... what is this?" she complained and rushed back towards her temporary shelter. Her stuffs, she had carefully stuffed inside her bag so, that was not a problem.

Maan heard dadima's phone buzz and realized he had to call someone to pick them up. It was a friend of dadima's who had called and she got busy. He called up Kabir, giving them their location. It would take them at least 5-10 minutes to reach them.

He kept his eyes glued on the girl who was now looking at the sky and mumbling something.

"Wait, I will not give you the chocolates I brought for you.", she fought with her Kanha. Her white shirt was not helping at all. It was slowly getting wet and sticking to her skin. She realized that and made a baby face, "Don't laugh Kanha...just help me."

She saw a car approaching and rushed to ask for a lift.

Maan tilted his head towards the window to see what she was upto.

Dagmag dagmag lehki lehki

Bhooli bhatki behki behki...

Machli machli gharse nikhli

Paghli si kali raaton mein

Mili ik ajnabi se

Koyi aage na peechhe

Tum hi kaho ye koyi baat hai, hmm

He almost laughed seeing the car rush past her, splashing water on her and she was cursing. He could not hear what she said. He was a few good meters away from her. But he could see her lips working.

"Khotta... Gadha... aaj kal tho bhalai ka zamana hi nahi raha!"

She went back to her tree and tried to wipe off the dirt from the jeans.

Kishore da had this funny way of expressing his music. And she had a funny way to deal with stuffs that made Maan laugh... for both the things.

Dadima was still busy in her call and he had nothing to do. Not that Maan Singh Khurana was interested in that girl, but he just enjoyed watching her fight. There were very few people around and the rain was slowing down. The weather had turned colder and he switched on the heater.

"Taxiii..." she screamed and waved at the only taxi that passed her and did not stop.

She felt like crying. The day was bad! She did not have a very good day at college, then the detention and now this! The only good thing was that she met Antara. Except that, nothing was good. And Kanha decided to play with her today, out of all days!

Tan bheega hai, sar geela hai

Uska koi pench bhi dheela hai

Tanti, jhukti, chhalti, rukti

 Nikli andheri raat mein

 Mili ek ajnabi se

 Koi aage na peechhe

 Tum hi kaho yeh koi baat hai

He watched her go back to the tree and kick it's trunk out of frustration and then he saw her wincing in pain. His lips curved into a wide smile. She was crazy!! She held her bag close to her heart and looked here and there.

She would walk. Geet decided she would walk back home. The rains had ceased to a drizzle and she could manage that much. She had college the next day. She looked around once more for a taxi and sighed in sadness. The day was indeed bad.

He watched her keenly, looking around. He looked around too and found no one around. And he went back to her. His eyes widened in surprised when she just hopped into a puddle nearby and smiled in delight.

Geet realized that she had to help herself. She was alone and there was no one around. So, she found a puddle and jumped into it. She recalled how much she and Pooja loved doing that back home. They would get drenched in the rain and jump around in the puddles like frogs. She missed her.

Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si

soti raaton mein jaagi si
Mili ek ajnabi se koi aage na peechhe

 Tum hi kaho yeh koi baat hai

She was crossing the road when a taxi stopped in front of her. Sighing in relief, she climbed in and drove off.

Maan shook his head smiling. She was a crazy woman. He couldn't get time to ponder over the woman for long as Kabir's jaguar stopped right beside them. They quickly changed cars while Maan talked to the vehicle authorities to tow his car to the garage.

"You guys were roaming around all this while?", Maan asked, tapping away on his phone.

Ana bit her lips in nervousness but Kabir managed, "yeah bro. It was her first day so we were just celebrating."

"Hmm good. How was your day Ana?"

Ana gulped and fumbled about her day being nice and that she made a new friend named Geet, skipping all the adventures in the detention room.

The name of an unknown woman made Maan smile, reminding her of the crazy woman he saw in the rain today. He just hoped she reached her home safely and that she didn't pull out some stupid act on her way.


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Beautiful update
Kabhir was the one!!!
I thought it's maan...
Ok if not geet,but maan did saw her crazy act...
Waiting for next.
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Thank god I came across this ff...really enjoyed reading all the three parts...will be waiting to read more...
Ana and kabir so so cute ,...Just want maneet to meet soon...face to face...Really nice concept..pls continue soon.
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amazing update...
loved it...
continue soon...
thanks for pm...
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