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Posted: 6 years ago
Ash was number one during Taal, HDDCS days.
I think the Bachchans became more relevant after Ash married into that family.

She is more well known abroad than her famous father in law.
Posted: 6 years ago
Anon39: "Like a mafia family" ROFL Oh Lord too true!!! It's lovely to spend a lot of time with your family, we all do, but their foursome was weird & annoying ESP because Ash & Sr B always had this annoying obsession of being "real/genuine" Bla Bla. It all sounded unbelievably fake. Probably was. Nowadays it seems she has realised none of this will fly, I feel like Aaradhya really opened up her world & made her want to live beyond the B tag or for her family. She definitely had tonne of passion & fire with Salman but I hardly believe he is the "boring, dependable sort from a rich family." They're all very ricin& unless he's an Ambani, AR didn't need to marry for wealth. She has plenty of her own & is known to be one of the few smart businessmen- She used to have a tendency in her green days to come up with iron-clad contracts on her own... Jr is a cultured (truly I feel, not because he is a Bachchan) gentleman with a very witty & articulate personality. He seems easygoing & compromising. All qualities that are dependable, in fact needed, for marriage. I definitely didnt mean that they don't care about each other, am sure they do, a lot, but that was no death-do-us-apart or slowly dawning romance like both portrayed. "When you're home you know/ I used to stand on the hotels terrace & imagine being with Ash." These statements reveal that that was their intent. Am sure they care for each other a lot, but I hope their happiness on their own, whatever it might be. They certainly don't look happy at all in the public eye, esp Jr.

Boss & Blue: In India with the stress on father's name/the marital family bond Bla Bla it does become an issue. Regarding paperwork, you've to enter the father's name on everything from passport forms to school forms, the mother's name is clearly secondary-- So I tend to become quite chuffed when women do not change their names or abbreviate them. Lol. My own sister & cousins haven't changed their names, just added a hyphen or stayed what they always have. But I've a few married friends who have, some on the insistence of their husbands. Some after a couple of years of marriage by their own choice. It really depends but what I dislike is being asked to/forced to change. It has to be a choice, and your own.

Paperwork is taxing to change & if it doesn't really matter, why go to even that much of trouble.
Posted: 6 years ago
This is so bull!

Hell yeah she is. Her name evokes a different kind of response everywhere! She is a brand and always was much before her marriage.
As someone already said, if B name could not help AB Jr who is a decent actor, how it could possibly help Ash! She is a self made woman.
Posted: 6 years ago
Dj bobby deol is still relevant 
Ash to hogi hi
Posted: 6 years ago
Wow, this is quite a vehement post, dissing and taking digs at everyone not Ash and even her husband Confused
What did poor Abhi do?
He has always been vocally supportive of her?

On topic: Aish achieved a lot on her own and power to her for that. But in a dangerously fickle and ageist and sexist  industry , she is still relevant with limited acting talent  because she allied herself with the Bachhans. 

It was a win-win for all.

also I do not believe her marriage is an arranged marriage in the traditional sense. She might have dated and chosen Abhi in a more mature way. At their 30s, people do not really fall for the wildly passionate stuff and everyone becomes mature enough to know the kind of partner who is more desirable in the long run.

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by anonymous39

Originally posted by TheBoss

Originally posted by hermione82

I feel my surname is part of my identity like my name
I am too much in love with the whole name to change itTongue and its seems unnecessary for me
But yeah lot of my friends waited to change and post their 'new' surname or 'concatenated' surname on FB as soon as they got married..its fun LOL

I have some people on facebook who always update their relationship status that they are engaged, then they put some stupid ass picture of guy holding some girls heena hands and few months later its just another girl/guy. They even change it to its complicated and then make a vague post and everyone is like kya hua kya hua and then they begin to explain their daastan. I call them agony aunts jiske masley khatm hi nahi hote. 

Hah, facebook makes you hate 90% of the people you know. Horrible motivational quotes, racist comments, millions of wedding photos and once they're done with that, millions of honeymoon photos and then of course the bombardment of their ugly kids photos - everything from their first poop to first this and that. Don't people realize that nobody really cares? It's nice to see 1 or 2 pics once in a while of people you know but nobody cares more than that!

It's like a constant assault. And nothing is worse than couples you know are sitting in the same room and typing out coochi coo messages in public to show everyone how in love they are. 

Close to my intended marriage  I had put up the FB status engaged, because I was going to marry a friend and we had loads of common friend who didn't know about it. Most of them are the ones in your post, documenting online every details of their nuptial news.

Anyway it didn't work out even closer to the wedding date and once it was a solid cancellation I had removed the status.
Had also removed that person and his closed ones immediately and without any fuss.

The most common question I recieved from those "friends" were why are you not giving any notice, what happened, why did you remove, why this why that, at a very low phase of my life.

I think it is  voyeuristic mentality to know and share  every little  bit of their life for external validation to feel important that gives rise to such tendencies.

Posted: 6 years ago
The only reason ADHM created this much buzz is because of ASH.
Take away Ash and what have you got left-RK, Anu, Fawad?

People were mentally zapped by her effervescence onscreen with younger costars like she's from their generation but a notch above. but will hypocrites admit it? 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ibnbattuta

The only reason ADHM created this much buzz is because of ASH.
Take away Ash and what have you got left-RK, Anu, Fawad?

People were mentally zapped by her effervescence onscreen with younger costars like she's from their generation but a notch above. but will hypocrites admit it? 

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