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Waiting for further updates. Loved this update.thanks
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Originally posted by sree10

Waiting for further updates. Loved this update.thanks
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Originally posted by Nav2010

trying to update
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Originally posted by prerna1

hi just read this story
its quite interesting
continue soon and add me in your pm list too plz..
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Originally posted by hottyangel

interesting update... geet found him handsome and maan is thinking she is regretting getting married to him seeing his face...
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Originally posted by Madhu..

A big MU
Maan thinking that geet is regretting marrying him
And geet ho gayi maan ki deewani
Loved the update
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Part 3

                      Geet come down from bed and went to couch where Maan is sleeping. He turned around so the cover fallen from his face. She looked at him and murmured to herself

                           "meri neend urake khud kinti accha se so raha hai meri patidev". She touched his scars she is not finding them ugly at all.

                    " Why people say such bad things about these mere scars? And most importantly why Dadima choose her for him? " Yes she is beautiful but this man could easily marry any rich beautiful girl from his status. Although she is thinking other girl for him but she doesn't like the idea of that.

                      But then remembered his reaction when she looked at him ,he looks happy there was a small smile on corner of his lips but suddenly his face became cold and he went to couch without saying anything.

               " kya main unhe pasand nehi ayi par kuyn ? " . She stand infront of mirrior and scanned herself from head to toe ...

               " NO I'm looking so beautiful. Itna khubsurat toh kabhi nehi lagi phir unone aise kuyn kiya?". She starts pacing one side to another thinking about the possibility of his earlier behaviour.

              " Is he love someone? oh no kahi Dadima une bhi meri tarha force nehi kiya" no why she would force her own grandson "but yeh DD hai kuch bhi kar sakti hai".

                      She recalled their every meeting when she always strictly told her to keep her grandson happy or else her family would suffer. No she can't let that happen ...

                   " par unone mujhe nehi aapnaya toh" . No he have to, not because she married him to save her family but because no matter what they bound to a sacred bond and he have to respect and accept this relation. She won't let him walk out from it. She will do everything make it work with this determination she went to a disturbed sleep...

                  Next morning Maan woke up first and saw his wife's angelic face. He got up slowly , she is sleeping hugging a pillow just looking like a baby. ' My baby wife' he smiled at his own thought and bent down to kiss her but then stop himself ' what the hell you were going to do ? She hates you '. He took his cloth and went to washroom fast, he only want to go out from this room before she wakes up...

                      But his bad luck, as soon as he came out Geet jumped on him " look it doesn't matter what you feel about this relation ,we are married now. Yes Dadima forced but truth is that you are my husband and I'm your wife. You have to accept..."

                      she was so engrossed in talking that didn't realise Maan already gone. When she looked up she saw the empty room and hide her face in her hands with horror "oh no yeah kaha chala gaya ? agar uhnone DD se complain kardi toh " she run to washroom for change so that she can control the damage fast...

                    In corridor Maan keep thinking about her words "Dadima forced " how could Dadima do that ? How could she ruined someone's life ? She have to answer it.

                    " humne jo kiya bilkul sahi kiya" Dadima said with any guilt. She told everything that how she made Geet agreed for this marriage. The more he listening the more he was feeling miserable.

                      But for Dadima she felt she did right and she is not ashamed of it. From childhood she saw how her grandson yearned for love, how he suffered so much. He deserve happiness and for his happiness she did what she had to...

               " it's wrong Dadima. You can't force her or anyone to live with me ".

               " but you love her"...

                    " yes i love her. But she doesn't. What about her happiness Dadima. she...".

                  " she will learn to love you" she complete his sentence confidently " aap uhne itna pyaar karte hai. Aapka pyaar ushe majboor kar degi aako pyaar karne keliye. Don't you trust your love Maan ,don't you have faith in your love."...

                        he answered with pained voice " how Dadima when my own father didn't care or feel my love for him then how can i trust it "... when his own father left him because of his face how could he trust again...

                        Dadima know his pain but has full trust on his unconditional love. " please Maan bete give one chance to her please mera liya" ...

                      Maan looked at the older woman who brought him up who loves him dearly, who did everything for his happiness. Even she forced an innocent girl just for him . How can he blame this woman whom main aim is only his happiness. He nodded slowly and went from there...

                        He went to his painting room and looked at Geet's paint "I'm sorry for what Dadima did. I promise i will let you go just give me sometime"...

                          He knows very well what Dadima wants that will never fulfill Geet hates him and he loves her , will love only her till his death but won't let her stay with him without her wish, he won't let her compromise with her life. And for Dadima very soon she will also realise her mistake then he will talk again. Till then he will try to avoid her so that it can easy for her to live with him ...

                 At breakfast table all are eating silently but Geet didn't miss the angry glare from Dadima. Geet was eating fast as she is scared and nervous. She has a habit of eating fast whenever she is scared . She looked at her husband and said to herself ' pata nehi triple H ne DD kya bataya hoga and most importantly what punishment DD would give me '...

                            After finishing Maan left quietly and Geet was about run and stop hearing Dadima " humne aapki Ma ko call karke kaha hai ki aap thake hui hai isliye pagphere me liye nehi ja paiyange. Go to your room " ...

                             saying this she left and Geet knows very well its her punishment for morning blunder. Now DD won't let her go to her home...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-09-24T01:30:36Z
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Uff..MUbadthi jaa rahi hai
Maan's dad left him coz of this.. Angry
Haha DD...
Plzz clear this MU soo naEdited by Madhu.. - 2016-09-24T01:43:00Z

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