My Beautiful Wife ( Thread - 1 )

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Again a new story . Actually concept inspired from 'Beauty and the Billionaire ' hope you guys will like it...
but don't expect too much from this story... im not good in writing...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2018-05-04T03:45:45Z
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                     " Whats wrong Maan ? " Dadima asked worriedly to her grandson at breakfast table who now a days became very quiet. He is always a quiet reserve person but now he became more reserved ,which worried her most. Just a month ago she saw him so happy or say after years first time she saw him that happy, what happened suddenly.
                 " Nothing Dadima " Maan replied quietly ...

               " Don't lie beta, kuch din se dekh rahi hoon aap pareshan hai,boliye kya baat hai "...

                 " Maan know very well his Dadima is more stubborn than him ,he can't hide anything from her so he finally he had to disclose what is bothering him...

                  " woh--woh kuch din phele maine ek ladki ko dekha ..."

                   " Wow sach I'm so happy Maan ,tell me about her, where she live ?how she looks ? Tell me na beta ..." Dadima became very excited listening her grandson, because first time Maan is talking about some girl...

               " ah her name is Geet and she is very beautiful in fact most beautiful girl in the world ..." the way Maan was saying dadima could feel that her Maan is in love. She is so happy for him...

                  " Geet accha naam hai, aur batiye when you are going to take me to meet her. I am telling you Maan i want a quick wedding "...

                    Maan can see his dadima is very happy but she have to stop dreaming too high " slow down Dadima, she has a boyfriend ,she is not for your Maan "...

                 " what boyfriend ? Then must be she is not good ,forget her Maan ,aap ke piche toh ladkio ki line..." before Dadima can finish he left the table without saying anything...

                  At painting room Maan looks at Geet's painting sadly " looks like you are out of my reach ,can't blame you, but you will be always in my heart . I Love you..."

               unknowingly a small tear drop from his eyes. First time he fallen for a girl that too at first sight...From past one month he was running behind her, there she is unknown of his existence ,more over she has a boyfriend...

                   Maan recalled the moment when he saw her hugging happily a nice looking guy , his all hope crushed there. He doesn't like going out ,because he hate the way people keep staring at his face and start whispering as if he is some animal in a zoo but he went out everyday just to see her , even tolerated others nonsense comments about his face but those didn't hurt him that much than seeing her with someone else.

                   He touched his right cheek which is full of scars because of that horrible incident and smiled painfully. He is a billionaire ,he has everting but not true love. Girls try to meet him ,befriend with him but he know those are just behind his money ...

                    But first time he wants someone that much that , he won't care if she wants to be with him just for his money but looks like he has bound to be alone,forever " you are a fool Maan, even if she is single she would never be yours. She would run miles away seeing your ugly, scary face. Good that she has good looking partner, she is so beautiful you don't deserve her " ...Maan touched her painting last time then leave after covering it with a cloth...

                  From window Dadima saw everything , she wiped her tears and promised to herself " no matter what ,this girl will be yours Maan, first time you asked for something and i will give it to you at any cost "...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2018-05-04T03:53:51Z
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Hope u guys would like to read it , if dont then just tell me i wont continue. EID MUBARAK
Posted: 2016-07-07T02:16:00Z

Congrats for new story
Posted: 2016-07-07T02:16:53Z

Interesting start
Posted: 2016-07-07T02:17:31Z

Continue soon please
Posted: 2016-07-07T02:38:05Z
Sounds very interesting yaar... Maan hv scar n fall in love with geet..dadi promise her self to make geet maans.. Can't wait for next part..

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