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Posted: 7 years ago
Anaita and Veer...OMG  I loved the precap..I don't know how will I wait till Monday!!! But I hate Karan now...How can he react like this...when Ria said she killed him...then he was like vo pichle janm ki baat thi past ko sochna bnd karo or present me jio and now he is like Anaita ne hume pichle janm me mara tha...disgusting 😡😡


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Posted: 7 years ago
Karan ka mujhe kabhi bhi samajh nehi ata & now toh he is being the biggest hypocrite. He himself is accusing Anaita & influencing Ria as well. I am just so loving Anaita & Veer nowadays. They are being fabulous. Can't wait for monday. Precap was so cool.
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Posted: 7 years ago
I think some writers changed. But for now I think Karan is more concerned abt Ria not him. He said usne Ria ko hurt kiya tha. He loves Ria no matter wat n was not ready to believe she killed him. Even if she killed him he had no problem as his only intention was dat Ria does not get hurt due to her past life guilt. Wen its abt Anaita, he is only thinking dat she killed Ria. If it was only abt himself thrn he wud not have cared abt it. Still, I fid not liked Karan's attitude. Jignesh is very sensible. He is not just a clown like othrr comic supporting characters but he can actually be serious at times like wen Veer tuk Anaita on his shoulder he wanted to help her n did not agreed to Suhani who called it romantic. He acted seriously on finding dat Karan went to help Veer against Zubair after getn out of his coma. And now teln Karan firmly dat its not right to blame someone for past mistakes n she is Anaita not Anushka. Karan sud remember dat cuz of Anaita Ria is alive otherwise she wud have killed herself by jumping off d building.