FF: Love & Lust Ch 18 pg 63 (12/6/17)

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"I have seen you Bhai...I have...seen you lusting after her when you knew she was brother's fianc, how could you stoop so low..." Sidharth charged his brother, pushed him with his all might, Ram staggered backwards he knew it will be a disaster when sid will came to know about his marriage with Priya. He knew his brother is very stubborn, he will go to any extent to get Priya and it's in their genes. Ram comes forward held his brother from shoulders "Sid, I am sorry but I love her and she love me too." Ram explained. "I love her too DAMNIT" Sidharth shouts, he shrugged his Ram's hands. "In the Anniversary party, I have seen that look in your eyes when you saw Priya, I knew it there is something going in your dirty mind, but I didn't knew you will ended up like this." Sidharth said while gritting his teeth. He walks to Priya "And you little Bit**, how can you do this to me? I am younger than my brother, I would have make you physically satisfied and would have a great married life...DAMN You Priyaa." Sidharth poured his anger on Priya who was standing behind Ram, scared to death, she knew sid will be mad, his anger can go to any extent, she was afraid. Sidharth held his brother' collar "You know what bhai, if you wanted Priya that much I would have given her to you for a night..."Sidharth blurted out and on this instant Ram slapped his younger brother hard on his left cheek. Sidharth was shocked touching his left cheek "You slapped me...You...slapped me? For her? You have never done this before RAM KAPOOR". Ram who was in immense anger "I should have slap you long back...how can you sidhart, how can you speak like this, she is now your Bhabi and DARE you speak to her like that."  Ram thundered on him. Sidharth become quite for a second "Hmm now I understand her game, you are the RAM KAPOOR, everything in our business belongs to you...you are a rich man and real heir to all these things! Hmmm I understand now..." Priya comes forward immediately "NO Sidharth, it's not what you think, it's..." Sidharth pushed her harshly "OH SHUTUP YOU S**T" Ram caught her immediately. Ram shouted "SIDHARTH BE IN YOUR LIMITS." Sidharth looks behind him, there his mother, mamaji and his siblings standing looking all shocked and angry except for his little brother and sister. Sidharth whispered "I Promise you Bhai, your WIFE will came running to me in my arms." And with that he stormed out from the hall of Kapoor Mansion. After recovering from what sidharth had said, Ram dragged Priya to his room and dumped her on his bed. He too stormed inside the changing room leading to the washroom. Priya sat on her husband's huge bed, there were tears in her eyes she remembered their conversation, Ram was not ready for the marriage but Priya persuade him and even threatened him, now she came to know why he was reluctant about this marriage. She closed her eyes, her tears falls on cheeks. 


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Awesome n unique prologue plsss update soon now i cant wait
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Posted: 2016-06-09T13:01:11Z
Really an fabulous start yar pls do continue soon awaiting for ur next update
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Posted: 2016-06-09T14:11:30Z
os S##t oh S##t thats...real a treat!! hell man...that's real more confusing!!! woah woah...so siddhart loves her or thats just a lust? and what about ram! .. hell he is a new man in this game.. W*F was wrong with siddhart...f**k shi#t ...sorry for bad words...am really wooshed!! shocked! and the last lines... she threatened him! woah woah woah... am just shaked off!!!!!!! plzz plzz...plzz pm me plzz...and jaldi next!!!
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Posted: 2016-06-09T20:05:35Z
unique concept... contd soon...
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Posted: 2016-06-09T23:30:30Z
Very nice and different
Pls continue soon 
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Posted: 2016-06-10T00:30:26Z
three things to tell u.
first..u r a fantastic writer. I love to read ur stories.
second.. pl pm me from next time
and third u know. I am waiting for ur os pihu going to office wala second part with RaYa romance.

Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-06-10T07:48:12Z
Wow you back with another story
i will be looking forward to the first part as prologue seem to be very interesting and full of suspense 
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