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Kumkum Bhagya EDT #8 AdminNote: pg 142

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Posted: 7 years ago
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Posted: 7 years ago
Congratulations on the new EDT!!!  Just caught up w/ the events since Wednesday.

So Abhi finally got to nail Tanu for theft, and gave her the third degree over what Sarla went thru 👏👍🏼  He is all set to kick her out, but not b4 they smoked Thursday's episodes w/ just Pragya's flashbacks to Tanu interleaved w/ her bhashans.

When Abhi was walking w/ the  horse medal, I hoped he'd get to give it to Tanu.  Got totally forgotten in the melee over her.  This time, when Tanu tripped and fell down the stairs, it looked too obvious - both to me when I saw it the first time, and to Rachna & others.  Nonetheless, this is the last trump card that Tanu has to keep herself from getting evicted.  So Abhi & family take Tanu to the hospital, while Nikhil drags his feet so that he doesn't get spotted by anyone there.

When Sarla came to the hospital and Abhi apologized to him, instead of gushing over her damaat, she should have perked up and demanded that he be nowhere near Tanu from now on.  Whatever be Abhi's feelings for Tanu, he'd certainly have listened to Sarla on this one.

One thing I didn't like or get - Pragya accompanying them to the hospital in context of Tanu's care.  Her sole aim there should be spying on Nikhil at all times.  Also, at night, when Abhi said that he forgot to give Tanu her meds, why the f🤬k did Pragya have to volunteer to take it?  She could have let Abhi only take it, and then he would have stumbled upon the 2 of them together. 😡

So precap has Nikhil taunting Pragya about her 'sautan'.  I dearly wish Abhi walks in on them, this time having heard most of the conversation that matters

Silver lining to Friday & Saturday's episodes - at least, they didn't forget about Tanu's baby truth, and that's their last frontier for defense, and the only reason Abhi gives any importance to Tanu.

Mitali & Indu's bet - I was rooting for Mitali, and was disappointed that she bet on Tanu.  I think she may win this time betting on Pragya, since the alternative is she owing 40k to Indu.  Go, Mitali!!! 😆
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Posted: 7 years ago
So I'm playing catch up, starting w Friday June 3 ep!
Boo, Tanu's fond memories of time past - how human. Who wants this. CVS so weird?

Prags running to Tanu full of concern...hai not even a spark of resentment or suspicion?? haaaye

Pragsss why don't you tell Abhi 'hey we need to call the babydaddy!' instead of just calling him in secret

Oh lord this is so convoluted. The baby is the key to Tanu becoming Abhi's wife and Nikhil becoming CEO of "that company"...whatever company that is

Daadi Pragya scene...dont care! 

Dr tells us falling while pregnant is not a good thing. Accha?? Naya medical discovery?? Scientific evidence please???

Abhi filling out the form for Tanu...??? shall he call her his wife? That is a trend on hospital forms on this show

Oh my god why am I watching this. I shouldn't. But if I do I'll at least have the cold satisfaction of knowing I did? Oh this is not a good use of life.

I am not down for Nikhil insulting Tanu. You're counting on that "bewakoof ladki" to solve the rest of your life you ungrateful...fellow.

Dad answer's Rachna's "why is this happening" with "cause the doctor wants it"

Sooo raccho floats the idea that tanu faked this...purab runs with the idea...raj tries to apply logic and maternal instinct expectations to tanu...SIGH

Abhi is guilty about what he did to tanu...CVS, seriously. no one wants to see this. You know what we want to see? Abhi being sorry about what he did to Pragya, and then being awesome to make up for it. As a viewer who has absorbed all of Pragya's hurts for two years...watching Abhi be upset for hurting Tanu while Tanu is playing him and everyone is lying to him is offensive. So. Very. Offensive.

Blah blah not your fault never your fault - why is this such a popular dialogue from Pragya to Abhi. In this case it isn't his fault but still are there not better things to say here like "hey by the way this kid is not yours"

Oh my the old "can only save the mother OR the baby" thing. Since KKB loves circles are we gonna see this again when the baby is about to be born?

Psychiatrist! Send tanu to a psychiatrist? We had this conversation for a different reason not so long ago. KKB's circles are...i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e

I don't know what to do guys! The show won't get better and I won't get less addicted! What a horrible trap! But I understand I have Prags in a special black dress to look forward to later this week. I will persevere...!

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Posted: 7 years ago
New EDT! Congrats and Yay! 😊

Hope Tanu exposure happens in this thread! Real celebration after that!! 
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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by: -mina-

Hello everyone!!!

Hi Mina 😊! How are you??

Will we get a break from lousy episodes??
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Posted: 7 years ago
June 4 ep
Nikhil accuses Pragya of plotting Tanu's fall... not a bad suspicious since it's the kind of thing he would do I guess

Pragya if you are worried about the kid why are you letting its parents lie about it???

Nikhil says Pragya is soon going to be in Tanu's position? Prags responds by lecturing him in shame? What question am I asking? I don't even know?

Abhi wants to stay sorry...for...what abhi. did you throw her down the stairs. Did you tell her to steal. 

Nurse admires tanu. Who. Wants. This. WHO!!!!

If this baccha is born can it abandon tanu and attach to pragya. I know a lot of people would object to this but it would amuse me. 

Abhi wonders what he would do without pragya. I don't know?? Live your life as you always had before her??

PRAGYA. TELL HIM. TELL HIM TELL HIM TELL HIM. If he doesn't believe you, what's the worst that can happen? I'll tell you, absolutely nothing will happen. You'll go back to your proof mission and he'll go back to being torn between doing nothing and doing nothing.

Daljeetji. Tell him. Sarlaji. Tell him. Purab Aakash Raccho Tanu Nikhil Aaliya Neel Nurse Someone Anyone TELL HIMMM.


Abhi apologizing so profoundly to Sarla. Lord who even remembers what he did to Sarla? I'm amazed he does since he was so drowned in concern for Tanu two minutes ago.

Sarla vows to never slap Abhi again. They make mutual declarations of parental/filial admiration. I don't like it.

Taiji calls Daasi Induji? Idk what are you supposed to call your MIL's sister? Oh yeah, whatever your husband would call her. AKA maasi. 

Taiji and Mithali betting on Tanu's re-entry on Mehra house...I preferred them betting on Tanu leaving.

Tanu is bored of being in hospital. Plot your next move Tanu? Be less bored and more thoughtful?

Nikhil calls Tanu his sweetheart and jaan...I forget the shortcut to make the "yuck" emoji. imagine ten of them here. 

He keeps calling her jaan! I protest!

Now he called her sweetie twice in one breath.

Why am I cataloging this!

Lols tanu snaps at him for thinking she's useless. Props to tanu for that!

Omg six more 'sweetie's in the last three seconds

Tanu copies Daadi's tactic. Gahhh. We get her thought process to prove it. Bahhh. 

Dad says abhi should have carried tanu to the door to make sure she made it out of his house safe. Lol.

So did we get an explanation of how tanu prevented damage to the baby i'm so confused

I am still on barge "never was a baby", btw. But I can see the ocean liner of "yes damn it there is a baby" on the horizon and I am not pretending not to see it.

Abhi texting his client?? 

Abhi offering prags food!

What even though

Abhi feeding prags food. Bruh?? Where's your paternal angst here? Morally reprehensible dislike

I'm not blaming Abhi so much as CVS for not even trying to be consistent

Why is it so dark where they are sitting!

Abhi running to get prags water! Once upon a time I wanted to make a gifset of all the times they offer each other beverages

Abhigya sharing a glass!

Abhi asking for thanks... ... ... ... 

Abhi sleeping on pragya...thanks Cvs for corrupting one of the prettier moments of kidnapping track which was exactly like this except with a tree

Haila! He wakes up remembering his duty to Tanu! I am...impressed. and depressed.

Abhi missing Prags as his body pillow. This is supposed to be cute? I don't like it.

Takhil bonding over villainy. How cute they are when smiling at each other.

Prags walking in a daze of happiness...what the hell.

Dad read smth on his forum and is now convinced abhi will marry tanu and the show will be about two sautens under one roof...spoiler alert, it already is!

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Posted: 7 years ago
I'm fine Prani! I don't think we'll get any substantially good episodes but I'm looking forward to Pragya's birthday for some merriment and glamour!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Today's ep doesn't seem to be on ditto yet so I shall watch it on tv shortly. I am lucky to have all kinds of options to watch KKB lately...too bad all the episodes are so miserable!
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Posted: 7 years ago
June 6 ep
Prags lecturing villains again. Idk why she even talks to them.

Prags animals don't give birth so they can use their offspring to defraud other animals. Unless you mean the human animal I mean.

Tanu tells Prags off for being emotional and stunting herself for the sake of others. All true. 

Dad is lecturing about how a fall like that should have caused a miscarriage. I told him to hush and he told me to tell you guys what he was saying. 

Prags is standing there letting Takhil tell her off why?? Prags is gonna do Tanu's seva why??

Abhi is going to come to Tanu himself...that's why he was feeding Pragya sandwiches and sleeping on her shoulder rather than bringing Tanu her meds.

"Deviji"! Well I would like to adopt this nickname for Prags even though Nikhil is the source. 

Seriously Prags what do you want now?? What is happeninggg

Robin calls Tanu just Tanu not Tanu Ma'am 😲
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Posted: 7 years ago
Mithali Taiji bet antics I am no longer following. Is it building to smth?

Why is Tanu back. Someone take her to Nikhil's house.

Tell me, was Tanu not pregnant when Abhi got mad her? Is Tanu not responsible for framing Sarla now that Abhi remembered she is pregnant?

Kisi se koi dushmani nahin hai...how does this explain blaming sarla. chori is explained but blaming?

I spent all weekend dreaming up AU scenarios of Abhi carrying Pragya up the stairs. I did not know CVS were about to "treat" me to the sigh of Abhi tenderly escorting Tanu up the stairs.

What??? Is??? All??? This??? Tanu wins and wins...

Now here is daadi to say useless stuff

What are you guys doing? Are you even trying to solve your Tanu problem! How! 

Prags freaking out everytime Tanu gasps...bleh

Bhagya badalta rehta? Then what is the point of this showww

How many times HOW MANY TIMES are we going to see these same old dialogues and same old confrontations!

No Pragya. He will never find out. Not ever. The entire world is conspiring not to tell him and you are on the side of that conspiracy.

Prags says Tanu has seen more of Abhi's anger than she has. In?? What?? Universe???